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Career as Information Security Manager

Career as a Information Security Manager

About Information Security Manager

Internet and computers have become one of the biggest support systems for the mankind today. From booking tickets, online banking to applying for a job and connecting with people, our dependency on the internet and computers has only increased in the last decade. With the power of the Internet, there also comes a huge responsibility to protect all the data stored on our computers/laptops.

For all the transactions that we do online or the pictures we share with our friends or the confidential work-related documents that we upload, there is a dire need to ensure that the information is secured. This is where an information security manager plays an important role.

The job of an information security manager is to secure the computers from the unwanted threats that can hamper the systems. These professionals are responsible for checking security breaches, cyber crimes and computer viruses of internal and external links of the systems.

Since we have moved into an era that can be termed as Information Technology age, the need for professionals with the knowledge of information technology and security has become paramount and the demand is expected to rise further in the near future. Therefore, if you have an interest in computers and its technicalities with respect to security checks and internet issues, then information security management is the field where you will find many career opportunities. Learn all about it from a reputed organisation and start pursuing your career as an information security manager!

Eligibility to become Information Security Manager

  • It is important for candidates to have a 10+2 passing certificate with at least 50% marks in aggregate.

  • Candidates must have Computer as a major subject in their 12th boards.

  • For some institutions, candidates may have to face an entrance examination depending upon the eligibility criteria of that particular institution. In this case, candidates must produce their valid entrance test scorecard along with the 10+2 mark sheet.

  • For a master's degree in this course, candidates would be required to apply with the mark sheet of the qualifying examinations along with the entrance test mark sheet (if applicable), at the time of admission.

Types of Job Roles Information Security Manager

Some of the popular roles in the field of Information Security management are given below. Candidates may apply for any role depending on their interest, skills, education level and eligibility. 

  • Security Analyst

  • Security Engineer

  • Security Architect

  • Security Administrator

  • Security Software Developer

  • Cryptographer

  • Cryptanalyst

  • Security Consultant

Employment Sector/Industry for Information Security Manager

Information security managers are in demand in almost all the sectors. Both government and private owned companies need help and guidance of an information security manager to keep their computer systems and laptops threat and virus free. Let’s look at some of the employment opportunities available for information security managers in different sectors.

  • Education Sector: Organisations involved in the education sector need information security managers to reach out to the students and authorities through a secure medium. With the help of an information security manager, they can easily conduct entrance examinations, disseminate information for the targeted students, circulate study materials, keep a track record of the students, etc. without the threat of any kind.

  • Government Sector: In the government sector, the role of an information security manager is to maintain and develop the policies related to information security and to investigate threats, suspects, and breaches (if any) caused within the organisation. 

  • Different Ministries of the Center and the State: The role of an information security manager in this field is to keep a track of the confidentiality and security of these departments. Maintaining the IT standards and regulating incidents related to information security and identifying hidden issues and threats are few important functions carried out by an information security manager.

  • Defence Services: It is important for candidates to know that when it comes to the defence services, the need for security check is10 times more as compared to other sectors. The defence services comprise of the Army, Navy and Air Force of India, where the need for securing online data is extremely high.

  • Media and Entertainment Sector: This is a relaxing yet tough sector for an aspirant of information security management. The information security manager in this field ensures a safe transfer of videos, audio and text files from one organisation to another organisation. The main purpose is to keep the audio, video and text files safe from viruses, hidden threats, plagiarism and to ensure the safety and privacy of the content.

  • Finance and Marketing Sector: In this sector, the role of an information security manager is to look after the transactions and maintenance of records. All the financial records of an organisation are no more handwritten, everything is stored in the computer system with the help of the Internet. Therefore, organistions need help and assistance of information security managers in the uploading and downloading of the internal information and records.

Top Recruiting Companies for Information Security Managers

It is important to work with some top companies to get some exposure and experience as an information security manager. Let’s now look at the top recruiting companies for information security managers!

  • Google

  • Oracle

  • Aspect Software

  • Wells Fargo

  • MasterCard

  • Wipro Limited

  • TATA Vistara Airlines

  •  Aditya Birla Group

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Pay Scale/Salary of Information Security Manager

Depending upon the sector and the type of role assigned, the salary of the information security manager varies. An information security manager’s estimated salary has been mentioned below:

Job Profile

Starting Salary per annum (in INR)

Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)

Senior Level Salary per annum (INR)

Information Security Manager




Note: The figures mentioned above are an approximate estimate and may vary from one organisation to another.

Books & Study Material to Become Information Security Manager

To pursue this career, all you need to do is to score good marks in your 10th and 12th boards with certainly good marks in computer science. Apart from the course curriculum books, candidates can absorb good knowledge from books written by some renowned personalities. These books will not only help you in increasing your knowledge but will also give you an insight into the real world of information security management. Read the following list and grab every learning opportunity that comes through these books.

  • The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Bher, and George Spafford

  • Grey Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook by Daniel Regalado, Shon Harris, Allen Harper, Chris Eagle, Jonathan Ness, Branko Spasojevic, Ryan Limm, and Stephen Sims.

  • Offensive Countermeasures: The Art of Active Defense by John Strand and Paul Asadoorian.

  • The Social Engineer’s Playbook: A Practical Guide to Pretexting by Jeremiah Talamantes.

  • Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick

  • Hacking Secrets Exposed by Srikanth Ramesh

  • Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon by Kim Zetter

  • Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know by Allan Friedman and P. W. Singer

Pros of becoming a Information Security Manager

  • These professionals are well paid for their work. The basic salary of an information security manager is higher than that of professionals from other sectors.

  • You know all about the latest technologies available in the market. 

  • Being an information security manager, you have the choice to work with the industry of your preference. 

  • Scope of individual growth is more as compared to other work profiles.

Cons of becoming a Information Security Manager

  • You need to be very alert and attentive specially while handling the malwares and ransomware.

  • There are odd and long hours of work with no fixed routine and time-table.

  • The level of work pressure is comparatively higher than that of other related job profiles

  • As an information security manager, you will always be occupied with queries and complaints, which can be hectic.

Career path for Information Security Manager

In order to become a certified information security manager, candidates need to acquire a certain degree from a recognised and reputed institution. There are a number of courses available at the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate level that aspirants can take up. Candidates may be required to take certain entrance exams conducted by top institutes for admission to their courses.  

Paths for Being Information Security Manager

FAQs about Information Security Manager

What is the minimum eligibility criteria required to pursue a course in the field of IT?

The candidates must be class XIIth qualified and must have compulsorily studied Computers at the qualifying exam level.

What type of job roles are offered to information security managers?

Information security managers get hired in job roles of security consultants, security engineers, security analysts, security architects etc.

Is a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline enough to be employed as an Information Security Manager?

Yes, but there are some organisations which demand a master’s degree in a relevant discipline for the post of the information security manager.

Which is the best book available for budding information security managers in the market?

There are quite a few numbers of extraordinary books available in the marketplace for budding IT Security Managers but one of the best among them is Kevin Mitnick’s Ghost in the Wire.

Is information security manager an exciting career?

Yes, an information security manager career is an exciting career as the individual has the opportunity to learn various things which are, otherwise, not accessible to the common public.

What is the biggest drawback of becoming an information security manager?

The biggest drawback of becoming an information security manager is that there is no fixed work routine which can take its toll on the mental health of an individual.

What is the average salary of an information security manager?

The average salary of an information security manager ranges between INR 5 LPA and INR 10 LPA. This figure varies from organisation to organisation.

Which are the top companies that recruit information security managers?

Companies like MasterCard, Oracle, Google etc are the top recruiters of information security managers.

What are the qualities required to become an Information Security Manager?

An Information Security Manager should have qualities like honesty and integrity to perform the duties in hand efficiently.

What is the job of an Information Security Manager?

An Information Security Manager is responsible to protect data, networks and computers of an organisation from various types of security breach attempts.

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