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Career as Cloud Engineer

Career as a Cloud Engineer

About Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is a professional who is involved in handling products and services associated with cloud computing. Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources for the storage of data and computing. It involves the availability of data centres for users over the Internet.  

A  cloud engineer is responsible to deal with technical aspects of cloud computing like designing, planning, management, maintenance and support of cloud computing services. He is associated with multiple job roles like development, design, support, security and maintenance of cloud computing products and services. 

Eligibility to become Cloud Engineer

A candidate with a degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Cloud Computing or relevant discipline is preferred for the position of a Cloud Engineer. There are also various institutes/ educational training centres that offer a certification course in Cloud Computing. Candidates with any degree can participate in the certificate course to acquire relevant knowledge to pursue a career as a Cloud Engineer. 

Skills Sets Required 

Following are skills sets required to pursue a career as a Cloud Engineer: 

  • Knowledge of Database 

  • Programming skills

  • Linux

  • DevOps

  • Information security

  • Quality assurance

  • Data Integration and Analysis 

  • Understanding of Cloud Service Providers

Types of Job Roles Cloud Engineer

A Cloud engineer can pick up from a number of career paths. Most of the job roles are highly in demand. Following are some of the popular job role description of a cloud engineer:

Cloud Developer

A Cloud Developer designs and develops cloud applications, services, and products which are secure. It includes backend development, frontend development, integration and deployment of the application. 

Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect is a professional who develops the computing strategy of a company. It comprises the strategic planning of cloud infrastructure, designing of cloud application, managing cloud application and monitoring of the application. 

Cloud Network Engineer 

A Cloud Network engineer is responsible to work with both computer hardware and software of network computing. They are responsible to ensure that the multiple people are able to access shared resources in a safe and secure manner. The shared resources are a remotely stored server that is accessible from another place. 

Cloud System Engineer 

A Cloud Systems Engineer is responsible to deploy and support the solutions at the data centres. They work closely with the team to ensure that cloud service and solutions meet the expectations of the end-user or the client.  

Cloud Security Engineer

A cloud security engineer provides security to the cloud-based infrastructure and platform. They are responsible to secure and protect the data of the organisation. They thoroughly understand the cloud infrastructure and enhance the security.  

Employment Sector/Industry for Cloud Engineer

A Cloud Engineer works in an IT firm, an organisation provides a cloud computing service etc.  Some of the top recruiters that hire a Cloud Engineer are as follows:

  • Deloitte

  • Amazon

  • Cisco System

  • Citrix

  • Morgan Stanely

  • VMware

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Pay Scale/Salary of Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer is a professional who has a specialised knowledge and experience of cloud computing and associated tasks. The average salary of a Cloud Engineer ranges from Rs 12.00 Lakhs to 15.00 Lakhs per Annum.

Books & Study Material to Become Cloud Engineer

Following are the books related to Cloud Computing: 

  • Ahead in Cloud by Stephen Orban

  • Architecting the cloud by Michael J. Kavis

  • Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture by Thomas Erl

  • Cloud Computing by Ray Rafaels

  • The Enterprise Cloud by James Bond 


Pros of becoming a Cloud Engineer

The pros and cons of a career as a  Cloud Engineer is listed below: 

  • The cloud computing services demand is ever increasing. Hence, the need for Cloud Engineer professionals in the industry is high.

  • The Payscale is high

Cons of becoming a Cloud Engineer

  • With the ever-changing technology and infrastructure, a Cloud Engineer needs to learn new technology and upgrade skills at regular intervals.
  • The work is tiresome and may involve working in shifts, as per the demand of the organisation. 


Paths for Being Cloud Engineer

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