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CAT 2023 Mock Test - Attempt Free Official Mock Test Series Here

Updated By Shivangi Ahirwar on 21 Sep, 2023 17:42

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CAT Mock Test 2023

MBA aspirants gearing up for the CAT 2023 exam must practice the CAT Mock Test 2023 series in order to achieve a high percentage. The CAT Mock Test 2023 provided by CollegeDekho on this page will help candidates not only test their CAT preparation but also allow them to understand the exam better and create more effective strategies. CAT mock tests mirror the CAT exam pattern, including the distribution of sections and types of questions. Practicing the CAT mock tests helps you become familiar with the structure of the exam, reducing anxiety on the actual exam day.

Candidates must attempt a minimum of 40-50 CAT mock tests of varying difficulty levels in order to understand the CAT exam pattern 2023 and marking scheme and be fully prepared for the exam. Since CAT exam patterns can vary from year to year, regularly taking mock tests from different sources helps you adapt to potential changes in question types and difficulty levels. After completing the CAT syllabus 2023, the best time to begin practicing CAT mock test series is in September and October.

The official CAT 2023 Mock Test will be released in the first week of November 2023, tentatively, on the official website ( Candidates must attempt the CAT mock test provided on this page before the official mock test is released. Applicants can, moreover, try a couple of CAT mock tests before the exam to determine their command of the three parts of the paper – VARC, DILR, and Quantitative Aptitude. Candidates must ideally begin practicing CAT 2023 official mock tests in the final leg of their test preparation. The CAT exam 2023 has been scheduled for November 26, 2023

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Official CAT 2023 Mock Test - Attempt Here

The conducting body of the CAT exam 2023 will release the CAT mock test series on its official website for candidates who have completed CAT registration 2023. The direct links to access the official Mock Test for CAT 2023 exam will be updated below once they are activated on the official website.

CAT 2023 Mock Test

Direct Link

CAT 2023 Official Mock Test

To be Activated

CAT 2023 Mock Test for PwD Candidates (Visually Impaired)

To be Activated

CAT 2023 Mock Test for Other PwD Candidates

To be Activated

The official CAT 2023 Mock Test is the most reliable and trustworthy source to refer to for your MBA preparation. This particular MBA mock test will contain selected questions from CAT previous years' question papers and contains both MCQ and non-MCQ type questions. Candidates who wish to test all of the features of the CAT exam console such as how to answer questions in CAT, CAT 2023 On-Screen Calculator, and how to mark and unmark an answer in CAT must also attempt the CAT 2023 mock test using the link given above.

How to Attempt CAT Mock Test 2023

Aspirants who wish to appear for the CAT Mock test 2023 provided on this page must follow certain steps to attempt the mock test successfully. Given below are the steps to attempt the CAT 2023 mock test:

Step 1: Click on the “Attempt Now” button beside the CAT Mock Test I link on this page.

CAT Mock Test 2023 on CollegeDekho

Step 2: A dialog box will appear asking you to provide your personal details like Name, Email address, and Phone Number. Candidates must provide these details to register for the CAT Mock Test.

CAT Mock Test Login on CollegeDekho

Step 3: After successfully registering for the mock test, candidates will be redirected to their profile dashboard where they can view all the Active and Upcoming mock tests.

CAT Mock Test CollegeDekho 2023

Step 4: Candidates must click on the “Start Test” button for the CAT Mock Test I in order to begin the test.

Step 5: Candidates will then be redirected to the General Instructions page for the CAT Mock Test. Aspirants must carefully read the instructions and click on the “Next” button.

Step 6: Further important instructions will be provided to the candidates including a “Declaration” form. Candidates must agree to the terms and conditions and click on the “I am Ready to Begin” button.

CollegeDekho CAT Mock Test Start Test

Step 7: The CAT Mock Test 2023 question paper will be displayed beginning from Question No. 1 and candidates can start the test.

Candidates must make sure they keep an eye on the mock test timer which will begin as soon as the exam starts. Candidates must complete all sections of the exam before the timer runs out which will happen at 2 hours exactly, similar to the CAT exam.

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Availability of CAT Mock Test 2023

There are several platforms that offer CAT mock tests to aspirants before the exam is conducted. Candidates may find CAT mock tests online to practice for the exam in the following ways:

  • Visit the official CAT website ( to check if they provide any official CAT mock tests. Many times, the conducting authority releases official mock tests to help candidates familiarize themselves with the exam pattern.

  • Various coaching institutes and online learning platforms offer CAT mock tests. Look for well-known and reliable coaching institutes or online exam preparation platforms that specialize in CAT preparation.

  • Several websites dedicated to CAT preparation offer free and paid mock tests. A simple online search will lead you to these platforms.

  • Many CAT preparation books include practice tests and mock exams. You can purchase these books from online retailers or local bookstores.

CAT 2023 Mock Test Pattern

The most trustworthy resource for evaluating progress and comparing your performance to that of other CAT candidates is the CAT mock test 2023. Candidates must understand how to approach the CAT mock test 2023 so that they know what a real exam will look like. The best part of taking practice exams and mock tests is that you get multiple chances to change your exam strategy and determine which one offers you the best results. You must, however, always take the most recent mock exams, created using the most recent exam style and grading scheme. The most obvious choice for CAT exam mock tests is the CAT 2023 official mock test which can be found on the official website for CAT exam 2023. Check out the test pattern followed by the CAT mock test 2023.


CAT 2023 Mock Test

Types of Questions

MCQ and Non-MCQ (TITA)

Total Number of Questions


Exam Duration

2 hours (40 Minutes Per Section)

Total Marks


Examination Mode


Examination Language


Exam Charges

Free of Cost (Official)

MCQ Choices


Marking Scheme
  • +3 for Correct Answers
  • -1 for Incorrect Answers (Only Applicable for MCQ Questions)
  • No negative marking for unattempted questions

Answer Status

  • Answered
  • Not Answered
  • Not Visited
  • Marked for Review

Other Features

Onscreen Calculator, Onscreen Timer

CAT 2023 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

CAT preparation is a strategic endeavor. Focusing on the exam pattern and marking scheme helps you create a structured study plan that maximizes your chances of success. CAT 2023 mock test will have the same exam pattern and marking scheme as the actual paper.

CAT 2023 Exam Pattern

CAT Section

No. of Questions


Duration - PwD Candidates

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension


40 Minutes

53 Minutes and 20 Seconds

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning


40 Minutes

53 Minutes and 20 Seconds

Quantitative Ability


40 Minutes

53 Minutes and 20 Seconds



120 Minutes

160 Minutes

CAT 2023 Marking Scheme

Type of Question

Correct Answer

Incorrect Answer




Non-MCQ or TITA Questions



Note: Candidates must note that there is no negative marking for un-attempted questions on the CAT question paper.

CAT 2023 Sample Papers

Candidates preparing for the Common Admission Test this year must attempt CAT sample papers 2023 to get an idea of the exam pattern and types of questions that can be asked. Click on the links provided below to download CAT sample papers as prepared by MBA experts.

CAT Sample Paper

Download Link

CAT Sample Paper 1

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 2

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 3

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 4

Download PDF

CAT Sample Paper 5

Download PDF

Salient Features of CAT 2023 Mock Test

Applicants of the CAT exam 2023 must know some of the most important features of the exam. All the candidates appearing for the CAT exam 2023 can go through the important features of CAT while taking the CAT exam mock test. 

  • On-Screen Calculator

The CAT 2023 exam console has an on-screen calculator which the candidates can access at any point by clicking on the calculator icon in the top right corner.

CAT 2020 On-Screen Calculator Button

Here is how to On-Screen Calculator appears on the CAT 2023 exam console.

CAT 2020 On Screen Calculator

The availability of the on-screen calculator is a good option but it is always better if you can do mental calculations instantly. Check these best Vedic Maths Tricks to Use in CAT to boost your power of calculations.

  • Timer

An on-screen timer is always on display on the exam portal to help a candidate keep track of how much time is left. Candidates are given 120 minutes to complete the test with 40 minutes in each section. Additional 40 minutes are provided to PwD candidates who get 53 minutes in each section.

CAT 2020 On Screen Timer

  • Question Palette

A question palette is displayed on the right-hand side of the page displaying buttons for all of the questions as per the number. The palette shows various colours and patterns, depending on the action taken by a candidate on a particular question.

CAT 2020 Question Palette Position

Given below are the various symbols displayed in CAT 2023 and their meanings.

CAT 2020 Question Palette

Candidates must keep an eye on this section to be aware of their status for a particular section.

  • MCQ and Non-MCQ

Test-takers of CAT 2023 can practice both MCQ and non-MCQ in the CAT mock test 2023. This will give an idea about the exam pattern and also the probable number of questions that could be asked in the examination.

The MCQs must be answered by clicking on the bubble right next to the options as displayed below.

How to Answer MCQs in CAT

For answering the non-MCQs, candidates must use the on-screen keyboard to type in their answers. Candidates must not press any key on the physical keyboard at any point after the exam has started.

CAT On Screen Keyboard for Non-MCQs

After attempting a question, a candidate must click on 'Save & Next' else their answer will not be considered. Clicking on 'Mark for Review & Next' will also save any entered answer for a question.

  • Mark for Review

The Mark for Review & Next button will save any answer entered by a candidate while also highlighting the question in the palette. Candidates must use this option if they wish to come back to a question later on.

CAT Mark for Review & Next and Clear Response Button

  • Clear Response

The Clear Response button is available right next to the review button and will erase any entered answer for a question and leave it blank.

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Why Practice CAT Mock Test 2023?

Taking a CAT mock test is essential for students appearing for the exam because it is created to assist applicants to get a feel for the real CAT question paper. In addition, the mock test assists applicants in examining and defining their weak points. When the CAT exam 2023 is around the corner, applicants must accelerate their test preparation and begin intensively practicing CAT test series. The official CAT 2023 mock test, as well as a tutorial guide, will be available on the official website. Here's why you should attempt CAT 2023 mock test:

How to Answer Questions in CAT Mock Test 2023

The applicant must click on the questions in the question palette to respond to questions in the formal mock test. They must click on the correct answer bubble to answer the MCQ-type question.

They must click 'Save & Next' to submit their solution. They must click on 'Mark for Review & Next' and save the response to the primary question as well as mark it for evaluation. If any applicant does not select any of these options, the existing question's response will not be saved.

Answering questions in CAT mock test 2023 requires a strategic and systematic approach to maximize your performance. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you tackle mock tests effectively:

  • Before you start the mock test, read the instructions carefully to understand the format and rules. Keep track of the time available for each section and allocate it proportionately to the number of questions.
  • Quickly go through all the questions in the section. This will give you an idea of the variety of questions and their difficulty levels.
  • Identify questions you're confident about and those you might want to attempt later.
  • Start with questions that you are most comfortable with and can answer quickly. This helps you build confidence and saves time for more challenging questions later.
  • Understand the question stem, any given data, and the requirements of the question. Misinterpreting a question can lead to errors, so take your time to understand what's being asked.
  • In multiple-choice questions, eliminate options that are clearly incorrect. This increases your chances of selecting the correct answer. Narrow down your choices to make an educated guess if needed.
  • If a question is taking too much time, move on and return to it later if you have time left. Don't get stuck on a single question and risk not completing the rest of the section.
  • For questions where you need to type in the answer, ensure accuracy as there is no room for error. Double-check your calculations and responses before moving on.
  • After completing the mock test, review your performance. Analyze which questions you answered correctly, incorrectly, or left unanswered. Identify areas of improvement and strategies that worked well.

How to Score 99 percentile in CAT Mock Test 2023

Scoring a 99 percentile in CAT mock tests requires a combination of strong conceptual understanding, effective time management, strategic approach, and consistent practice. Here's a focused plan to help you achieve that goal:

  • Ensure you have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts in all three sections: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning.
  • Create a study plan that allocates enough time for each section, including practice and revision. Divide your preparation time into focused periods for learning, practice, and mock tests.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses in each section. Devote more time to improving weaker areas. Regularly practice questions from all difficulty levels to build a balanced skill set.
  • Time is crucial in CAT. Practice solving questions within the sectional time limits. Train yourself to allocate time proportionally to the number of questions and their difficulty.
  • Aim for high accuracy. It's better to attempt fewer questions with high accuracy than to rush and get more questions wrong.
  • For VARC, practice reading complex passages quickly while retaining the main ideas. Work on your vocabulary and grammar skills to improve your verbal accuracy.
  • Develop efficient techniques to solve DI and LR questions. Focus on analyzing data effectively. Practice different types of logical puzzles to improve your reasoning skills.
  • Build speed and accuracy in solving QA questions by practicing a variety of mathematical problems. Focus on both calculation shortcuts and conceptual understanding.

How to Change Your Response in CAT 2023 Mock Test?

If a test-taker wants to modify their solution to a question in the CAT 2023 mock test, then they can follow the given steps:

  • De-select the previously selected answer.
  • Click the 'Clear Response' icon on the palette.
  • Pick a different answer bubble.
  • Save the new response by tapping on the 'Save & Next' or 'Mark for Review & Next' tab.

Note: It is important to note that solutions can only be modified if the candidate has not submitted the question paper or if the time limit for that particular section has not yet expired.

CAT 2023 Mock Test Practice Strategy

Cracking the CAT exam requires a well-rounded preparation strategy, and taking CAT 2023 mock tests is a crucial component of it. Aspirants can adopt topper's strategies to ace the exam and use CAT mock tests as effective tools for their preparation.

1. Start Early: Begin taking CAT mock tests as early as possible in your preparation journey. This allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, giving you ample time to work on improving them.

2. Regular Practice: Consistency is key. Take CAT mock tests regularly to build endurance and enhance your problem-solving abilities. Aim to simulate the actual exam conditions as closely as possible during your mock test sessions.

3. Analyze and Learn: After attempting each CAT mock test, thoroughly analyze your performance. Identify the sections and question types where you faced difficulties and work on understanding the underlying concepts.

4. Time Management: Time management is critical in CAT. Practice with CAT mock tests to learn how to allocate time wisely among different sections and questions. Strive to complete the entire test within the stipulated time.

5. Sectional Tests: In addition to full-length CAT mock tests, focus on taking sectional tests for each topic. It helps in mastering individual concepts and ensures comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

6. CAT Test Series: Consider enrolling in a CAT test series. These series provide a curated set of mock tests designed by experts, closely resembling the actual CAT exam pattern.

7. Simulate Real Environment: Attempt CAT mock tests in a distraction-free environment. Limit distractions and create an exam-like ambiance to enhance focus and concentration.

8.Review and Revise: Analyze your mistakes and revisit concepts that need improvement. Regularly revise formulas, shortcuts, and key concepts to reinforce your learning.

9. Learn from Toppers: Seek insights from CAT toppers. Understand their strategies, time management techniques, and how they utilized CAT mock tests to their advantage.

10. Stay Confident: Stay positive and believe in your preparation. Confidence is essential during the actual CAT exam. Regular CAT mock test practice will boost your self-assurance.

By following these CAT mock test-taking strategies and incorporating topper's tips, aspirants can enhance their performance and crack CAT 2023 with flying colors. Utilize the resources available, including free CAT mock tests and CAT test series, to optimize your preparation and secure admission to your dream B-school.

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FAQs about CAT Mock Test

When is the right time to take CAT mock tests?

The right time to take CAT mock tests is during your CAT 2023 preparation. Utilize free CAT mock tests and join CAT test series to simulate the actual exam environment. Regularly practice CAT exam mock tests to assess your progress, improve time management, and enhance performance in the upcoming CAT 2023.

How can CAT mock tests enhance my preparation?

CAT mock tests for 2023, including free mock tests and test series, offer invaluable benefits. They simulate the actual CAT exam environment, boost time management, familiarize with exam pattern, and identify weak areas for improved preparation. Consistent practice with these mock tests enhances confidence and ensures better performance in CAT 2023.

Are there CAT test series available for comprehensive preparation?

Yes, candidates can find CAT test series for comprehensive preparation for CAT 2023. These test series include CAT mock tests, free and paid, providing a realistic exam experience and helping candidates improve their performance in the CAT exam.

When can we expect the official mock test of CAT 2023 to be released?

The official CAT 2023 mock test is expected to be released closer to the exam date. Aspirants can anticipate access to free CAT mock tests and join CAT test series for comprehensive preparation. These mock tests will simulate the CAT exam environment, aiding in refining test-taking skills and boosting performance.

Will the CAT mock test scores count in the final CAT exam 2023?

No, CAT mock test scores will not count in the final CAT exam 2023. CAT mock tests are meant for practice and preparation only. They help candidates assess their readiness, build exam skills, and improve performance. CAT mock tests are available for free and through test series to aid aspirants in their preparation.

Are CAT mock test series available offline?

Yes, CAT mock test papers are available offline with many renowned publishers publishing the same. However, practising online CAT test series is more effective as they help students to keep track of time and provide a similar interface as that of the real exam. 

What is the importance of solving CAT mock tests?

Solving CAT mock tests is crucial for CAT 2023 preparation. They offer a simulated exam experience, assess readiness, and identify weak areas. Utilizing free CAT mock tests and joining a CAT test series aid in improving performance and gaining confidence for the actual exam.

How to access the CAT mock test?

To access the CAT mock test 2023, candidates may simply click on the "Attempt Now" button for the CAT Mock Test I on this page. Candidates are only required to register for the mock test using their Personal details and they can attempt the CAT mock test offered by CollegeDekho right here!

What is the marking scheme of CAT mock test?

The marking scheme of the CAT mock test is similar to the real CAT exam. As per the making scheme of CAT mock test, candidates will be awarded 3 marks for each correct answer while one mark will be deducted for each incorrect answer

Will there be negative marking for answering Non-MCQs in CAT mock test?

No, there will not be any negative marking for answering Non-MCQs in CAT mock test. No marks will be deducted if a candidate is unable to answer Non-MCQs. These questions are tricky to handle as they can be time-consuming and the accuracy is questionable. 

What will be the duration of CAT mock tests?

The duration of CAT mock test papers will be the same as that of the actual CAT paper i.e 2 hours. There will be a timer running in the background that will notify students of the time that is left. 

How to answer questions in CAT mock tests?

You can choose the question that you feel is correct in the CAT mock test. You can also skip between the questions by clicking on the question number provided on the right-hand side of the screen.

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Dear Student,

CAT percentile is calculated using the formula “( 1 - All India Rank(Total Candidates in the Exam) * 100%”. You can understand this by example. Suppose 100 students appeared in the exam and you ranked 2nd then there are 98 students who have ranked below you. In that case, your percentile will be calculated as (98/100)x100 = 98 %tile. You must note that the CAT scorecard will show the final percentile up to two decimal places only. Those who have scored more than 98 percentile in the exam will have higher chances of getting a call from IIMs …


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  • XLRI is conducted by XLRI Jamshedpur while CAT is conducted by IIMs

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  • The difficulty level of the XAT exam is comparatively higher than …


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