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Career as Medical Laboratory Technologist

Career as a Medical Laboratory Technologist

About Medical Laboratory Technologist

A Medical Lab Technologist deals with performing complex tests for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The job of a medical laboratory technician is of extreme value in the healthcare sector. Medical lab techs work in laboratory settings with equipment to record data and then finally conclude a result. 

The major part of her/ his job role is to work with high-end equipment to collect samples, operate machines and organise specimen to mechanically analyse samples. A professional in the field of medical lab technology also works on organising standard solutions that include measuring and mixing of the correct amount of different chemicals to be used in the lab.  

Eligibility to become Medical Laboratory Technologist

To become a professional in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology, one must hold a relevant degree or diploma. You are also required to possess a set of skills that are essential for job roles. 

Subject Combination: Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) or Physics, Biotechnology, Biology or Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (PCMB).

Entrance Exams: Manipal University Entrance Test, Jamia Hamdard Entrance Test, Amity University Entrance Test & Interview, CPNET, etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • For Undergraduate courses, candidates must have completed class 12 with Science stream (Biology) from a recognised board. 

  • For Postgraduate courses, candidates are required to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree or a diploma. 

  • The eligibility for Diploma courses is the same as that of undergraduate courses.   

Key Skills:

  • Methodical in work

  • Adept in handling delicate lab equipment

  • Analytical and precise

  • Interest in medicine, technology and science

  • Ability to use computers

  • Comfortable with learning new technologies

  • Finishing tasks with speed and accuracy

Types of Job Roles Medical Laboratory Technologist

Medical Lab Technicians in India have a whole variety of employment areas that they can explore to work. Depending upon the specialisations, their job roles and profiles change. From X-ray labs to pharmaceutical companies, an MLT degree/ diploma holder can try her/ his hands on a number of roles. 

CT Scan Technicians:

A CT scan technician uses Computerised Tomography (CT) scanners and produces cross-sectional images of a patients’ internal organs to diagnose medical issues. 

Anaesthesia Technicians:

Anaesthesia technicians help anesthesiologists or other medical staff by assisting them in cleaning, maintaining and preparing anaesthesia equipment to be used in a surgical procedure.

MRI Technicians:

MRI technicians run MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners at diagnostic facilities and hospitals. The technicians work directly with patients and educate them on what to excerpt from the results. They also give drugs to patients to provide better contrast on scanned images. 

X-Ray Technicians/ X-Ray Technologists:

X-Ray Technicians or X-Ray Technologists work on imaging methods using cutting-edge technology to visualise the inside of a human body. Pictures created by them help physicians in diagnosing and treating injuries or illness with great accuracy.

Operation Theatre Technicians:

An OT technician maintains and prepares operation theatre and related equipment. They also assist anaesthetic and surgical teams during operations and provide support to recovering patients. 

Pathology Technicians:

A Pathology Technician performs lab tests on body cells, tissues and fluids to arrive at diagnoses by assisting pathologists. This job role includes working with tests, procedures, chemicals and lab machinery to analyse biological samples. 

Orthopaedic Technicians/ Plaster Technicians:

An Orthopaedic Technician applies casts to a patient’s limbs or other fractured body parts. They also apply splints and braces, as per the requirements. Their service may be required to remedy an orthopaedic condition, after an accident or a surgery.

Employment Opportunities for Medical Lab Technologists

As stated above, a medical lab technician can explore a number of employment areas. Some of the examples are listed below. 

  • Hospitals

  • Independent medical testing labs

  • Colleges 

  • Serology

  • Drug Efficacy Testing

  • Blood Sample Matching

  • Parasitology  

  • Coagulation

  • Urine Analysis

  • Phlebotomy

  • Cytotechnology (the study of human tissue)

  • Microbiology (the study of bacteria and other disease organisms)

  • Immunology (the study of the immune system)

  • Haematology (blood-related)

  • Clinical Chemistry (chemical analysis of body fluids)

  • Blood banking

Top Recruiters for a Medical Lab Technologist

Some of the leading organisations or hospitals recruiting medical lab technologists are:

  • Forensic Science Laboratory

  • AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)

  • Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Delhi

  • Apollo

  • Max

  • Fortis

  • Columbia Asia Referral Hospital

  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital

  • Lilavati Hospital (Mumbai)

  • Manipal Hospital

Employment Sector/Industry for Medical Laboratory Technologist

Although the work description of a Medical Lab Technician depends on the specialised field she/ he working in, there are a few common tasks that a professional in this field will find herself/ himself doing. 

  • Collecting samples

  • Preparing solutions

  • Examining cells

  • Preparing reagents

  • Analysing data and test results

  • Operating, cleaning and adjusting lab equipment

  • Reporting and discussing test results with doctors or other professionals

  • Crafting charts, graphs and reports

Planning to choose Medical Laboratory Technologist as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Medical Laboratory Technologist

The following table shows how much does a Medical Lab Technologist earn

Salary Range

INR 1.17 LPA to INR 5.5 LPA

Minimum Salary

INR 1.17 LPA

Average/ Median Salary


Highest Salary


Books & Study Material to Become Medical Laboratory Technologist

Here are some of the preparation books and study material for Medical Lab Technology that aspirants can refer to. 

  • Textbooks of Medical Lab Technology - Mrinalini Sant

  • MLT Exam Study Guide - Createspace Independent Pub

  • MLT Exam Secrets Study Guide - Mometrix Test Preparation 

  • Essential Pathology Book 

  • MCQs in Medical Laboratory Technology - Ramnik Sood

Pros of becoming a Medical Laboratory Technologist

Vacancy: As per a survey conducted in 2015, India has a shortage of professionals in the paramedical field including X-ray technicians, Radiologists, etc. This opens up a lot of employment opportunities for aspirants.

Increase in the Numbers: According to the official surveys, the medical lab technology jobs are projected to increase by at least 18 per cent on a national average. 

Respect: A worker in the healthcare industry works towards making patients’ lives better by dragging them out of their misery. This does not only make other people respect them but they feel respect for themselves as well. In a sense, it is a very rewarding career.

Cons of becoming a Medical Laboratory Technologist

Remuneration: In the initial stages of a medical lab technician, candidates each a low package that ranges from INR 8,000 to INR 16,000. 

Exposed to Risk: A professional in this field works closely with heavy machinery, radiation and infectious material that mitigate the risk of coming in contact with harmful substances or catching a disease. 

Undefined Working Hours: If a person is working in a hospital that is open 24/7, she/ he may be required to work overnights or on weekends or holidays.

Paths for Being Medical Laboratory Technologist

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