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To know about course : In 3D animation any c++ programming?

- AdminUpdated On February 12, 2017 05:40 AM

Programming language used for 3D animation depends on the objective. If you wish to display a 2d representation of the points it would be relatively easy to program in any reasonably efficient language such as either C++ or Java. If you want to display 3D graphics in real-time, for instance in a game or 3D simulation, then we need a language and environment that runs fast and we also need efficient 3D libraries.


  1. Use C++. There is quite a steep learning curve, because, not only do we have to learn C++ (the easy part!) we also have to understand the OpenGL library (GLUT) or Direct3d and any other libraries you may need.
  2. Use Java and Java3D - Much easier to learn, this is what I use, JBuilder6 is for Java, however the downside of this is that Java can run slower and it is more difficult to distribute Java applications to other people. There is a standard extension to Java which supports 3D display, this is Java3D.
  3. .Net languages such as C# or Visual Basic which (2003 versions/ net1.1) now support directX 9.
  4. Write the program as a script to drive VRML or the 3D program that you are using.

Graphics standards and class library's:

  • OpenGL tends to be used by both graphics and CAD programs and games.
  • GLUT is a library for using OpenGL from C++.
  • Direct3d is less accurate, and tends to be used by games.
  • OpenGL is supported on Windows, Macintosh, UNIX workstations, PCs, X-Box, linux, etc.
  • Direct3D is supported only on Microsoft windows platforms and X-box.
  • I think the other games platforms tend to use their own graphics interfaces.

The rest depends on the programme and structure.

- Akansha SirohiAnswered on January 11, 2017 03:28 PM
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