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Importance of CAT 2023 Mock Test During Preparation

Nupur Kaushik
Nupur KaushikUpdated On: November 26, 2023 06:55 pm IST | CAT

The official  CAT 2023 Mock Test link was activated on the official website ( on November 23, 2023. MBA aspirants can find the importance of taking the CAT 2023 mock test here.

CAT 2023 Mock Test

Importance of CAT Mock Test During Preparation: CAT mock tests are an integral and invaluable component of your CAT preparation. IIM Lucknow has activated the CAT 2023 mock test links for different categories along with the CAT 2023 Mock Test Navigation Guide to help candidates access the online mock test and become familiar with the instructions, features, and procedures of the Computer-Based Test.
If you are appearing for the CAT 2023 exam, you must attempt at least 10-15 CAT 2023 Mock Test tests before the real exam to get an understanding of your preparation level. The questions asked in the mock test are generally taken from the CAT previous year question papers. These mock tests will give you an insight into the actual CAT syllabus 2023, exam pattern, and marking scheme. Moreover, you will be able to identify your weaker areas and can work on them to ensure you are all set to crack the CAT 2023 exam.

The CAT 2023 exam has been conducted by IIM Lucknow on November 26, 2023, in three slots in 155 test cities across India. More than 2 lakh candidates are expected to appear in the exam. With the number of CAT aspirants increasing every year, the competition to get admission into IIMs and other popular management colleges is on the rise. Candidates must leave no stone unturned to ensure they give their best performance on the day of the exam. Taking CAT Mock Tests is probably the most important aspect to feature on your checklist for CAT 2023 preparation. Read further to know everything about the importance of the CAT 2023 Mock Test.

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Official CAT 2023 Mock Test: Important Links

Candidates must check out the links related to the CAT 2023 mock test mentioned in the table below:

CAT 2020 Mock Test

What is CAT 2023 Mock Test?

Mock tests are useful learning resources for candidates preparing for the CAT 2023 exam. A mock test is a close replica of the actual CAT exam 2023, which gives you a fair idea of how to approach CAT 2023 question paper. It works like a practice test that you take before the exam day to become familiar with the exam pattern and the marking scheme. Also, you get an idea of the format and the type of questions to expect in the examination.

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CAT 2023 Official Mock Test: Key Features

The CAT mock test 2023 is the most reliable method of tracking performance and comparing your performance to that of other CAT applicants. The CAT mock exam 2023 must be approached by candidates in the same way as they would the CAT 2023 actual exam. The benefit of taking practice tests and mock exams is that you have several opportunities to switch up your exam strategy and see which one yields the best results. You must, however, always take the most recent mock exams, created using the most recent exam style and grading scheme. The CAT 2023 official sample test, which can be obtained on the CAT 2023 official website, is the most obvious option for CAT practice exams. Here is the test pattern followed by the CAT mock test 2023.



Types of Questions

MCQ and Non-MCQ (TITA)

Total Number of Questions


Exam Duration

2 hours (40 Minutes Per Section)

Total Marks


Examination Mode


Examination Language


Exam Charges

Free of Cost

MCQ Choices


Answer Status

  • Answered

  • Not Answered

  • Not Visited

  • Marked for Review

Other Features

Onscreen Calculator, Onscreen Timer

Why Take the CAT 2023 Mock Test?

CAT 2023 Mock Test will help you know the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. The best part of taking Mock Tests is that you get to know your strengths and weaknesses beforehand so that you can work on them accordingly. Besides this, there are many advantages to taking a CAT Mock Test paper, such as:

  • The mock test helps you become familiar with the exam pattern, which eventually builds up your speed and confidence to take the actual test later. You can become acquainted with the format of the questions, the topics included in the questions, and which areas are of greater importance than others by taking mock examinations. 
  • CAT is a time-bound exam with strict sectional time limits. Learning time management techniques is greatly aided by taking mock tests. A mock test allows you to see how much time you have to complete each section. 
  • Mock tests are a wonderful approach to familiarise yourself with the various types of CAT questions that you are likely to encounter in the CAT exam. You may begin to develop an understanding of how you can answer the questions in the least amount of time by taking frequent mock exams. 
  • It evaluates and assesses your overall performance over the course of your preparation. Mock tests provide a clear assessment of your current level of preparation. You can gauge your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus your efforts on areas that need improvement. 
  • Students may identify their areas of weakness and make improvements with the help of mock tests. To enhance their performance in the CAT exam, it is critical for students to recognize and address their areas of weakness.
  • It improves your accuracy in solving various types of questions, which is important for the actual exam. CAT mock tests are an excellent method to boost confidence before the real examination. They facilitate the identification of weak points and offer a realistic test-taking experience. You may find out what you need to improve on and prevent surprises on test day by taking a mock test.

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When to Take CAT 2023 Mock Test?

It is recommended that candidates should analyze their CAT 2023 preparation regularly to know their preparation level. They should try to solve at least 1 to 2 CAT Mock tests in a week. However, the frequency of giving mock tests for the CAT exam 2023 should be doubled when just two or three months are left for the exam.

Candidates are further advised to give a mock test before starting the preparation for the exam so that they can know the exam pattern and structure. Solving the CAT 2023 Mock Test regularly will also help candidates build the necessary mental stamina to sit in the exam for 120 minutes.

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How to Take CAT 2023 Mock Test?

The CAT 2023 Mock Test Navigation Guide provided above is extremely helpful in understanding how to take the mock test. Candidates can also check the following steps provided below to take CAT 2023 Mock Test:

  • Go to the official website of CAT 2023.

  • Click on the “CAT Mock Test 2023” tab

  • Enter your login details

  • You will be redirected to a page containing some instructions.

  • Read all the important instructions

  • Once done, click on the checkbox and Proceed

  • CAT 2023 Mock Test will then appear on the screen

Types of CAT 2023 Mock Tests

CAT 2023 Mock Tests are available in three different formats. You can either appear for Full-length Mocks, Topic-wise Mocks, or Sectional Mocks.

  • Full Lenght Mock Test: This type of Mock Test paper will cover all sections. The exam pattern of full-length mocks will be the same as that of the CAT exam. Candidates may appear for this type of mock test series once they have completed the whole syllabus.

  • Topic-Wise Mocks: This type of Mock Test paper is topic-specific. Candidates may select any topic for which they want to give the exam and then they can start answering the questions. This will allow the candidates to understand all types of questions that can be asked in the exam for that particular topic.

  • Sectional Mocks: Since the CAT exam is divided into three sections, this type of mock will help the candidates to analyze the performance for one particular section. The sessional mocks are beneficial for candidates who are not confident about any particular section.

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CAT 2023 Mock Test Marking Scheme

Since the CAT 2023 Mock Test is a replica of the actual CAT 2023 exam, they will follow the same marking scheme of CAT. As per the CAT exam pattern 2023, +3 marks will be awarded for each correct answer while one mark will be deducted for an incorrect answer. The marking scheme of the CAT Mock Test is provided below.

Type of Question

Correct Answer

Incorrect Answer




Non-MCQ or TITA Questions



CAT 2023 Mock Test Pattern

CAT 2023 mock test pattern will be similar to the CAT exam pattern. Here's the number of questions asked in every section and the time allotted to them:

CAT 2023 Section

No. of Questions

Time Duration

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension


40 Minutes

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning


40 Minutes

Quantitative Ability


40 Minutes 



120 Minutes

  • A total of 66 questions will be asked in the CAT exam.

  • The duration of the CAT paper will be 2 hours. No extra time will be allotted.

  • CAT will be divided into 3 sections namely Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (20 questions), Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (24 questions), and Quantitative Ability (22 questions).

  • The maximum time allotted for each section will be 40 minutes.

  • Candidates will not be allowed to switch between sections.

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How to Answer MCQs in CAT Mock Test 2023

The majority of the questions on the CAT 2023 and the official CAT mock test will be multiple-choice (MCQ) questions. Thus, it is crucial that aspirants know the correct method of using the CAT 2023 exam interface to answer the MCQs. Instructions on how to answer MCQs in the CAT mock 2023 are given below:

  • Candidates should select the correct answer bubble by clicking on the visible question number on the tray.

  • Candidates should only click on the “Save and Next” button if they are sure that their answer to a particular question is correct.

  • Candidates should click on the "Mark for Review and Next" button when they are unsure about their answer and wish to reconsider it later during the exam.

  • Answers will not be saved if candidates don’t select any option.

CAT Mock Test 2023: Important Guidelines

The CAT 2023 mock test performance reflects how well aspirants will perform in the actual CAT 2023 exam. Some important tips for candidates for the CAT mock test 2023 are given below:

  • Don’t spend too much time on a single question. Each question in the CAT exam 2023 should be ideally solved in three minutes.

  • Always double-check your answers before moving on to the next question.

  • Refrain from using the on-screen calculator for trivial calculations as they can be difficult to use. Practice doing mental maths for faster calculations and to save time during the CAT 2023 exam.

  • Before moving to the next section, check the status of all the questions on the right-hand side of the screen. Make sure all the questions are answered and no question is left un-attempted or “Marked For Review”.

  • Make sure to use the Scribble Pad provided during the CAT 2023 exam for complex calculations.

  • Stick to your pre-planned CAT exam 2023 strategy while answering the questions to avoid getting stuck.

Solving mock tests helps you target the loopholes in your exam preparation so that you take timely action to be better prepared for the exam day. Cracking CAT 2023 exam will not be a big deal if you stick to the right preparation strategy and some of the tips mentioned above. So, hit the bull’s eye, and give your best shot in CAT 2023!

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If you have any doubts, you can consult the experts on the CollegeDekho QnA Zone. Besides this, if you need any admission-related assistance, you can call our toll-free number 18005729877 or fill out the Common Application Form. Stay tuned with us for more informative articles!


What is the marking scheme followed during the CAT mock test?

The CAT mock test follows the same marking scheme that will be followed in the actual exam. This is one of the reasons why the CAT mock test is an important part of the CAT preparation of toppers, as it helps students become familiar with the marking scheme and strategize their approach to solving the CAT question paper. There are 66 total questions on the CAT exam. Each correct attempt is worth 3 marks, while the incorrect attempt earns -1 mark. No points are deducted for unanswered. Candidates must pick their questions carefully because of the negative marking system. They ought to skip the question if they are unsure of the right response rather than taking a chance.

How can I improve my CAT mock test scores?

Performing well in the CAT mock test is a good indicator of a solid preparation for the actual exam. However, in order to perform well in the CAT mock test, candidates will need to follow certain guidelines. Some important tips to ace the CAT mock test are as follows:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to study so that your mind is already crammed with information when you take the mock test.
  • Don't worry about answering all the questions correctly or finishing in under 60 minutes, especially if you have not completed the entire CAT syllabus.
  • It is okay to take some risks and attempt questions that you are unsure of during the CAT mock test.

What is the ideal number of CAT mock tests that candidates should attempt?

For aspirants to perform well on the exam and achieve a score above the 99th percentile, experts advise practicing at least 40 CAT mock tests. The majority of people who take the CAT exam complete up to 50 mock tests of various formats and levels of difficulty. CAT toppers have been known to attempt as many as 80 mock tests. One's accuracy in answering questions improves with increased CAT mock test attempts. The most crucial aspect of CAT preparation is taking mocks.

Is there a sectional time limit for the CAT mock test?

Yes, there is a 40-minute time limit for each section of the CAT exam. Candidates must finish the CAT exam in the allotted 40 minutes, which is the only time allowed for each section. The system automatically moves the candidate to the following section of the CAT exam when the time limit for a particular section is reached. Time management is therefore one of the most important components of the CAT exam. The CAT exam will penalize candidates who spend too much time on a particular question or section. The CAT exam has a two-hour, 120-minute time limit overall.

Is the exam pattern for the CAT mock test the same as the actual exam?

CAT mock tests are exact copies of the CAT exam. This is because the goal of the mock test is to get the candidate ready for a speed-based test that calls for rapid calculation and decision-making with 100% accuracy. Candidates must complete the same number of questions in the same amount of time on the CAT mock exam as the actual exam. This aids them in mastering the skill of answering 66 questions correctly and confidently in 120 minutes. The CAT mock test contains questions that are at least as challenging as the real exam.

When should candidates start solving the CAT mock test?

Candidates should ideally begin attempting the CAT mock tests after finishing the CAT syllabus. People who have taken the CAT before can jump right into solving mock tests. Their goal should be to evaluate whether or not they are performing better than last year. They can return to the topics that are challenging if they are not. As they do not have to start from scratch, they can study the chapters and take mocks simultaneously. Ideally, after the syllabus is finished, one CAT mock test should be solved every day.

What are the advantages of solving the CAT mock test?

Taking CAT mock tests can help aspirants increase their speed and accuracy when answering questions on the test paper. Additionally, it assists candidates in identifying areas that need improvement in their CAT preparation. The best exam preparation method is to practice sample questions. A mock test is even better because it teaches candidates how to correctly answer questions in a set amount of time. Taking practice CAT mock tests also gives aspirants a head start on exam day by letting them experience the setting of the real exam. Sectional CAT mock tests aid candidates in accurately timing themselves for each of the three CAT sections. They support the development of time management skills.

What are the best resources for CAT preparation?

Different types of candidates require different kinds of resources when preparing for the CAT exam. The fact that students will benefit from various preparation resources at various stages of their CAT preparation is also crucial to note. Since learning new concepts and topics is the main goal of students during this time, books and study materials are the best resources during the early stages of CAT preparation. The best way to prepare and review previously learned CAT topics as candidates approach the end of their CAT preparation will be through mock tests, sample papers, and previous year's question papers.

What are some of the important topics in the CAT syllabus?

Numerous subjects and concepts are covered in the CAT syllabus, most of which are fundamental ideas that students learn in school. However, because they are given more weight in the CAT syllabus, some topics are more significant than others. Algebra, Critical Reasoning, Linear Arrangements, Time-Speed-Distance, Allegation & Mixtures, Reading Comprehension, Geometry, Parajumbles, Graphs, Number Series, Matrix Arrangements, Blood Relationship Tests, Grammar, English Usage Errors, etc. are some of the most crucial subjects in the overall CAT syllabus. Because there are more questions on these topics in the CAT question paper and as a result, they will earn students more points, these topics are thought to be more crucial than others.

Which section of CAT is the most challenging?

The CAT exam is divided into three main sections: Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC).  However, candidates believe that the Quantitative Aptitude section is the most difficult of the three sections. Additionally, some candidates think that the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section is the longest and most difficult. However, the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section is the easiest part of the CAT exam in comparison to the other sections.

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-Sumit AntilUpdated on November 25, 2023 03:51 PM
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Puneet Hooda, Student / Alumni

Dear student, 

To be eligible for MBA admission in Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi CAT score is mandatory. Candidates who have qualified CAT are shortlisted for a personal interview. Based on cumilative peformance of candidates in CAT and personal interview, they are selected for Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi MBA admission. So, getting admission in MBA without any entrance exam is not possible.  


whats the fee structure for mba for two years

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Hello Shivani,

The fees for the MBA course at Nimbus Academy of Management is Rs 1 lakh per year. To get admitted you must have at least 50% in Graduation in any stream.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask for any more queries.


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mayank Uniyal, Student / Alumni

Dear Mansi, 

The admission department at Rawal Institutions shall guide you through the financial assistance process during the counselling process. There are several banks that offer loan facilities for MBA programmes with an interest rate between 11 to 14 per cent. Moreover, the Rawal Institutions scholarship scheme is also offered for meritorious students to complete their education. 

Hope this information was helpful!

Feel free to contact us for any more questions.   


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