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Career as Stockbroker

Career as a Stockbroker

About Stockbroker

Stockbrokers are professionals who are well-versed in making stock trades on behalf of their investors. They understand the market and provide advice on the best times to sell or buy stocks. stockbrokers find clients at the best prices and execute trades by offering advice in exchange for a commission which is a percentage of the total transaction value. Stockbroking is a very lucrative job. A stockbroker can earn anywhere between INR 3 LPA to INR 60 LPA.

Eligibility to become Stockbroker

In order to become a stockbroker, there are some criteria that one needs to qualify. The criteria to become a stockbroker are mentioned below.

Subject Combination: There is no specific subject combination requirement as such. But, subjects like economics, finance, mathematics, business and statistics help in the career.

Entrance Exams: BSE Certification on Central Depository, BSE Certification on Securities Markets, BSE Certification on Currency Futures, BSE Certification on Derivatives Exchange, etc

Educational Qualification:

  • There are no specific requirements for educational qualification in this field but, there are certain courses which come with coursework that benefits in the field. 

  • A degree in business administration/ finance/ economics/ statistics/ mathematics/ quantitative analysis help in the field. 

Experience: There are no experience requirements as such but, candidates learn about the field and market with experience and knowledge.

Key Skills:

  • Analytical thinking

  • Knowledge in Mathematics

  • Well-versed with the market, accounting and economics

  • Customer service skills

  • Judgement and decision-making abilities

  • Work well under pressure

  • Computer competency

Types of Job Roles Stockbroker

A stockbroker can engage in several job duties or profiles in the same field. Some of the job roles are mentioned below.

Securities Trader

A security trader deals with selling and buying securities on their employer’s behalf to make money for the employer. 

Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors give investment and financial advice to their clients. They work by listening to the clients for their financial and investment goals and then recommend them the best investment strategies and financial instruments to help them achieve their goals. 

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst studies and analyses the data and trends in financial investments to give advice to the relevant organisations. They typically give advice to organisations which are looking for an investment, either to buy it or sell it. 

Financial Manager

A financial manager, as the title suggests, manages the financial matters or goals of an entity. They work in-house for an organisation to find ways to improve its financial position. 

Investment Banker

An investment banker acts as an intermediary for investors and businesses. They help businesses that need to raise their capitals.

Employment Sector/Industry for Stockbroker

The job of a stockbroker entails the following work description.

  • Carrying out researchers on financial markets

  • Selling or buying shares, stocks or other financial products

  • Managing investments for an entity, be it an individual, a company or many organisations

  • Reviewing investment portfolios of clients

  • Consulting investment analysts

  • Keeping clients updated with changes in the market using developing investment strategies

  • Predicting how markets will move​

Employment Opportunities for Stockbroker

The employment opportunities in the field of stockbroking are immense. Once a candidate gets an understanding of the market, she/ he can end up becoming a Warren Buffet. This is a very lucrative field and with the right knowledge, confidence and experience, one can build a luxurious life with the handsome salary that the job pays. Stockbrokers can work in the following areas:

  • Investment Firms

  • Financial Advising Firms

  • Corporate Giants

  • Investment Banking Firms

  • Broking Firms

  • Traditional Banks

  • Insurance Companies

  • Mutual Funds

  • Magazines and Newspapers

  • Pension Funds

  • Research 

Top Recruiters for a Stockbroker

Stockbrokers usually work in independent firms but here are the top recruiters in the fields that candidates can explore.

  • Reliance Capital Ltd

  • JP Morgan

  • HDFC

  • ICICI Direct

  • Angel Broking Limited

  • India Infoline

  • Sharekhan Limited

  • Indiabulls

  • Karvy Consultancy

  • Kotak Securities Ltd

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Pay Scale/Salary of Stockbroker

The salary of a stockbroker is usually a fixed amount. They usually get paid through commission, profit sharing and bonus. 



Entry Level

Over INR 2.9 LPA

Early Carrer





INR 5.8 LPA to INR 10 LPA

Maximum Salary in India

Up to INR 25 LPA

Salary in the US


Books & Study Material to Become Stockbroker

Some of the books that help in stockbroking career are mentioned below. 



Market Wizards 

Jack Schwager

The Intelligent Investor 

Benjamin Graham

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator 

Edwin Lefèvre

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Jack Bogle

How to Make Money in Stocks

William O’Neil

Pros of becoming a Stockbroker

  • Monetary benefits with high commission

  • Opportunities for career growth

  • High in demand due to the rise in financial markets

  • Great fit for individuals ambitious with in-depth knowledge of the stock market

Cons of becoming a Stockbroker

  • Extremely competitive environment of work

  • Long working hours

  • Stressful job

  • Dependent on market fluctuations and economy

Paths for Being Stockbroker

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