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Career as Geochemist

Career as a Geochemist

About Geochemist

Geochemists are experts who combine their knowledge of Chemistry and Geology to help in natural resources exploration such as minerals, natural gas and oil. Geochemists basically study deeply about various physical aspects of our planet earth including composition, processes, structure etc. They are also well adept in examining the distribution of chemical elements in minerals and rocks. 

Mineral deposits of rock, gases and liquids contain information in abundance and it is the work of a Geochemist to decipher that information to help those dealing with scientific and industrial research applications reach conclusive decisions. Geochemists render their services to a range of organisations like mining companies, environmental management companies, oil companies, scientists etc. 

Eligibility to become Geochemist

Those who want to become a Geochemist, it is important for them to have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at their senior secondary level, i.e 10+2. The candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in either Chemistry, Physics, Geology or any other discipline relevant to geosciences. Those who have studied Mathematics or Information Technology at the Bachelor’s degree level as minor subjects will find themselves in a much more beneficial position. Furthermore, a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline like Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry or Chemistry is important to secure a job of a Geochemist. 

Types of Job Roles Geochemist

Geochemists are always in demand at various Government sectors that deal with mining or extraction of precious metals, gases and liquids from the unexplored depths of the earth. However, there are some private organisations too that are involved with the aforementioned things which also hire Geochemists but those work in collaboration with the Government agencies. 

Top Recruiting Organizations

Mentioned below are some of the top organisations which hire Geochemists - 

  • Geological Survey of India
  • Tmi Ikiloop

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Pay Scale/Salary of Geochemist

A Geochemist is usually paid in the range of 36k to 39k per month which sees a good and steady growth after a few years at work. Also, because Geochemists are mostly employed in government sectors, the perks that come in with a government job add up to their value. (The salary structure mentioned above is indicative only and is subject to change unconditionally)

Books & Study Material to Become Geochemist

Those who want to become a Geochemist, they must definitely read the following books - 

  • Geochemistry of Chromium in the Earth’s Mantle by Ekaterina A Matrosova, Andrey B Bobrov, Luca Bindi
  • Environmental and Low-Temperature Geochemistry by Peter Ryan
  • Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology by John Hunt
  • Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes by James Watkins
  • Introduction to Geochemistry - Principles and Applications by Kula C Misra
  • Thermodynamics in Geochemistry - The Equilibrium Model by David A Cerar and Greg M Anderson
  • Quantitative Geochemistry by Haibo Zuo
  • The Crust - Treatise on Geochemistry by R L Rudnick
  • Isotope Geochemistry by William M White
  • Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels - From Conventional to Unconventional Hydrocarbon Systems by Alain-Yves Huc

Pros of becoming a Geochemist

Listed below are some advantages or pros of becoming a Geochemist - 

  • Chance to travel to various places, both national and international
  • Diverse work programmes
  • A good and attractive salary package (considering the perks)
  • Chance to work with experts and professionals of different fields

Cons of becoming a Geochemist

Here are some drawbacks or cons of becoming a Geochemist - 

  • Staying away from home and family for a longer period of time
  • Have to work in various geological settings during the initial stages of the career before one specialises
  • No fixed schedule
  • Usually, to get a job of a Geochemist, a candidate should have at least a Masters degree or a higher degree unlike other jobs where a simple graduation degree is sufficient sometimes

Paths for Being Geochemist

FAQs about Geochemist

Which is the most required trait for a Geochemist during the initial days of the career?

A Geochemist’s flexible attitude to work and geographical mobility should be the two most important traits which will be required during the initial days of the career.

Which organisation hires the maximum number of Geochemists?

The Geological Survey of India has the maximum number of vacancies for Geochemists on a regular interval.

How advantageous it can be for a Geochemist to have basic knowledge about information technology?

Sometimes a Geochemist has to analyze and examine statistics and other data which can be done only if the person has a basic knowledge about information technology. Thus, a Geochemist must possess basic IT skills to become useful in more than one way to the organisation he/she works for.

Can a Masters degree holder in Oceanography become a Geochemist?

Yes, a masters degree in Oceanography can also lead to a successful career as a Geochemist.

Are the working hours of a Geochemist fixed?

Usually when in office, the working hours of a Geochemist are fixed which might seem improbable while working outdoors.

How much on average a Geochemist earns in the form of salary?

A Geochemist earns in the range of 36K to 39K per month on an average basis.

Is it only Government sectors where a Geochemist can find a job opportunity?

No, a Geochemist can also find a job in a private organisation but such private organisations work in close liaison with the government organisations.

Which subjects should one choose at the Masters level to become a Geochemist?

Candidates with a Masters degree in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry or a similar other geoscience relevant disciplines can become a Geochemist upon completion of the study.

What is the minimum qualification required to become a Geochemist?

To become a successful Geochemist, a candidate must at the very least have a Masters degree in a relevant discipline.

Who is a Geochemist?

A Geochemist is a professional who uses his/her knowledge of both Inorganic and Physical Chemistry and Geology to examine the distribution and amount of chemical elements in minerals and rocks.

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