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Career as Airport Operations Manager

Career as a Airport Operations Manager

About Airport Operations Manager

An Airport Operations Manager is a person who oversees the daily operations of an airport. He / she is responsible for ensuring that an airport is functioning as planned and all of the operations are in compliance with the prescribed regulations and policies.

On a daily basis, an Airport Operations Manager coordinates with the various departments and teams in an airport such as pilots, emergency crews, security personnel, air traffic control etc. He / she takes updates from the said departments and evaluates if their performance and functioning is as per the prescribed standards.

An Airport Operations Manager is crucial to the efficient operation of an airport. They perform regular checks and inspections, enforce any required changes in the process and take care of any problems or complaints arising in any department of an airport. They are also in charge of monitoring the performance of airport staff and acting as a supervisor for operational tasks and training.

Eligibility to become Airport Operations Manager

In order to be eligible for the role of an Airport Operations Manager in India, the minimum qualification is a bachelor’s degree. Candidates having an academic qualification related to the management stream may be preferred for these roles.

Depending on the level of the airport as well as the seniority level of the position, candidates may also be required to have completed a master’s degree and / or have relevant work experience in a related field.

Given below are the courses that should be considered by a candidate who wishes to take up a job role as an Airport Operations Manager.

UG Courses for Airport Operations Manager

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • BBA in Aviation

  • BBA in Airport Management

PG Courses for Airport Operations Manager

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • MBA in Airport Management

Types of Job Roles Airport Operations Manager

The job of an Airport Operations Manager requires them to undertake a wide range of responsibilities. Due to their diverse job profile, they are familiar with almost all areas of operations of an airport from passenger handling to air traffic control. An Airport Operations Manager is usually required to undertake the following responsibilities as part of their job.

  • Coordinating with different departments of an airport.

  • Evaluating existing procedures and implementing new procedures to improve the functioning of an airport.

  • Monitoring that all operations at an airport are in compliance with the regulations issued by the governing body.

  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of airport staff etc.

Employment Sector/Industry for Airport Operations Manager

Airport Operations Managers are qualified and experienced to work in the aviation sector and hence are usually hired either by airports or by airline companies. Given below are the top recruiting areas of Airport Operations Manager.

  • International Airports

  • Domestic Airports

  • Private Airports

  • Airport Authority of India (AAI)

  • Private Airlines

  • Government Airlines

  • Airport Operating Agencies etc.

Some of the top recruiting companies for Airport Operations Manager are:

  • Air India

  • IGI

  • GM Group

  • Qatar Airways

  • Emirates etc.

Planning to choose Airport Operations Manager as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Airport Operations Manager

The salary of an Airport Operations Manager is at par with that of an Airport Manager. The following pointers can be checked for salary details of an Airport Operations Manager.

  • The average starting salary in this field is around Rs. 2 LPA.

  • With 2 - 3 years of experience, the average salary goes up to Rs. 4 LPA.

  • The average salary earned by Airport Operations Manager is approx. Rs. 6.5 LPA.

  • For senior-level candidates, the salaries can range as high as Rs. 10 - 12 LPA.

Books & Study Material to Become Airport Operations Manager




Airport Management

C. Daniel Prather

Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc

General Aviation Marketing and Management

Alexander T. Wells, Bruce D. Chadbourne

Krieger Publishing Company

Practical Aviation & Aerospace Law

Paul Hamilton, Sarah Nilsson

Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.

Airport Planning & Management

Seth Young, Alexander Wells

McGraw-Hill Education

The Global Airline Industry

Peter Belobaba, Amedeo Odoni, Cynthia Barnhart


Pros of becoming a Airport Operations Manager

  • It is a challenging job and provides extensive experience in the aviation industry.

  • Provides a chance to work and meet with different kinds of people.

  • Good salary.

Cons of becoming a Airport Operations Manager

  • The scope of work is limited since there are not many opportunities in the private sector in India.

  • Long / irregular work hours sometimes create health issues in professionals.

  • It is a very demanding job and can often get very hectic to manage.

Paths for Being Airport Operations Manager

FAQs about Airport Operations Manager

Are there any demerits of an Airport Operations Manager career?

Career as an Airport Operations Manager can be demanding, requiring professionals to stay on their feet for long working hours. Professionals are also required to ensure that everything goes smoothly and hence have to constantly stay on alert for any issues or emergencies that may hamper airport operations, which has the potential of becoming very hectic.

What are the skills required to become an Airport Operations Manager?

Airport Operations Manager is a high-skilled job. One must have extensive knowledge of airport operations in order to effectively complete all of their duties in this career. Additionally, Airport Operations Managers must also have good administrative abilities, communication skills, ability to multi-task and delegate etc.

Is Airport Operations Manager a good career?

The Airport Operations Manager career provides numerous benefits, which include a good salary, sharpened administrative skills, the opportunity to meet new and interesting people etc. Plus, working in an industry operating on such a large scale is a different experience on its own. Professionals in this field can also look for career opportunities abroad.

Are there good opportunities in the private sector for Airport Operations Managers?

The job opportunities for Airport Operations Managers in the private sector are decent but not too great. There are only a few privately-owned airports approved by DGCA in India where the services of an Airport Operations Manager may be required. In addition to that, private airlines may hire Airport Operations Manager.

How many years of experience are required to become an Airport Operations Manager?

Usually, candidates are promoted to the post of an Airport Operations Manager after 6 - 8 years of experience. In order to excel in this field, a candidate must have good knowledge of the daily operations of an airport and must be able to communicate well with different departments and staff.

How much is an Airport Operations Manager's salary?

The average salary of an Airport Operation Manager in India is Rs. 6 - 7 LPA. Experienced professionals in this role can earn up to Rs. 1,00,000 per month.

What are the good colleges for MBA in Aviation?

You can consider the following colleges for pursuing an MBA in Aviation Management: Lovely Professional University, Fighter Wings Aviation Academy, IIKM Business School etc.

Which colleges are good for BBA in Aviation?

Some of the popular colleges offering BBA in Aviation include Bangalore College of Management Studies (BCMS), Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS), Galgotias University, Suresh Gyan Vihar University etc.

Which course do I pursue for a career as an Airport Operations Manager?

BBA is the best choice of course when it comes to a career in this field. However, graduates from any stream can get into this line of work. For skill development and getting better jobs and pay, you may also opt for an MBA degree. Specializations such as Aviation and Airport Management are best for this career.

What does an Airport Operations Manager do?

Airport Operations Managers are responsible for overseeing that all of the procedures and operations in an airport are carried out efficiently. They also ensure that the airport is managed and operated in compliance with the regulations prescribed by the governing body.

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