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Career as Fashion Photographer

Career as a Fashion Photographer

About Fashion Photographer

A Fashion Photographer works for fashion brands or individually and highlights fashion products and clothing of the brands in exciting and artistic ways. Fashion photographers usually work closely with fashion designer, fashion labels, fashion houses, and models and their job is to conceptualize and shoot photographs, portfolios etc. that showcase fashion as pleasantly and effectively as possible. The job of a Fashion Photographer is quite creative and artistic.

Eligibility to become Fashion Photographer

Clearing the eligibility criteria of a fashion photographer is necessary for every individual who aspires to make a career in this field. Brands and industries prefer hiring candidates who can showcase their educational and academic qualifications in related fields because that ensures that these individuals have had proper training and knowledge about the aspects of the job. The eligibility criteria to become a Fashion Photographer have been given below.

  • The candidate must have completed his/ her higher secondary education from a school that is affiliated to a recognised board of education.
  • The candidate must possess an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in fashion photography, photography, or any of the streams that are related to it. Candidates who have done diploma or certificate level courses in fashion photography are also eligible for the job.
  • If the candidate has some work experience in the field of fashion photography through any internship or previous jobs, the chances of him/ her getting better job prospects increase significantly.
  • The candidate must have prepared a portfolio of his/ her work in order to exhibit it whenever necessary.

Types of Job Roles Fashion Photographer

The employment sector for Fashion Photographers is quite vast and they can avail the job at several positions. Freshers who are just out of college can join as interns or apprentices and learn details of the job while assisting their mentor. Some leading sectors in which Fashion Photographers find lucrative jobs and have good future prospects have been listed below.

  • Fashion Magazines
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Catalogues
  • Fashion Houses
  • Self-Employment
  • Fashion Labels
  • Fashion Exhibitions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Fashion Websites
  • Event Management Organisations
  • Fashion Studios

Top Recruiting Agencies for Fashion Photographers

Due to the importance of advertising and marketing in the digital age of today, almost all brands in the fashion industry seek talented Fashion Photographers in order to increase their outreach. Some of the most important and famous recruitment agencies for Fashion Photographers have been provided in the list below. The experience of a candidate also determines which company or organisation hires him/ her.

  • Femina
  • Vogue India
  • Photographers Direct 
  • Myntra
  • Elle
  • Verve
  • Grazia
  • Lakme
  • Tanishq

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Pay Scale/Salary of Fashion Photographer

The salary of a Fashion Photographer depends on several factors like his/ her experience, the domain of work, the company he/ she is working for, the type of project that is given to him/ her etc. There is also a difference in the payscale of a Fashion Photographer if he/ she is at the senior or junior level. The skills of the photographer and his/ her vision also determine the compensation that is given by the company. Unlike other professions, it is difficult to compare the salary of photographers based solely on the seniority levels.

The usual pay scale of a Fashion Photographer also differs with respect to the city in which he/ she is working. Generally, the beginner level salary of a Fashion Photographer is Rs. 5 lakh per annum but it can go up to Rs. 15 lakh per annum if the candidate bags a job at a premier fashion brand or magazine. As the candidate gains more experience in the field, his/ her salary at the senior level might to up to Rs. 30 - 40 lakh per annum. Some companies give salaries to their Fashion Photographers on project basis. Depending upon the type of the project and its duration, the candidate is compensated accordingly.

Books & Study Material to Become Fashion Photographer

Here is the list of some of the top fashion photography books that candidates can use for enhancing their skills and knowledge in the field of fashion photography.

  • ‘Fashion and Lifestyle Photography’ by Dixie Dixon
  • ‘Complete Digital Photography’ by Ben Long
  • ‘Understanding Exposure’ by Bryan Peterson
  • Langford’s Basic Photography
  • ‘Life Guide to Digital Photography’ by Joe McNally
  • ‘The photographer's Guide to Posing’ by Lindsay Adler
  • ‘Fashion Photography: The story in 180p Pictures’ by Eugénie Shinkle
  • ‘Fashion as Photograph: Viewing and Reviewing Images of Fashion’ by Eugénie Shinkle

Pros of becoming a Fashion Photographer

  • Being a Fashion Photographer is one of the most creative jobs. Candidates who wish to keep honing their artistic flair, creativity, and skills find this job very rewarding in terms of personal fulfilment.
  • Fashion Photographers are paid quite well if they are hired by top brands and recruiting agencies.
  • The job of a Fashion Photographer never gets boring or redundant because of the diverse projects that are handed out by the organisations.

Cons of becoming a Fashion Photographer

  • Establishing oneself as a good fashion photographer and getting recruited at the best agencies is a strugglesome process. Individuals have to work very hard to get their big break.
  • Being a self employed fashion photographer will not be as rewarding unless the candidate has set a benchmark for himself and has gained popularity.

Paths for Being Fashion Photographer

FAQs about Fashion Photographer

What skills must be owned to be a Fashion Photographer?

The skills that a fashion photographer must own are good eye and artistic ability, superb artistic detail, ability to capture and set a certain mood, good communication skills, sound knowledge in photo editing, tech-savvy, team-work and time-management.

Name some popular Fashion Photographers in India?

Popular fashion photographers in India are Rid Burman, Suresh Natarajan, Vikram Bawa, Tarun Khiwal, Rohan Shrestha, Subi Samuel, Jatin Kampani, Arjun Mark, Avinash Gowariker, Dabboo Ratnani. These names are the inspiration for plenty of aspirants in the nation.

What are the top recruiting agencies that hire a Fashion Photographer?

Top recruiting agencies for a fashion photographer are Femina, Photographers Direct, Elle, Myntra, Vogue India, Lakme, Verve, Grazia, Tanishq etc.

Is being a Fashion Photographer a safe career choice?

Fashion is one of the most popular industries in India today and plenty of top brands and organisations are constantly hiring fashion photographers. The industry is expected to expand in coming years and so are the opportunities. Being a fashion photographer is a safe career choice as not only there are plenty of jobs in the market but also aspirants are being paid a decent amount for their skills.

What degrees can I pursue to be a successful Fashion Photographer?

To be a successful fashion photographer, possessing a degree is not a mandatory career path. An aspirant can be a fashion photographer after class 12th also. However, completing a diploma, certificate, bachelor's or master's in photography or fashion photography can lend an individual with adequate skills. Some top degrees that a candidate can pursue are PG Diploma in Professional Photography, BFA Photography, MFA Photography, Diploma in Fashion Photography, Diploma in Tabletop photography, BSc Film & Photography, Diploma in Photography & Videography etc.

How can I be a freelance Fashion Photographer?

To be a freelance fashion photographer it is important to come up with a business plan. Once done, an aspirant needs to select a platform to present his/her skills and work. Developing a portfolio and marketing the business are the next processes that are very crucial as only with a well-executed plan can skills of an individual reach out to organisations, brands, associations etc.

Can I be a Fashion Photographer after class 12th?

Yes, with the right set of skills and knowledge about the domain you can be a fashion photographer after class 12th.

What is the highest salary extracted by a Fashion Photographer?

The highest salary that a fashion photographer can extract depends on the skills and popularity of an individual. On average, the highest salary of a fashion photographer is Rs. 15,00,000/-.

Is work experience necessary to be a Fashion Photographer?

Work experience is not a compulsion to be a fashion photographer. However, individuals with work experience have better skills and knowledge of the field which increase their chances of getting selected in the top companies and associations.

What work does a Fashion Photographer do?

A fashion photographer might work with companies, associations or as a freelancer to highlight fashion products of the brands. Their duty is to bring out the artistic side of a product so that the viewer is encouraged to buy it.

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