Career as Dentist

Career as a Dentist

About Dentist

Dentist is a person who treats and prevents all the problems related to teeth, gums, oral cavity and other health problems affecting the mouth. The job of the dentists involves prevention and repair of the infected tooth, removing decays, filling cavities and making models for dental appliances. The specialists in the Dentist profession include Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontists, Endodontists and Prosthodontists.

Eligibility to become Dentist

To become a dentist candidate must have passed class 12th or equivalent examination with science stream in PCB - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Candidates must have also appeared for a national-level medical entrance exam like NEET-UG for admission to dental courses. NEET UG is a national level entrance test which is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA).

  • Candidates must have passed class 12th or equivalent examination with a minimum of 50% aggregate of reserved category and 40% for reserved category from a recognised board.
  • Must have a valid NEET UG score.
  • Candidates should be at least of 17 years of age to appear in the NEET UG exam and the upper age limit for the same is 25 years.

Types of Job Roles Dentist

After completing the required academic qualification in dentists, there are an ample number of dentists job profiles. Some of the popular dentist job profiles are listed below:

Orthodontists: Their job role is to study dental records, examine medical histories, design teeth model and to make patient's treatment plan. They correct the irregularities in the patient's teeth by putting devices or other dental appliances.

Oral Surgeons: They are responsible to correct facial deformities, perform complicated extractions, treating tumours and other abnormal growth in the gums and jaws and perform surgeries related to the mouth.

Periodontists: They are the specialised dentists who are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases such as gums and tissues which support teeth. They are also trained in performing cosmetic periodontal procedures.

Endodontists: Their job role is to study the tooth pulp and to treat the root canals. They specialise in root canals and treat the diseases of the dental pulp which includes blood vessels and nerves.

Pedodontists: They specialise in children’s dental treatment and care.

Prosthodontists: They construct oral prostheses to replace the missing teeth to repair the structures, correct acquired and natural deformation of jaws and mouth and to maintain a healthy oral function which include such as chewing and speaking.


Employment Opportunities for Dentists

Dentists can find a wide variety of employment opportunities in different types of workplaces. Listed below are the top picks:

  • Dental Departments
  • Nursing Homes
  • Dental Clinics
  • Health Departments
  • Dental Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Private Hospitals
  • Government Dental Departments
  • Dental Colleges
  • Public Sector Undertaking Dental Facilities

Note:- Many dentists even do private practice or set up their own dental clinics.


Top Recruiting Companies/Hospitals for Dentists:

Some of the leading super speciality hospitals that hire dentists are as follows:

  • Aspen Dental
  • Practo
  • Clovia Dental Clinic
  • FMS Dental Hospitals
  • Max Hospital
  • Fortis
  • Artemis

Pay Scale/Salary of Dentist

The salary of a dentist depends upon many factors such as one specialization in the dental field, academic and professional qualification, and experience. Check out the salary band of entry-level, mid-level and senior level dentists here:

Job Profile

Entry Level Salary per annum (in INR)

Mid-Level Salary per annum (in INR)

Senior-Level Salary per annum (in INR)


Rs.4,00,000- Rs.5,00,000

Rs. 5,00,000- Rs.10,00,000

Rs. 10,00,000 and above


Note- The above figures are an estimate and may vary from individual to individual and the type of job role he/she is involved in. Dentists who are involved in private practice and have their own clinics can charge fees as per their professional experience and expertise in the respective field.

Books & Study Material to Become Dentist

If you are aiming for a top dental college in the country, it is very important to choose the best books and study material as they are the most essential part of the preparation. Listed below are the medical books and study material that will help the candidates in the preparation of the entrance exam :

  • NCERT Books of Class 11th and 12th
  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma
  • Fundamental Physics by Pradeep
  • Objective Physics by DC Pandey
  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon
  • Practice Books by VK Jaiswal
  • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 Trueman
  • Pradeep Guide on Biology
  • Objective Botany by Ansari
  • Objective Biology by Dinesh

Pros of becoming a Dentist

  • One of the biggest advantages of becoming a dentist is that you will have a substantially high paying job. Dentistry is one of the highest paid careers in the medical field.
  • As compared to other doctors or other jobs in the medical field, dentists have flexible timings and can give appointments to patients according to their own convenience. They also get enough time for family and vacations.
  • Dentist as a profession is not like a regular 9 to 5 job. You get to face different challenges and situations with every patient which will not make your work monotonous and will keep your mind active.
  • One of the major pros of the dentistry profession is that dentists always have good job prospects. The demand for dentists continues to grow and because of the growing importance of oral hygiene, more and more people are seeking out the dental care.

Cons of becoming a Dentist

  • Dentists have a very long study duration. It takes 5 years to complete a BDS degree and an MDS degree can take up to 8 years.
  • Another disadvantage of becoming a dentist is that you will be working for long hours when you first start your career. An average dentist typically works 35 to 40 hours a week, but a dentist that is just starting out may have to work anywhere from 40 to over 60 hours a week to establish his or her new practice.
  • Dental colleges and institutes are very expensive and they charge a lot of fees.
  • The job of a dentist comes with high responsibility and along with it comes a lot of stress as you are responsible for someone’s health.
  • It is a customer service industry and it is very important to keep customers happy. Dentists face a lot of pressure to do their best job in a limited time frame and to keep the customers happy.

Paths for Being Dentist

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