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CAT Syllabus 2023 PDF - Download Syllabus for QA/VARC/DILR Sections

Updated By Intajur Rahaman on 31 May, 2023 18:11

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CAT Syllabus 2023

The CAT 2023 syllabus is quite generalized and extensive. IIMs do not have a fixed syllabus for the CAT exam but the questions are mostly based on middle school English and Maths topics. The CAT syllabus 2023 consists of three disciplines: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA). To learn more about CAT 2023 syllabus, check out CAT 2022 question paper, paper analysis, etc. from the links below:

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The VARC category of the CAT exam syllabus covers a wide range of English Grammar, Verbal Rationale, and Critical Reading discussions. The QA segment of the CAT exam syllabus covers all Math subjects from Classes 9 to 10, including Arithmetic, Geometrical, Quadratic equations, Coordinate geometry, and Measurements. The DILR curriculum of the CAT 2023 syllabus includes topics such as Pie Charts, Puzzles, Tables, and Bar Graphs that necessitate quantitative analysis of data.

We have provided below a generalized CAT syllabus 2023 and detailed weightage of the topics from each section. Candidates preparing for the CAT exam 2023 need to study the given CAT exam syllabus thoroughly to crack the exam.

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CAT Syllabus 2023: Key Topics and Weightage

Test-takers must note that the CAT syllabus 2023 has seen no changes over the past 10 years. Candidates must prepare for all the topics from each section to excel in the exam. Check the table below for key topics from every section and their total weightage in the CAT exam.

CAT 2023 SyllabusList of Topics Total Weightage 
Verbal AbilityPara jumbles, Para summary, Sentence Completion, and Inferences 10%
Data InterpretationTables, Graphs, Venn Diagram16%
Quantitative AptitudeGeometry, Algebra, Number System, Arithmetic, Mensuration34%
Reading ComprehensionRC Passages24%
Logical ReasoningCaselets, Blood Relation, Seating Arrangement, and Syllogism16%

CAT Syllabus 2023 for Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)

The detailed CAT 2023 syllabus for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) can be checked below. VARC is the first section of the CAT exam and has to be attempted first. It is further divided into 2 subparts - VA and RC. The sectional time limit for the VARC section is 40 minutes.

Fact Inference Judgment


Fill in the blanks

Para Completion and Inference

Para Jumble

Sentence Completion

Verbal Reasoning

Word Usage (Vocabulary)




Reading Comprehension

Sentence Correction

Contextual Usage

Verbal Logic

Different Usage of the Same Word


One-word Substitution

Foreign Language Words Used in English


Verbal Ability (VA) Key Points 

  • There are 8 questions.
  • No negative marking in VA.
  • All questions are non-MCQs, and candidates must type in the answer (TITA).
  • The questions usually cover para-jumbles, error correction in a para, vocabulary usage, context sentence in a paragraph, analogies, sentence completion, and critical reasoning.

Reading Comprehension (RC) Key Points

  • Negative marking of -1 as questions are MCQs.
  • This section includes a mix of RC passages and will have 3-4 long with 2-3 short passages. Long passages will have 900 words usually, and short will have 600 words usually.
  • RC topics will cover politics, history, society, literature, science, environment, abstract, and mythology.

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CAT 2023 Syllabus for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DI & LR)

DILR is the second section of the CAT exam which has to be solved after the VARC section. This section is further divided into - DI and LR as per the CAT 2023 syllabus. The sectional time limit for this is 60 minutes. Aspirants can find the detailed CAT syllabus 2023 for DI & LR below:


Topics in CAT Syllabus

Data Interpretation

Bar Graph, Combination of Graphs, Caselet, Data Sufficiency, Line Graph, Pie Chart, Tables, etc.

Logical Reasoning 

Assumptions, Blood Relations, Binary Logic, Clocks and Calendars, Constraint-based puzzles, Data Arrangement, Family Tree, Matching Puzzles, Proposition, Statements, Seating Arrangement, Sets, Syllogism, Venn Diagram

Data Interpretation (DI) Key Points 

  • The number of questions asked in DI is 14.
  • It comprises both MCQ and non-MCQ-type questions.
  • The number of MCQs and non-MCQs can vary.
  • There is a negative marking for MCQs and no negative marking for non-MCQs.

Logical Reasoning (LR) Key Points 

  • The number of questions asked in LR is also 10.
  • LR includes MCQs and non-MCQs, and the number of questions for both can vary. 
  • There is no negative marking for non-MCQs.
  • There is a negative marking for MCQs.

CAT Syllabus 2023 for Quantitative Ability (QA)

QA is the last section of the CAT question paper as per the CAT 2023 syllabus and must be attempted in the last hour of the exam. Take a look at some of the important topics and points of the QA section of the CAT 2023 exam:

QA Topics 

Sub Topics


Number System, HCF, LCM, Ratio & Proportion, Simplification, Percentage, Average, Age Calculation, Time & Work, Distances


Theory of Equations, Quadratic Equation, Permutation & Combination, Sequence & Series


Angles, Lines, Triangles, Circles


Areas and Volumes – Rectangles, Squares, Triangles, Circles, Cubes, Cones, Spheres, Pipes and Cistern


Maxima and Minima, Function


Trigonometric Ratios, Heights, and Distances

Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Key Points

  • It has MCQ as well as non-MCQ questions.
  • The number of MCQs and non-MCQs vary every year.
  • According to the past trends, the number of MCQs in this section range between 24-27, and non-MCQs range between 7-10.
  • For MCQs, there is a negative marking.
  • For non-MCQs, there is no negative marking.

CAT Syllabus 2023: Topic-Wise Weightage of QA/VARC/DILR

Candidates can check the section-wise weightage of topics in the CAT 2023 syllabus available here. The following information is based on previous year trends and is a general assumption of the CAT 2023 question paper for the candidate's reference only.

QA Topics Weightage

Topics of CAT Syllabus

No. of Questions

Number System






Modern Maths


Geometry & Mensuration


DILR Topics Weightage

Topics of CAT Syllabus

No. of Questions

Bar Graphs


Pie Charts


Table Based


Combination of Graphs


Odd Sentence Out


Data Arrangement


Seating Arrangement




VARC Topics Weightage

Topics of CAT Syllabus

No. of Questions

Reading Comprehension


Sentence Correction


Para Jumble


Para Completion


Word Usage


Note: The number of questions mentioned against each topic is tentative.

Important Points About CAT Syllabus 2023

Every aspirant agrees that a fair bit of knowledge about the CAT 2023 exam syllabus plays a positive role. It is also important to be aware of several facts and pointers regarding the CAT exam syllabus. It will explain to the candidates why the syllabus is an important piece of information:

  • The syllabus will consist of all the major topics.
  • The syllabus will be available to download in PDF format.
  • The CAT exam 2023 syllabus will also determine the difficulty level of the CAT question paper.
  • It will also highlight the current structure of the CAT exam 2023 and the guidelines.
  • The syllabus will also be a reflection of past trends.
  • The CAT 2023 exam syllabus may differ from the previous year. Therefore, the aspirants must only refer to the updated CAT Syllabus.

Importance of CAT Syllabus 2023

CAT syllabus, as well as the CAT syllabus 2023 according to the different sections, will help the candidates during their preparatory stages for CAT 2023 entrance examination. Sometimes, even with all the preparation materials in their quiver, MBA aspirants can't prepare for the CAT because they lack the CAT syllabus in their arsenal.

Therefore, candidates must look to lay their hands on the CAT 2023 syllabus as soon as possible to begin their preparations. The syllabus is vast. Thus, candidates must access the CAT syllabus 2023 at the earliest to not let their preparation suffer. CAT syllabus and its preparation go hand in hand, which aids the candidates in identifying the important topics.

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FAQs about CAT Syllabus

Is the CAT syllabus the same every year?

As mentioned above, the CAT exam syllabus has been the same for almost 10 years. The only change in the CAT exam syllabus for IIM is the decrease in the number of questions, which has decreased from 100 to 66 in the last 2 years.

When should I start preparing for the CAT 2023 syllabus?

Since CAT 2023 will be held in the last week of November, the recommended time to begin CAT preparation is from February or March onwards. The CAT exam 2023 is the doorway to India's top B-Schools, the IIMs, and over 1,200 other MBA colleges.

Is one year enough for completing the CAT syllabus and preparation?

There is no specified time limit for completing the CAT syllabus and preparation. Each aspirant has a different threshold and can complete the syllabus at their own pace. However, if you work hard and study regularly for the CAT exam in 2023, one year is sufficient time.

Can I crack CAT in 3 months?

Yes, even though it appears to be a difficult task, it is possible to pass CAT 2023 in 90 days. Whether or not you pass the CAT is determined not by the amount of time you have available, but by how effectively and strategically you use that time. You can complete the CAT syllabus in less than three months if you have the correct advice, preparation, and exam pattern.

Can I complete the CAT syllabus in 6 months without coaching?

Yes, it is possible to prepare for and complete the CAT syllabus without any form of tutoring. All you need is a commitment to your studies. If you study diligently, you will easily complete the CAT syllabus on time.

Which topic has the highest weightage in the CAT exam 2023?

Quantitative Aptitude, abbreviated as QA, is a very important and toughest section of the exam. The section has a 34% weightage and is frequently time-consuming. Furthermore, in the CAT exam, the QA section has TITA (Type in the Answer) type questions, which can cause additional difficulties for CAT aspirants. 

Is the CAT syllabus difficult?

Overall, the CAT exam has a moderate difficulty level, but it can become easy for those who begin their study early and practise all three portions. You can easily pass the CAT if you plan ahead of time! It simply checks your math and logical abilities, which you should have learned by now.

What are some preparation tips that aspirants must keep in mind while preparing for the CAT syllabus 2023?

Here are some tips to help CAT aspirants to prepare for the CAT syllabus 2023:

  • Understand the CAT syllabus and exam pattern
  • Acquire the habit of reading
  • Familiarise yourself with equations and Maths calculations
  • Practice mocks and previous year's papers

What is the CAT Quant syllabus for 2023?

The CAT Quant syllabus 2023 has the most content because it covers all about mathematics that one learns in school. The following are some of the important subjects covered in the CAT Quant syllabus:

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Numbers
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Sequences and Series

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