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Career as Interior Architect

Career as a Interior Architect

About Interior Architect

The role of an interior architect is to design spaces and places considering both the aesthetic and functionality of building interiors. An interior architect is not only limited to making a room or building attractive. They also go about understanding the structure of the building in order to make it functional and safe. It is the responsibility of an interior architect to draft plans to create or refinish spaces, keeping the taste of their client in mind. They comprehend the importance of durability and strength of materials along with skilful use of colour, light and textures in a space.

Interior architects must have the ability to be creative and rational at the same time. They must possess the right qualifications and skill set to see great heights in their career path. An interior architect is involved in the remodelling or building process from start to finish. From the placement of walls to positioning of electrical systems, an interior architect suggests and recommends everything to the client.

Eligibility to become Interior Architect

Being an interior architect is not an easy task. It requires apt qualifications and skills to do well and succeed in the field. Check out the basic eligibility criteria required to become an interior architect.

  • Candidates must have completed class 12th or HSC from a recognized educational board with a minimum aggregate of 50% marks.

  • The aspirant must have completed a valid undergraduate course in architecture, interior designing or interior architecture.

  • Possessing a postgraduate degree in the equivalent filed provides an upper hand as it makes a candidate much more capable and knowledgeable.

  • It is very crucial that the candidate has the right kind of skill set as without it not even educational qualifications can come to the rescue.

  • Certain certifications and diploma might come in handy. They not only polish the skills but also lends new ones to the candidates.

Types of Job Roles Interior Architect

Interior architects can avail of various job opportunities across the nation. As the field of design is seeing a spike so is the demand for skilful professionals. Captured below are some of the job roles you can consider as an interior architect.

Interior Designer: An interior designer works to make indoor space beautiful and safe. They increase the aesthetic appeal of the space by selecting essentials and decorative items.

Interior Architect: The duty of an interior architect is to keep an eye and look after all the processes and elements associated with interior designing.

Interior and Spatial Designer: They are responsible for designing and renovating spaces and internal areas. From lighting, colouring, furnishings to fitting and structural alteration, they are involved in every process.

Visual Merchandiser: The duty of a visual merchandiser is to formulate interesting and innovative designs for the retail outlet’s visual display. They attract the customers towards the shop by making the visuals appealing.

Interior Styling and Experience Designer: Focused on conceptualizing, interior styling and experience designer use technology and creativity to enhance a space.

Set Designer and Scenography Designer: As suggested by the name, a set designer or a scenography designer aims at creating theatrical, film or television scenery. They prepare spaces such that they complement the storyline or theme of the project.

Exhibition Designer: A designer of this profile works on exhibition and large projects on a commercial basis. They create fixtures, layout and displays in order to convey the message of the client.

Employment Opportunities for Interior Architect

With the building of new spaces every day, the need for an interior architect is also at a surge point. Check out the fields mentioned below where an interior architect can look out for employment opportunities.

  • Retailers

  • Architectural Firms

  • Designing Consultancies

  • Corporate Businesses

  • Interior Design Companies

  • Construction Companies

  • Event Management Companies

  • Set Designing Companies (for Theatre, TV or Film)

  • Exhibition Centres

  • Building Safety

  • Residential Areas

Top Recruiting Companies for Interior Architect

Captured below are some of the top recruiting companies you can apply for in order to be a successful interior architect.

  • Acropolis

  • Interia

  • Livspace

  • Effervescent Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  • Urban Ladder

  • Tag Concepts

  • Films Factory

  • Homelane

  • Inch

  • Bonito Designs

  • Sahara Group

  • Larsen & Toubro

  • Jindals

  • VSA Space Design (P) Ltd.

  • DLF

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Pay Scale/Salary of Interior Architect

Displayed below in a tabular format is the pay scale or salary associated with different profiles of an interior architect.

Job Profile

Starting Salary per Annum (in INR)

Mid Level Salary per Annum (in INR)

Senior Level Salary per Annum (INR)

Interior Designer




Interior Architect


Interior and Spatial Designer




Visual Merchandiser




Interior Styling and Experience Designer




Set Design and Scenography Designer




Exhibition Designer




Books & Study Material to Become Interior Architect

The learning process for interior architects never stops. They have to stay updated and aware of the trends, designs and technologies all the time in order to stay top of their game. Go through the books mentioned below in order to gain the apt skills and knowledge to become an interior architect.

  • The Fundamentals of Interior Architecture by John Coles and Naomi House

  • Spatial Strategies for Interior Design by Ian Higgins

  • Architect's Guidebook For Competitive Exams by Ar. Swapnil Vidhate 

  • Architectural Models: Construction Techniques by Wolfgang Knoll, Cengage

  • Interior design illustrated by Frank Ching

  • Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design by Stephanie Travis

Pros of becoming a Interior Architect

  • You get to work creatively and have not boundation on your imaginative thoughts. The job turns your unique thoughts into reality.

  • You get to communicate with lots of people and know their insight. It expands your network and connections that might come in handy in the future.

  • A good interior architect earns a lot of money doing what he/she does the best. 

  • The job of an interior architect does not turn monotonous, It is filled with new challenges every day.

Cons of becoming a Interior Architect

  • The interior architects require manpower and resources to execute their imagination and ideas. They cannot implement their ideas by themselves.

  • The field has intense competition and many people are aspiring to take up your position.

  • You always have to be creative and logical towards your approach. It might exhaust your brain a lot.

  • Every single project takes up a lot of time to finalise. An interior architect requires energy and patience.

Paths for Being Interior Architect

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