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Last Updated On 20 Jun, 2020

How to Become a Wine Taster

About Wine Taster

A Wine Taster, also known as a Sommelier, is a person who checks a wine for its flavour, colour, smell, texture etc. Wine Tasters rely on their senses and taste buds in order to identify the various features of the wine and there is no scientific testing involved. Wine Tasters are considered to be an expert on wine and they have the knowledge of different types of wines, the ingredients used in the making of wine and the brewing process. Having this knowledge helps Wine Tasters to correctly identify the different qualities that wine might possess.

Since Wine Tasters build expert knowledge of wines with studies as well as experience, their feedback is valued and appreciated by wine lovers and wine brewers alike. Wine Tasters play an essential role in the hospitality industry as well as they can provide the best advice on wine-food pairings. The importance of this can be judged by the fact that this is even taught as a subject in most of the culinary courses for Chefs.

Wine Tasting often stems from a passion for the beverage that is loved by people from all around the world. Having a strong liking for wine is considered to be one of the most essential qualities for a person who wishes to go for a career as a Wine Taster. It is a glamorous career that offers excellent opportunities for fun, travelling, meeting new people while enjoying your favourite beverage.

Eligibility to become Wine Taster

Learning from a professional is essential if one wishes to make a career in the field of Wine Tasting. Aspirants who wish to take up this career must look for professional courses in Wine Tasting and ensure that they satisfy the eligibility requirements of these courses. Given below is the information about the courses you can pursue to become a Wine Taster.

  • Diploma in Wine Tasting: A course of 1-year or 6-months duration.

  • There are several Wine Tasting academies available in India that offer short-term courses in Wine Tasting. These courses are at most a month long.

  • One of the most widely recognized courses in Wine Tasting are the WSET (Wine Spirit & Education Trust) courses which are offered by approved institutes all around the world.

Educational Qualification Required: Usually, candidates who have completed class 12th are eligible to apply for these courses.

Age Limit: Candidates who wish to apply for these courses must be of legal drinking age.

Additionally, it is essential for Wine Tasters to get plenty of experience and practice in order to train their taste buds. Therefore, Wine Tasters regularly attend Wine Tasting sessions, which are conducted by established Sommeliers or Wine Tasting Institutes.

Types of Job Roles Wine Taster

Given below are the job roles that can be taken up by Wine Tasters.

  • Wine Writer

  • Wine Critic

  • Wine Journalist

  • Wine Lecturer

  • Sommelier etc.

As a part of their job roles, Wine Tasters are required to use their knowledge and experience in order to perceive the various features of a wine. Additionally, Wine Tasters are expected to explain their perception in simple terms to an audience that might not otherwise have any knowledge of wines.

Employment Sector/Industry for Wine Taster

The career opportunities for Wine Tasting are increasing in India but it is not as recognized or fully established a career as it is in many European countries. Most of the job opportunities for Wine Tasters arise from the Hospitality or the brewing industry. Since India does not have many wine breweries, the major career scope for wine tasters in India is in the hospitality industry only.

Given below are some of the top recruiting areas of Wine Tasters in India.

  • Hotels

  • Resorts

  • Restaurants (mostly Fine Dine)

  • Cruise Ships

  • Bars

  • Wine Tasting Institutes

  • Private Events etc.

Planning to choose Wine Taster as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Wine Taster

The salary details for a career in Wine Tasting have been given below.

  • The starting salary for a Wine Taster or Sommelier in India lies in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month.

  • Wine Tasters with good experience and working with high-end establishments can earn over Rs. 50,000 per month.

  • Wine Tasters can earn much higher salaries in career opportunities abroad.

  • Professionals who have experience with international projects can also demand much higher salaries in Wine Tasting.

Books & Study Material to Become Wine Taster





The New Wine Rules: A Genuinely Helpful Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Jon Bonne

Ten Speed Press

The Wine Bible

Karen MacNeil

Workman Publishing

Wine Folly: The Master Guide

Madeline Puckette


The Oxford Companion to Wine

Jancis Robinson


Wine A Tasting Course: Every Class in a Glass

Marnie Old


Pros of becoming a Wine Taster

  • It is a career that allows you to choose your passion.​

  • Offers chances of travelling and meeting new people.

  • The field has high earning potential.

Cons of becoming a Wine Taster

  • Not a fully-developed career in India.

  • Requires a lot of initial struggle and practice.

  • Getting into this career can be a bit expensive.

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FAQs about Wine Taster

Is there any entrance exam for Wine Tasting courses in India?

There is no entrance exam for wine tasting courses and anyone above the legal drinking age can sign up for these courses. However, you will need to pass the test or exam conducted by the institute in order to be certified as a Wine Taster.

How much is the fee for a Wine Tasting course?

The fee for Wine Tasting courses varies by the institutes. On average, Wine Tasting course fee is around Rs. 60,000 per month. However, since most of the courses last a couple of days or weeks, you may have to pay much less.

Is Wine Tasting a good career?

For people who are passionate about wine and have an interest in travelling, Wine Taster is one of the best career options available. The career is glamorous, offers good salaries and has plenty of career opportunities all around the world.

Which is the best country to study Wine Tasting?

France is considered to be one of the best countries for wine studies in the world. France is one of the largest wine producers in the world and dominates the market when it comes to famous brands of wine.

What is the average salary of a Wine Taster in India?

The average salary earned by a Wine Taster in India is appox. Rs. 4 LPA. Experienced professionals working as Master Sommeliers in India can earn salaries exceeding Rs. 10 - 12 LPA.

Is there any degree course for becoming a Wine Taster?

No. There is no particular degree course for Wine Tasting. However, many candidates go for a hotel management degree course such as BHM, BHMCT, BCTCA etc. to get into the career of Wine Tasting.

What are the best institutes for Wine Tasting courses in India?

Some of the best institutes offering Wine Tasting courses in India are Tulleeho Wine Academy, Indian Wine Academy, Institute for Wine and Beverage Studies (IWBS) etc.

How can I become a Wine Taster?

In order to become a Wine Taster, you will have to complete a Wine Tasting course from any of the approved institutes. Since Wine Tasting is a field that is closely associated with culinary preparation, many candidates go for a Wine Tasting course after they have completed a degree in Hotel Management or Culinary Arts but that is not essential.

How long does it take to become an experienced Wine Taster?

While the initial Wine Tasting course for Sommeliers is short-term and may even be finished in a couple of days, the journey to becoming a Master Sommelier can take years to complete. Experience and practice is vital in this career.

Who is a Wine Taster?

A Wine Taster is a person who suggests and serves wine at a restaurant or any other hospitality establishment. Basically, a Wine Taster is a waiter for wines.

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