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Career as Retail Designer

Career as a Retail Designer

About Retail Designer

Retail Designers are people who have specialised in the stream of retail design and have made a career in the field. The discipline of retail design is creative and commercial and it combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space. This means that the job opportunities for retail designers are available in many sectors and areas. Retail designers primarily specialise in the practice of architecture and interior design, however, their job also uses elements of industrial design, graphic design, ergonomics, and advertising. Retail designers have to oversee the construction of retail spaces and in doing so, they have to combine a wide range of creative and technical skills. Retail designers work alongside architects, contractors, engineers, and other professionals to build branded retail environments. Designing retail spaces in a way that promotes an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for the consumer is the key responsibility of a retail designer.

Eligibility to become Retail Designer

Becoming a retail designer depends a lot on whether you are eligible for the job or not. The basic eligibility criteria for retail designers have been listed in the points given below. Candidates interested in pursuing the field can check the prerequisites and work on their academia and resume to build a strong candidature for getting hired as a retail designer.

  • The candidate must have a degree in design with a specialisation in Retail Design.
  • Usually, an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in the particular specialisation is preferred the most by the employers but some companies hire people who have done a diploma or certificate course in retail design as well. These candidates are recruited for junior positions initially.
  • The candidate must have the correct skill set in order to become a retail designer. He/ she should possess all the basic qualities that will help in his/ her career as a retail designer.
  • Having some prior work experience always comes as an added advantage when looking for a job as a retail designer. Freshers who have done internships and are aware of the functioning of the job are given preference over the other candidates.
  • It is important for the candidate to have prepared a portfolio of his/ her best work. This will give the employers a better idea of the skills that he/ she possesses and they will be able to analyse his/ her potential better.

Types of Job Roles Retail Designer

Many job roles are offered to candidates who wish to step into the professional ventures of a retail designer. They can begin their career as a trainee or an assistant and later rise to higher ranks as per their experience and performance. The demand for retail designers is quite high in almost all sectors because retail spaces have a major part in the commercial avenue.

Employment Opportunities for a Retail Designer

The areas and industries in which retail designers are recruited include a wide variety. The list given below consists of some of the leading industries that hire retail designers. Those who are seeking jobs as a retail designer can look for a company in any of these areas.

  • Design Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Footwear Stores
  • Jewellery Houses
  • Bookstores
  • Libraries
  • Supermarkets
  • Malls
  • Salons
  • Shopping Areas

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Pay Scale/Salary of Retail Designer

The annual salary of a retail designer will depend entirely on his/ her experience and skills. The job profile, company, city in which the candidate works, qualification, etc. also play a huge role in deciding the salary of a retail designer. The basic salary offered to retail designers in almost all the sectors has been mentioned in the table given below. Candidates may check the table to get an idea about the average salary for this profile. 


Starting Salary (in INR)

Mid Level Salary (in INR)

Senior Level Salary (in INR)

Retail Designer

Rs. 2,50,000 per annum

Rs. 4,60,000 per annum

Rs. 15,94,000 per annum

Books & Study Material to Become Retail Designer

Here are some of the best books that every aspirant who aims to become a retail designer must go through. A proper study of the discipline is required to excel in the field when the candidates start working professionally. Referring to the best books ensures that they get the right knowledge before starting their jobs as a retail designer.

  • 'Retail Design: Basics Interior Design' by Stephen Anderson, Lynne Mesher
  • 'The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets by Monocle
  • 'Architectures of Display: Department Stores and Modern Retail' by Anca I. Lasc, Patricia Lara-Betancourt, Margaret Maile Petty
  • 'Retail Design International: Components, Spaces, Buildings, Pop-Ups' by Jons Messedat
  • 'Retail Spaces: Store Design, Architecture and Visual Merchandising' by Rdi Quarterly
  • 'The Essence of Retail Branding and Design' by Michel Van Tongeren
  • 'Curated: New Minimalism in Retail Design' by Sandu

Pros of becoming a Retail Designer

  • The demand for Retail Designers is always high and they can easily find jobs in several sectors.
  • Candidates get the opportunity of exercising their creative minds and do not get bored or find their job redundant because the field always brings something fresh to the table.
  • Retail Designers are given huge responsibilities and are trusted by their employers that they will complete them. This gives the designers amply opportunities to prove their calibre and quickly rise in ranks.

Cons of becoming a Retail Designer

  • The pay scale of a retail designer is not much high when he/ she is beginning his/ her career in the field. Freshers are not paid high salary packages initially and their compensation increases only when their experience enhances.
  • The job of a retail designer can be quite hectic at times and candidates will have to struggle to complete all tasks within the set deadline.

Paths for Being Retail Designer

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