CAT Mock Test 2020

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CAT Mock Test

CAT 2020 Mock Test

Candidates can attempt CAT 2020 mock test at  All the CAT applicants must go through this online tutorial to familiarise themselves with the latest CAT exam pattern and to know other important instructions that must be followed at the exam center.

Appearing for a computer-based exam like CAT without the knowledge of how it actually works is certainly not a good idea. In order to have a complete understanding of the exam, candidates should familiarise themselves with the user interface and navigation by practicing CAT mock test. Taking mock tests right now will allow candidates to become familiar with the navigation, and hence, they will not waste precious time understanding the interface on the day of the exam.

Another important point that candidates should keep in mind is that the exam is divided into three sections, which are individually timed for one hour each. This means that as soon as an hour is over while the candidate is solving a particular section, the test will automatically move to the next section. Also, candidates must note that switching from one section to another while answering questions in a section is not an option. Candidates must give their best shot in all three sections of CAT. A bad performance in one section cannot be compensated with a good performance in the other section. Some questions in the CAT exam will not be of multiple choice type. Instead, candidates will be required to type their answers on the screen.

How to Access CAT Mock Test with Solutions

In order to practice the mock tests, candidates can take the following steps to access CAT 2019 mock tests on our website.

  • Click on any of the mock tests links available on this page.

  • You will be redirected to the candidate's login page.

  • Enter the credentials to successfully register or login to the account.

  • After successful login, you will be redirected to the mock test.

  • Once you see the mock test page, start solving and practice as much as you can for better preparation.

Importance of CAT Mock Test

  • CAT mock test helps you in understanding the exam pattern in a clear and better way.

  • If you are in a regular practice session then you will gradually improve your time-management.

  • Mock test series will guide you through a better understanding of the CAT main paper by highlighting the important areas.

  • By solving CAT mock test you can easily identify the areas where more preparation is required. Simultaneously, it will help you in finding out the areas that can be solved quickly and are to be attempted first.

  • Solving mock test papers on a regular basis is something that is highly recommended by the experts as it will help you to increase your confidence.

  • The more you practice a mock test, the better you will perform on the main exam day.

Quick Look at CAT 2020 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

  • CAT 2020 is an online examination that will be held in the English language.

  • As per the new pattern, there will be more of key-in answer type questions than MCQs.

  • There will be a total of 100 questions divided among 3 sections with a total of 300 marks.

  • The sections include Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (34 questions), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (32 questions) and Quantitative Ability (34 questions).

  • CAT 2020 test duration is 3 hours (180 minutes).

  • 60 minutes for each section has been allotted. After every 60 minutes, the section will automatically change.

  • There is no provision to switch from one section to the other without completing the 60 minutes.

  • There will be negative marking of 1 mark for every incorrect answer.

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Some Important Features about CAT 2020

The applicants of CAT 2020 must know some of the most important features about CAT 2020. All the candidates appearing for the CAT 2020 can go through the important features of CAT while taking the mock-test. 

On-Screen Calculator or Timer

There will be an on-screen timer for the CAT 2020 examination. The timer will be set on the screen of the computer or laptop system and there will be a calculator also right below the timer. The screen calculator will help the applicants to calculate the trigonometry and algebra calculations. The timer will help the candidates to know how much of the paper is left for the test-taker in the stipulated time.

MCQ and Non-MCQ

Test-takers of CAT 2020 can practice both MCQ and non-MCQ in the CAT 2020 mock test. This will give an idea about the exam pattern and also the probable number of questions that could be asked in the examination. Practicing mock test will give the candidates an idea about navigation within sections.


Candidates can take the CAT 2020 mock test and while taking the mock test they also have a reviewing. Candidates can navigate to different sections and review the answers later on.

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