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Career as Airline Ticketing Agent

Career as a Airline Ticketing Agent

About Airline Ticketing Agent

An Airline Ticketing Agent is an individual who is responsible for booking flight tickets and handle reservations for customers. Airline Ticketing Agents directly interact with customers, answer customer questions about flight timings, seat availability, fares, reservations etc. They also handle key operations such as data collection, data entry, payment collection and verification etc. for airlines. Airline Ticketing Agents work as ground staff on airports and should be open for working long hours in shifts while standing on their feet.

Airline Ticketing Agents are the face of the airline industry and the first point of contact for any customer while boarding a flight. They can also be stationed at boarding gates and take care of the boarding and de-boarding of passengers in an aircraft. The job profile of an Airline Ticketing Agent includes problem-solving on a daily basis and mitigating first-hand any issues a customer may face related to their tickets and reservation. Thus, having good people skills goes a long way on the job of an Airline Ticketing Agent.

It is very important for an Airline Ticketing Agent to be courteous and attentive to a customer. They are also required to be professionally-dressed and they must have good communication skills. Airline Ticketing Agents are also required to have basic computer skills and have the necessary mathematical ability to collect and verify payments. They are also required to follow strict protocols set by the Airline as well as by the flight regulations followed by the country where they are working. Therefore, an Airline Ticketing Agent should also have good knowledge of the rules and regulations followed inside an Airport.

Eligibility to become Airline Ticketing Agent

Airline Ticketing Agen is an entry-level job that is usually available for candidates after completing High School (or Class 10th). Candidates can apply with the High School certificates for the jo. Diploma courses are also available catering to a student who wishes to take up a career as an Airline Ticketing Agent. Some of the requirements posed by airlines for Airline Ticket Agent jobs include:

  • Candidate must have completed Class 10th

  • Candidate must have completed at least 18 years of age (varies by the recruiting company)

  • Candidates are required to demonstrate a basic knowledge of computers and good typing skills

  • Apart from these, good communication skills and basic mathematical skills are required for the job.

Candidates interested in joining an airline as an Airline Ticketing Agent can also pursue the following courses.

  • Diploma in Airline Ticketing

  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

  • Diploma in International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management etc.

Candidates must note that these courses are usually available at the 10 +2 / Class 12th level.

Types of Job Roles Airline Ticketing Agent

The job profile of an Airline Ticketing Agent is quite simple but it requires professionals to undertake and deliver on a variety of tasks. An Airline Ticketing Agent is a customer service representative at the ticketing booth of an airport or at a city office of an airline or travel agency.

Hence, it is vital for any Airline Ticketing Agent to have good conversation skills as well as good knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. Ticketing Agents must also have good sales and marketing skills and may have to assume these responsibilities as well especially in private airlines and travel agencies.

In airports, an Airline Ticketing Agent is included in the Ground Staff and may be entrusted with duties related to ensuring orderly boarding of a customer as well as handling customer queries and disputes. They may also be put in charge of handling the luggage and baggage check-ins of customers.

Employment Sector/Industry for Airline Ticketing Agent

Airline Ticketing Agent is a job requirement at all Airlines and Airports across the world. Candidates who have had experience as a Ticketing Agent or have completed such programmes can also find jobs in the Operations department of Travel Agencies and Tour & Travel Management firms. The job profile of an Airline Ticketing Agent is related to the Hospitality sector and experienced professionals can also find jobs in Hospitality establishments such as Hotels, Tourist Resorts etc.

To rise higher in the field, candidates can go for bachelors courses in the field of Travel and Tourism and be hired for the roles of Travel Agent. Some of the top recruiters of Airline Ticketing Agents include:

  • Airline Operators

  • Airports

  • Airport Management

  • Travel & Tourism Companies

  • Travel Consultancies

  • Tour Management Companies etc.

Top Recruiting Companies of Airline Ticketing Agents

The top recruiting companies of Airline Ticketing Agents include:

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport

  • Emirates

  • Indigo Airlines

  • Air India

  • Airport Authority of India etc.

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Pay Scale/Salary of Airline Ticketing Agent

Airline Ticketing Agents usually start at executive-level posts and they may be promoted to higher positions per the job roles defined by their recruiter. The salary details of an Airline Ticketing Agent are as follows:

  • Fresher candidates for Airline Ticketing Agents can earn from Rs. 2 - Rs. 2.5 LPA.

  • The average salary of an Airline Ticketing Agent is around Rs. 18,000 per month.

  • With experience in the field, the salary of Airline Ticketing Agents usually maxes out at around Rs. 4 - Rs. 5 LPA.

Books & Study Material to Become Airline Ticketing Agent

Given below are some of the best books to help you prepare for a career in the Airline Ticketing sector.

Name of Book



How to Win Friends & Influence People

Dale Carnegie

Amazing Reads

How to have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People

Les Giblin

Manjul Publishing House

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking

Dale CarnegieAmazing Reads


Pros of becoming a Airline Ticketing Agent

  • It is an entry-level job and does not require candidates to pursue any expensive undergraduate course. Candidates with a basic education can also pursue this career.
  • Provides a good experience of customer-handline and airport management. Experience can be used by candidates to go for higher education and better career opportunities.

Cons of becoming a Airline Ticketing Agent

  • Hectic and shift-based job, which does not have a well-defined job description.
  • Low pay scale means that professionals must keep looking for better career opportunities.

Paths for Being Airline Ticketing Agent

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