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Career as Catering Manager

Career as a Catering Manager

About Catering Manager

A Catering Manager is a person who oversees the operations of a catering business. The role of a catering manager is very important in the catering business as a catering manager ensures that all of the operations ranging from procurement of groceries produce and other ingredients to the delivery of prepared food is done in a timely and proper manner. Catering Managers work with the various employees of a food preparation, service and delivery business to coordinate various activities and implement a plan of action. They are responsible for finalising key decisions in business operations.

Catering Managers also talk to customers about their requirements, feedback or complaints. If a customer has any issues or complains about their food, they will seek a Catering Manager to ensure that things are rectified. Thus, catering managers are expected to have a professional attitude with an eye for perfection, a pleasant personality with good communication skills, a knack for arranging logistics and coming up with solutions to day-to-day problems, coordinating with the various employees and teams to ensure efficient operations and having good networking skills so that the demands of a catering business are satisfied quickly and at nominal prices.

Thus, it can be seen that catering managers usually have a lot on their plate. Plus, since catering services are employed by people mostly during special occasions, festivals or ceremonies, catering managers have to ensure that everything is in order and as per the desires of the customer.

Eligibility to become Catering Manager

Catering Managers must be trained in management skills and also must have knowledge about food production, presentation, service and taste. Catering managers must also have knowledge about costs, marketing, customer engagement and service. Plus, since a catering manager is a senior position, professionals who have experience in the industry are preferred for these roles.

Candidates who are aspiring for a career as a Catering Manager should ideally go for professional courses in the field of hotel management or catering. Ideally, candidates should also go for postgraduate courses after gaining some experience in the field. The following courses can be considered when aspiring for a career as a Catering Manager.

Undergraduate Courses for Catering Manager

  • Diploma in Hotel Management

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

  • Bachelor of Catering Technology in Culinary Arts

  • BSc in Culinary Arts

  • BBA in Hospitality Management

Postgraduate Courses for Catering Manager

  • Master of Hotel Management

  • MBA in Hotel Management

  • MBA in Hospitality Management

Types of Job Roles Catering Manager

Candidates can check the job roles and responsibilities of a Catering Manager given below.

  • Planning, organizing and executing catering events for a business or client.

  • Ensuring proper oversight of all operations such as inventory, menu planning, arranging equipment and personnel etc. and ensuring that everything fits within the provided budget.

  • Contracting vendors for placing orders, resolving and issues with deliveries or payments etc.

  • Building customer relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Employment Sector/Industry for Catering Manager

Catering Manager is a job that is closely attached to the hospitality sector. However, they are mostly employed for handling catering at special events or large gatherings. Catering Managers can find plenty of job opportunities in the market as more people turn to professional catering services. Catering Managers can also find employment in catering businesses as well as businesses that provide catering services in other organizations.

Given below are the top recruiting areas of Catering Managers.

  • Catering Companies

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Banquet Halls

  • Airlines

  • Indian Railway

  • Community Kitchens etc.

Planning to choose Catering Manager as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Catering Manager

The salary details of catering managers can be found in the pointers given below.

  • On average, catering managers in India earn a salary of around Rs. 5 LPA.

  • Entry-level roles in this field are more about gaining experience and the average starting salary for catering managers in India is around Rs. 3 - 4 LPA.

  • Professional Catering Managers who have 8 - 10 years of experience earn Rs. 8 - 10 LPA on average.

Books & Study Material to Become Catering Manager

Catering ManagementNancy Loman ScanlonJohn Wiley & Sons
Catering CompleteDoug PinkstonBooklocker Inc.
The Book of Yields: Accuracy in Food Costing and PurchasingFrancis T. LynchJohn Wiley & Sons
Catering from A to ZCyrill Pogodin, Karen Heckler--
Fundamentals of Menu Planningby Paul J. McVety, Bradley J. Ware, Claudette Levesque WareJohn Wiley & Sons

Pros of becoming a Catering Manager

  • Creative field that encourages uniqueness and provides new and different experiences with each event.

  • The career allows a flexible working schedule and scope for part-time jobs.
  • There is a good scope in this field for starting your own business.

Cons of becoming a Catering Manager

  • You will have to work during off-days or holidays.

  • Requires an immense level of patience and professional attitude especially when dealing with clients.

  • Clients demand perfection and hence the job can get overwhelming if you are not passionate or well trained.

Paths for Being Catering Manager

FAQs about Catering Manager

What are the advantages of a Catering Manager job?

Catering managers can enjoy a flexible and part-time work schedule, which opens up time for other activities such as spending time with one's family or working on your own business. Plus, the work environment is mostly cheerful, there are new and unique career opportunities each day and the career allows professionals to be creative.

Is Catering Manager a good career for starting your own business?

Yes. If a person wants to start their own catering business, working as a catering manager is an excellent idea. A catering manager job provides a professional with top-to-bottom professional knowledge of the catering operations while also helping them network with vendors and clients.

What is the career scope for Catering Managers in India?

Catering managers have great career opportunities in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, tourist resorts, banquet and seminar halls etc.

What are the top colleges in India offering courses to become a Catering Manager?

Some of the top colleges for becoming a Catering Manager in India are IHMs, LPU, Mansarovar Global Univesity, JECRC University etc.

What is the average salary of a Catering Manager in India?

On an average, a Catering Manager can earn around Rs. 5 LPA. More experienced professionals in the field can make over Rs. 10 LPA.

Do Catering Managers have good career opportunities abroad?

Yes. Catering Managers can find food career opportunities abroad as well as in India. Most of the job opportunities for Catering Managers are in tourist destinations and metropolitan cities where there is a high demand for catering services from individual clients or large organizations.

Is work experience necessary to become a Catering Manager?

Yes. Catering Manager is a very demanding role that requires a person to have an eye on multiple activities at the same time while ensuring that everything goes smoothly, stays within budget and is completed in the specified time. Therefore, professionals who have gained good experience of the catering or hospitality industry are generally preferred for the role of a Catering Manager.

Is there any exam or test for becoming a Catering Manager in India?

No. There is no exam or test that is conducted for becoming a Catering Manager. Catering Managers are hired by various organizations on the basis of personal interviews.

Is formal education required to become a Catering Manager in India?

No. Formal education is not necessary to become a Catering Manager in India. If you have completed graduation or class 12th in any stream and you have the necessary skills, you will be able to become a Catering Manager in places such as small restaurants or hotels or banquet halls. However, formal and reputable establishments will only consider candidates who have relevant education in the field.

What course should I pursue to become a Catering Manager?

You should look for courses in the field of Hotel Management, Catering Technology, Culinary Arts or Food and Beverage Service Management to train for a career as a Catering Manager. Undergraduate studies are usually sufficient for this job and you can look for courses such as BHM, BHMCT, BSc CA, BSc H&HA, BCT CA etc. However, for better career opportunities and high salary, it is better to go for postgraduate studies such as an MBA in Hospitality Management.

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