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CAT 2021 Mock Test

Updated By Anjani Chaand on 01 Aug, 2021 12:53

66 days Remaining for the exam

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CAT 2021 Mock Test

CAT 2021 Mock Test is a dummy exam created as an exact duplicate of the actual examination. It is conducted online to make you familiar with the exam environment and to help you become familiar with how to attempt CAT 2020. When attempting the CAT 2021 Mock Test, you will be required to follow the exact process when appearing for the actual exam.

You will be required to sign-in on the login screen, go through the instructions and attempt the test in the same way as you would on the actual exam day. Plus, it also helps you improve your speed and accuracy when solving questions. Hence, solving CAT 2021 Mock Tests must be a part of your CAT preparation plan.​ Go through the CAT Mock Test 2021 today!

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CAT 2021 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

Given below is the CAT 2020 exam pattern for reference since the exam pattern for CAT 2021 is not available yet

CAT New Exam Pattern Section-Wise Number of Questions and Duration

  • CAT 2021 is an online examination that will be held in the English language.

  • The sections include Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (34 questions), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (32 questions) and Quantitative Ability (34 questions).

  • There will be a negative marking of 1 mark for every incorrect answer.

Table of Contents
Official Mock Test for CAT 2021 - Attempt HereHow to Access CAT 2021 Mock Test
Salient Features of CAT 2021 Mock TestBenefits of Solving CAT 2021 Mock Test
Important Information About the CAT 2021 Mock Test

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Official Mock Test for CAT 2021 - Attempt Here

The conducting body of CAT 2021 will release the mock test on the official website - The direct link to access the official Mock Test for CAT 2021 will be available here.

The official CAT 2021 Mock Test is the most reliable and trustworthy source to refer to for your MBA preparation. This particular MBA mock test contains selected questions from the previous year question papers of CAT 2020 and contains both MCQ and non-MCQ type questions. Candidates who wish to test all of the features of the CAT exam console such as how to answer questions in CAT, CAT 2021 On-Screen Calculator, how to mark and unmark an answer in CAT must also attempt the CAT 2021 mock test using the link given above.

How to Access CAT 2021 Mock Test

Given below are the steps to attempt the CAT 2021 Mock Test.

Step 1: Check the direct link to access the CAT 2021 Mock Test given on this page.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the login page where you have to click on Sign In to begin the CAT 2021 Mock Test. No log in would be required.

CAT 2020 Mock Test Sign In page

Step 3: You can press the F11 key on your keyboard to attempt the test in the full screen mode.

Step 4: The next page will show the general instructions for the candidates. Check the instructions and click on Next.

CAT 2020 Mock Test General Instructions Page

Step 5: Go through the Other Instructions given on the next page and click on the check box in the bottom left corner.

CAT 2020 Mock Test Other Instructions

Step 7: Click on the I am ready to begin button.

Step 8: The mock test will begin from Question No. 1 and candidates begin attempting the test.

CAT 2020 Mock Test Begins

The timer will start running as soon as you click on I am ready to begin. You must complete the mock test within the allotted time of 2 hours. During the mock test, you must familiarize yourself with various features available in the exam console of CAT 2021 such as the on-screen calculator.

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Salient Features of CAT 2021 Mock Test

The applicants of CAT 2021 must know some of the most important features of CAT 2021. All the candidates appearing for the CAT 2021 can go through the important features of CAT while taking the mock-test. 

On-Screen Calculator

The CAT 2021 exam console has an on-screen calculator which the candidates can access at any point by clicking on the calculator icon in the top right corner.

CAT 2020 On-Screen Calculator Button

Here is how to On-Screen Calculator appears on the CAT 2021 exam console.

CAT 2020 On Screen Calculator

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The availability of the on-screen calculator is a good option but it is always better if you can do mental calculations instantly. Check these best Vedic Maths Tricks to Use in CAT to boost your power of calculations.


An on-screen timer is always on display on the exam portal to help a candidate keep track of how much time is left. Candidates are given 120 minutes to complete the test with 40 minutes in each section. Additional 40 minutes are provided to PwD candidates who get 53 minutes in each section.

CAT 2020 On Screen Timer

Question Palette

A question palette is displayed on the right-hand side of the page displaying buttons for all of the questions as per the number. The palette shows various colours and patterns, depending on the action taken by a candidate on a particular question.

CAT 2020 Question Palette Position

Given below are the various symbols displayed in CAT 2020 and their meanings.

CAT 2020 Question Palette

Candidates must keep an eye on this section to be aware of their status for a particular section.

MCQ and Non-MCQ

Test-takers of CAT 2020 can practice both MCQ and non-MCQ in the CAT 2021 mock test. This will give an idea about the exam pattern and also the probable number of questions that could be asked in the examination.

The MCQs must be answered by clicking on the bubble right next to the options as displayed below.

How to Answer MCQs in CAT

For answering the non-MCQs, candidates must use the on-screen keyboard to type in their answers. Candidates must not press any key on the physical keyboard at any point after the exam has started.

CAT On Screen Keyboard for Non-MCQs

After attempting a question, a candidate must click on 'Save & Next' else their answer will not be considered. Clicking on 'Mark for Review & Next' will also save any entered answer for a question.

Mark for Review

The Mark for Review & Next button will save any answer entered by a candidate while also highlighting the question in the palette. Candidates must use this option if they wish to come back to a question later on.

CAT Mark for Review & Next and Clear Response Button

Clear Response

The Clear Response button available right next to the review button will erase any entered answer for a question and leave it blank.

Benefits of Solving CAT 2021 Mock Test

CAT 2021 Mock Test plays a very important role in a candidate's preparation. Here is how.

  • CAT mock test helps you in understanding the exam pattern in a clear and better way.

  • If you are in a regular practice session then you will gradually improve your time-management.

  • Mock test series will guide you through a better understanding of the CAT main paper by highlighting the important areas.

  • By solving the CAT mock test you can easily identify the areas where more preparation is required. Simultaneously, it will help you in finding out the areas that can be solved quickly and are to be attempted first.

  • Solving mock test papers on a regular basis is something that is highly recommended by the experts as it will help you to increase your confidence.

  • The more you practice a mock test, the better you will perform on the main exam day.

Important Information About the CAT 2021 Mock Test

Given below is some important information that every candidate must keep in mind when attempting the mock test of CAT 2021.

How to answer a question in the CAT 2021 Mock Test?

There will be two types of questions in the official CAT 2021 Mock Test - MCQs and non-MCQs or TITA questions. When answering MCQs, a candidate will have to click on the bubble next to the Option itself in the exam console. The bubble will fill up indicating that the candidate has marked that option as his/her answer. For non-MCQs, an on-screen keyboard will be available on the screen and candidates will have to click on the buttons on the keyboard using the mouse pointer to enter the answer. After marking an option or entering there answer, a candidate will have to click on 'Save & Next' to save there answer in the test.

How to change or erase your answer in the CAT 2021 Mock Test?

In order to change an answer, a candidate can simply click on a different bubble in case of MCQs or erase there entered answer by clicking on the backspace button in case of non-MCQs. After changing their answer, the candidate must always remember to click on Save & Next or else the exam will revert to their previously-entered answer. If a candidate wishes to erase an answer, they must click on the Clear Response button available in the lower left-hand side.

How can I switch between sections in the official CAT 2021 Mock Test?

CAT 2021 Mock Test as a sectional time limit just like the actual exam and candidates will not be allowed to switch between sections at their will. At the end of the allotted 40 minutes for a section, the console will automatically switch to the next section in the row.

What is the order in which sections will appear in the CAT 2021 Mock Test?

Sections in the CAT 2021 Mock Test will appear in a pre-determined order. The first will be the VARC section, followed by the DILR section and finally the QA section.

What is the CAT 2021 Mock Test duration for PwD candidates?

PwD candidates (candidates will low vision) will be provided 40 minutes extra over the 120 minutes time limit of the test. Hence, the CAT 2021 duration for PwD candidates will be 160 minutes.

When preparing for CAT 2021, a candidate should always have a target in mind as it helps in achieving the goal. Here are some related articles to help set a goal for CAT 2021.

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Please feel free to write back if you have any other queries,

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FAQs about CAT Mock Test

What will be the duration of CAT mock tests?

The duration of CAT mock test papers will be the same as that of the actual CAT paper i.e 2 hours.

How to answer questions in CAT mock tests?

You can choose the question that you feel is correct in the mock test papers of CAT. You can also skip between the questions by clicking on the question number provided on the right-hand side of the screen.

Will there be negative marking for answering Non-MCQs in CAT mock test?

No, there will not be any negative marking for answering Non-MCQs in CAT mock test.

What is the marking scheme of CAT mock test?

As per the making scheme of CAT mock test, candidates will be awarded 3 marks for each correct answer while one mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer

How to access the CAT mock test?

You can access the CAT mock test by entering the login details on the official website of CAT. The direct link to access the CAT mock test papers is provided on this page.

What is the importance of solving CAT mock tests?

CAT mock tests will allow the candidates to know the marking scheme and exam pattern of the CAT exam. The examination pattern will also provide an idea about what type of questions will be asked in CAT exam

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