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Career as Corporate Trainer

Career as a Corporate Trainer

About Corporate Trainer

In today's shifting and evolving market, businesses have to constantly keep themselves updated to stay relevant and valuable. This not only includes updating technology and knowledge-base but one of the most important resources for any business -- its workforce or human resource. A business that has an updated and skilled human resource is more productive, efficient and can grow at a much faster pace than its competition. Hence, many corporations arrange for training to update the skills and knowledge of their employees on a timely basis. This is where the role of a Corporate Trainer comes in.

A Corporate Trainer is a person who provides training to the employees or workforce of a corporation. It is a role that has been increasing in relevancy as well as demand. A corporate trainer helps in the growth of employees by imparting relevant skills and educating employees regarding the updated practices in any relevant field. The trainer might undertake workshops to help develop a new skill or update existing skills. A corporate trainer can help in the career growth of people, which in turn can help businesses perform better.

Going for a career as a corporate trainer can be said to be an unconventional choice mostly because there is no established educational pathway towards this career. The career, however, is suitable for a candidate who has had a decent amount of experience in their field. Candidates interested in going for a corporate trainer role are also required to have good public speaking skills and often have to rely heavily on their networking skills. There are very few, if any, full-time career opportunities in this field. At the same time, the career promises freedom from a fixed schedule and good learning opportunities.

Eligibility to become Corporate Trainer

There is no defined eligibility for becoming a corporate trainer. The field, however, does require a candidate to have a good knowledge of their subject along with other skills to become successful. However, here are some basic requirements that a corporate trainer must ideally have.

  • A bachelor's degree in the related stream.
  • A master's degree can further increase the skills and value of a corporate trainer.

Some professionals corporate trainers have also started their career from working in a corporate role themselves. There are a number of corporate trainer certificate courses, which many professionals go fro after 4 - 5 years of work experience.

Types of Job Roles Corporate Trainer

The job of a corporate trainer is simply to educate the employees in a business environment on fixed skills. This is done by organizing workshops, orientation sessions or classrooms for employees in a business organization. Depending upon their subject of choice, there can be different types of corporate trainers such as:

  • Personality Development Trainers

  • Soft Skill Trainers

  • Software Training

  • Knowledge Building etc.

Employment Sector/Industry for Corporate Trainer

The major area of recruitment for corporate trainers is private businesses and organizations. Training workshops not only help in the growth of the employees but also have a positive effect on their happiness, mental health and overall job satisfaction. India being a developing economy with an emerging startup culture and growing private sector, it has plenty of career opportunities for corporate trainers. Plus, job opportunities are expected to grow in this field every year.

Corporate trainers satisfy an increasing demand for skill development in India. Plus, fields such as corporate trainer that are in their beginner stages have good opportunities for experimentation and provide a unique opportunity for professionals to carve out their own career pathway. Corporate trainers are mostly self-employed and work on a contractual basis with companies. There is also scope for providing classroom training or providing online courses.

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Pay Scale/Salary of Corporate Trainer

The salary details of a corporate trainer can be found below. It must be noted, however, that the earnings in this field heavily depend on a candidate's skill as well as their networking capabilities.

  • In the starting phase, the earnings for a corporate Trainer can be a bit low. The starting salary of a corporate trainer can be around Rs. 2 - 3 LPA.
  • On average, a corporate Trainer makes around Rs. 4.5 LPA.

  • The salary for experienced corporate trainers can range from around Rs. 6 - 7 LPA.

  • Veterans in this field can make over Rs. 20 LPA.

Books & Study Material to Become Corporate Trainer

Confessions of a Corporate TrainerJonathan HallsATD Press
Train the Trainer: The Art of Training DeliverySkills ConvergedCreatespace Independent Pub
Telling Ain't TrainingHarold D. Stolowitch, Erica J. KeepsVIVA Books
Employee Training and DevelopmentRaymond A. Noe, Amitabh Deo KodwaniMcGraw Hill Education
The Art and Science of TrainingElaine BiechAssociation for Talent Development

Pros of becoming a Corporate Trainer

  • Good field for those who are interested in education and learning.

  • A self-made career with unlimited learning potential.

  • Good networking opportunities.

Cons of becoming a Corporate Trainer

  • May not be the perfect career choice for many candidates.
  • Career poses uncertainties and demand might vary.

  • Different jobs may require frequent travelling.

Paths for Being Corporate Trainer

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