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Career as Multimedia Specialists

Career as a Multimedia Specialists

About Multimedia Specialists

Multimedia Specialists are the professionals who design and create IT-based multimedia products such as Websites, Computer Games, Graphics, Video Clips and other interactive multimedia formats. If you enjoy working with the latest interactive technology, a career as a multimedia specialist may be the ideal choice.

Eligibility to become Multimedia Specialists

In order to become a Multimedia specialist, candidates need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:-

  • Candidates must have a bachelor's degree or postgraduate degree in the same.

  • Multimedia specialists must be equipped with the required technical skills including computer programming and graphics design. As such, employers prefer highly trained candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree in computer science, web design, programming, or a related discipline. 

  • Entry-level positions often require associate degrees or certificates from focused certification programs.

Types of Job Roles Multimedia Specialists

After you have completed the required educational qualification to become a multimedia specialist, there are a number of job profiles available for you. Based on the candidate’s interest, they can choose a job profile that comes under the framework of Multimedia Specialists. Since Multimedia specialists is a broad field, students can explore some of the popular jobs available in Multimedia specialists.

Graphic Designer- A Graphic designer is a profession where a person assembles all pictures, typographies or motion graphics in order to construct a piece of design. They also sometimes have responsibility for user interfaces, web design, illustration and typing. A core responsibility of the designer's job is to present the knowledge in an open and memorable manner.

Video and Multimedia Specialist- Generally, video and multimedia specialists modify and assemble the captured raw material for broadcast in an appropriate format. The creation of contents uses cameras, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects.

Digital Media Specialist- Digital Media Specialist is generally responsible for assisting Digital Media Managers in developing and executing the company's digital media plans and strategies and help them in attaining the priorities and objectives of digital marketing.

Multimedia Artist- Multimedia artists and animators develop two-dimensional and three-dimensional models which appear to move in images by visual effects in TV, film, video games and other media.

Employment Sector/Industry for Multimedia Specialists

There are a number of employment opportunities for Multimedia specialists available in the market. Given below is a list of employment opportunities in different sectors that can be considered by the candidates:

  • Retailers

  • Software/multimedia houses

  • Central government

  • Charities

  • Telecommunications companies

  • Advertising agencies

  • Local authorities

  • Engineering firms

  • IT consultancies

  • Computer games companies

  • Insurance brokers

  • Manufacturers

  • Publishers

  • Educational organisations

Top Recruiting Companies for Multimedia specialists

Let’s take a look at some of the leading companies where the aspirants of Multimedia specialists can find good job opportunities.

  • HCL

  • Wipro

  • Amazon

  • BOSCH India

  • Siemens

Planning to choose Multimedia Specialists as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Multimedia Specialists

The salaries of multimedia experts vary as per their professional experience and academic knowledge. Mentioned below is the salary of Multimedia Specialist and its related field:

Job Profile

Minimum Salary

Maximum Salary

Graphic Designer

Rs 6,75,000 LPA/-

Rs 8,20,000/-

Video and Multimedia Specialist

Rs 4,50,000/-

Rs 6,54,000/-

Digital Media Specialist

Rs 3,75,000/-

Rs 5,25,000/-

Multimedia Artist

Rs 3,50,000/-

Rs 5,00,000/-

Pros of becoming a Multimedia Specialists

  • In this field, there is a great opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Promotional prospects are excellent for employees willing to change jobs regularly and to move into managerial positions.

  • Multimedia Specialists are offered a great salary as this job involves technical skills and knowledge.

Cons of becoming a Multimedia Specialists

  • The pressure to meet deadlines means that extra hours may be required at times

  • Keeping up-to-date with technological and software developments can be challenging at times.

Paths for Being Multimedia Specialists

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