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Career as Game Designer

Career as a Game Designer

About Game Designer

Game designers are the developers and designers of specialized software. A career as a Game Designer includes visualising, planning and designing the computer and video games. Game designers work with a team of professionals that helps in managing budget, project timelines, and work schedules. The duty of game designers is to design levels, puzzles, characters, storylines, animation, and art. They also use computer programming languages to write codes.

Game designing includes designing the structure for the game, its setting, and its layout. A game designer has to design easily maintainable, comfortable, expandable systems and has to regularly bring innovative game designing ideas to the plate. With the globalizing and ever-evolving world, games have come across a variety of formats and platforms like PC, console, mobile, virtual, and augmented reality. Such developments in the gaming industry demand for a game designer with a broad range of creative and technical skills to imagine, plan, test, develop and deliver an idea successfully

Eligibility to become Game Designer

An aspirant does not require a degree or diploma to become a game designer as numerous employers give more preference to experience and game knowledge. For becoming a game designer a candidate must have a certain set of skills which he/she can acquire after completing relevant courses like B.Sc in Graphics, Animation & Gaming, B. Tech in Computer Science and Game Development, BA in Digital Filmmaking & Animation, M.Sc in Multimedia and Animation, M.Sc in Game Design and Development, Advanced Diploma in Game Art & 3D Game Content Creation, Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Development Application, Certificate in Game Art & Design etc. Enlisted below are the minimum eligibility conditions required to become a game designer.

  • A bachelor’s degree in game design can be earned soon after completing class 12/intermediate successfully.
  • Game designers must possess a bachelor’s or diploma in game designing or a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering or other equivalent fields.
  • It requires no specific entry-level. Although if a candidate has an undergraduate degree he/she will be preferred more.
  • Candidates with a degree in engineering have an upper hand over other candidates. They have a better insight into the technical aspects of computer applications.
  • Various colleges offer different programmes specifically build for game design. Aspirants can opt for game design courses in order to enhance the skills required in the field of game designing.

Types of Job Roles Game Designer

The job roles of game designers are immense and diverse. An aspirant can either choose to become a freelancer or can work in a multinational company as well. Mentioned below are the possible job roles a game designer can go for.

Game Animator: They are the multimedia maestro. The responsibility of a game animator is to combine technology with art and imagination to create interactive animated images.

Game Audio Engineer: The role of a game audio engineer is to comprehend the essence of the game and blend dynamic audio to bring life to the world of games. They work on mixing ambient sounds with dynamic sound effects and background music of the game.

Game Designer: Duty of a game designer is to build levels, characters, puzzles, animation and art. You are expected to bring ideas to the table, create interactive narration, build prototypes and develop the mechanism of the game.

Game Programmer: Often considered as computer scientists and a brilliant software engineer, a game programmer uses codes to create the programme that smartphones, computer or video games system can read. They pick out the coding language that best suits the gaming platform. 

Creative Game Director: Often the creator of the game concept, a creative game director needs to ensure that the video game project looks perfect in all the aspects. They are in charge of the overall vision of the project.

Game Artist: A game artist is responsible for all the aspects of game development that require visual art. They create 2D or 3D art form for the visual elements of the game.

Game Marketer/PR: A game marketer/PR has a pivotal role in the process. They have the duty of delivering the developer’s message and making sure that it has been taken well by the public.

QA Game Tester: Once the final submission has been done, approval is required by the QA game tester. They have to make sure that all the bugs, mistakes are getting fixed and the game is working properly.

Game System Designer: A game system designer works hand in hand with producers, programmers and other domains within the game design to develop game functions.

Responsibilities of a Game Designer

Those wondering "What do Game Designers do?" can read below:

  • Construct level structure

  • storyboard the action of the game

  • Write character bios, storyline, plot points, dialogue, game objective

  • Develop and design the original concept

  • Direct action sequences

  • Develop early prototypes

  • Define user interface, controls and menus

  • Generate the GDD (Game Design Document)

  • Lead the development process

  • Decide on the platforms and devices on which the game is to be played

  • Conceive every gaming element including settings, rules, objects, weapons, vehicles, flora, fauna, etc, 

  • Produce sound effects, musical score, dialogue, sound edit and sound mix

Employment Sector/Industry for Game Designer

Games are the best medium of recreation. With time, gaming industries are developing and are gaining popularity. At present, games are being wildly used to across a broad range of industries including fitness, education and healthcare. Captured below are the sectors where you can find employment Opportunities for a game designer.

  • Broadcasting companies
  • Creative agencies
  • Advertising firms
  • Computing and electronics organisations
  • Esports associations
  • Education providers and education resource suppliers
  • Hardware and software distributors
  • Event organisers
  • PR, communications and marketing firms
  • Hardware and software distributors
  • Trade and retail organisations.
  • Software developers

Top Recruiting Agencies for a Game Designer

Multiple companies ardently require skilled and proficient game designers across the nation. Mentioned below are the name of some popular top recruiting agencies for game designers.

  • 2 Pi Interactive, Hyderabad
  • Apar Games, Mumbai
  • 99Games, Karnataka
  • CreatioSoft, Noida
  • Games2win, Mumbai
  • Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore
  • GSN Games, India
  • Geek Mentor Studios, Noida

Planning to choose Game Designer as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Game Designer

The salary of Game Designers varies from profession to profession. It also depends on the individual’s abilities. The more the experience and skills, the better is the salary of game designers. Mentioned below are the pay scale or salary structure as per the profession.

Job Profile

Starting Level Salary

Medium Level Salary

Senior Level Salary

Game Animator

INR 2,28,000

INR 3,60,000

INR 16,00,000

Game Audio Engineer

INR 1,18,000

INR 3,63,927

INR 18,00,000

Game Designer

INR 2,00,000

INR 5,03,628

INR 10,00,000

Game Programmer

INR 3,50,000

INR 4,25,000

INR 24,00,000

Creative Game Director

INR 1,20,000

INR 9,00,000

INR 30,62,000

Game Artist

INR 3,00,000

INR 5,50,000

INR 9,00,000

Game Marketer/PR

INR 4,00,000

INR 7,87,500

INR 11,30,000

QA Game Tester

INR 2,55,663

INR 5,00,000

INR 10,00,000

Game System Designer

INR 3,50,000

INR 5,00,000

INR 10,00,000

Note: The above figure depends on company to company and individual to individual. They are subject to change.

Books & Study Material to Become Game Designer

There is no such entrance exam specific to the profile of the Game Designer. Although some colleges conduct entrance examination for admission to the college, candidates can also refer to the following mentioned books in order to deepen their understanding of the field.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Games by Ian Millington and John Funge
  • Level Up!: The Guide To Great Video Game Design by Scot Rogers
  • Game Theory: An Introduction by Steve Tadelis
  • Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory
  • The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses by Jesse Schell

Pros of becoming a Game Designer

  • No hard and fast rule on the required qualification. You can be a game designer if you have the right traits. Any relevant degree would just act like a cherry on the top.
  • A game designer builds a world of imagination and creativity. It fuels your passion for work.
  • It is mentally stimulating as it is different with each project.
  • The industry is spreading rapidly. It has an ample amount of opportunity and good work for the aspirants. 
  • Get to work with other dedicated, creative and enthusiastic people. Not only lifts the work environment but also provide a lot of new things to learn.

Cons of becoming a Game Designer

  • Working tirelessly to meet the deadline can lead to stress or it may take a toll on their personal life.
  • Game designers work for long hours in front of a computer. It can be hard on the back and eyes.
  • With a climb in the requirements of game designers, the industry encounters cutthroat competition. Lots of challenges and competition is in the platter if you are willing to move forward with this career.
  • Game designers deal with crunch time. They are required to strictly complete their project before the deadline as the release of the project is entirely on the company’s hands.

Paths for Being Game Designer

FAQs about Game Designer

Name the top recruiting companies for a game designer?

Top companies constantly looking out for game designers are 2 Pi Interactive, Hyderabad, 99Games, Karnataka, Apar Games, Mumbai, Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore, Games2win, Mumbai, Geek Mentor Studios, Noida etc.

Do game designers and animation designers have the same job profiles?

No, game designer and animation designer are two separate job profiles. The former one is responsible for designing the storylines, characters and gameplay, while the latter one focuses on creating visual effects.

What is the difference between a game designer and a game developer?

The basic difference between a game designer and a game developer is that a game designer curates or designs the layout or storyline of the project while the game developer converts those ideas and designs into a final product. The game designer is responsible to create an initial framework whereas the game developer converts it into an actual game.

What are the alternative career choices for a game designer?

An aspirant willing to be a game designer can also explore other careers such as game animator, game audio engineer, game programmer, game artist, creative game designer, QA game tester, game system designer etc.

Is coding important for a game designer?

Coding is not the whole sole requirement for a game designer but an applicant must have an understanding of it. An aspirant is required to possess an understanding of programming languages, 3D modelling programs and software programs in order to be a successful game designer.

How much does a game designer earn?

The starting salary of a game designer is INR 2,00,00 per annum and it goes up to INR 10,00,000 per annum.

Name some skills that are required to be a game designer?

To become a game designer an aspirant must be creative, innovate, tech-savvy, adaptable, analytical and great with communication skills. Also, the person must be a good storyteller and should know how to manage time.

How to become a game designer after class 12th?

To become a game designer, a degree or a diploma is not a compulsion after class 12th. An aspirant can directly become a game designer if he/she possesses the right skills, experience and knowledge related to the field. However, pursuing undergraduate, diploma or certificate courses provide better career opportunities to the aspirant.

What degree is required to be a game designer?

There is no hard and fast rule associated with the educational qualification of a game designer. An aspirant can pursue a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in game design to enhance his/her knowledge or to widen his/her career opportunities.

What does a game designer do?

A game designer is responsible for designing stories through games. They create characters, storylines, scenarios, plots, user interfaces etc and make the concept of layout and gameplay come alive.

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