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Career as Garment Technologist

Career as a Garment Technologist

About Garment Technologist

A garment technologist is the one who works through all the stages of garment development. The responsibility of a garment technologist is to plant ideas, give advice and suggest changes. Good garment technologists ensure the correct fit and performance of a garment. They look after each and every stage of garment production for instance garment production, garment designing, production and manufacturing. It is crucial for a garment technologist to be creative and critical at the same time. They must have the right qualifications and good work experience in the garment industry.

Garment technologists participate in almost all the processes pertaining to garment manufacturing. They select the materials and also indulge in liaising with designers and companies for the feedback. A garment technologist also builds up a good working relationship with suppliers. With the right set of skills, qualification and experience an aspirant can easily make it as a garment technologist and can build a successful career in the same domain.

Eligibility to become Garment Technologist

To become a successful garment technologist an aspirant must meet the basic requirements. Check out the eligibility criteria mentioned below that you must satisfy to become a Garment Technologist.

  • The candidate must have completed class 12th or HSC from a recognised board of education.

  • It is essential to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in garment technology, fashion design, fashion management or their equivalent course.

  • With a master’s degree, a candidate gets access to more job opportunities.

  • The basic skills of analytical thinking, eye to details, communication skills, creative skills and management skills should be prevailing in the candidate.

Types of Job Roles Garment Technologist

Check out the type of job roles a garment technologist can search for after entering the battleground.

Apparel Designer: An apparel designer conceptualise an idea and design items of clothing accordingly.

Garment Technologist: A garment technologist is involved in all the garment manufacturing stages. The basic responsibilities are to suggest ideas and changes so that the final product is free of errors.

Apparel Quality Controller: An apparel quality controller is responsible for the quality standards of apparel since the start. It is the duty of an apparel quality controller to look after the quality of the garment since sourcing the raw materials to finishing it.

Pattern Maker: They either design the pattern for garments through freehand or through CAD software. Through the knowledge of fabrics, sewing skills and alterations, a pattern maker designs the pattern on a garment.

Fashion Trend Forecaster: A fashion trend forecaster predicts the prevalent trends and looks at the upcoming ones. They predict the success of the style before it even gets released.

Grader: A grader working in the fashion industry is involved with pattern grading, garment costing, liaising with overseas factories and designers.

Retail Buyer: A retail buyer keeps an eye on current inventory, supply chain, sales trends and customer needs when deciding what to buy and sell through their company. They keep a track of expenditures, inventory and deliveries.

Employment Opportunities for Garment Technologist

Captured here are the employment opportunities a garment technologist come across after finishing the education.

  • Fashion Industry

  • Media Houses

  • Designer Stores

  • Production Houses

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Jewellery Houses

  • Sports

  • Freelancer

Top Recruiting Companies for Garment Technologist

Find out the top recruiting companies that hire garment technologists and their related profiles mentioned below.

  • ITC Wills Lifestyle

  • Allen Solly

  • Levis

  • Pantaloons

  • Louis Phillipe

  • Provogue

  • Mufti

  • Raymond

  • BIBA

  • Park Avenue

  • Peter England

Planning to choose Garment Technologist as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Garment Technologist

Displayed below in a tabulated format is the salary a garment technologist and its similar profile extract after entering the professional world.

Job Profile

Starting Salary per Annum (in INR)

Mid Level Salary per Annum (in INR)

Senior Level Salary per Annum (in INR)

Apparel Designer




Garment Technologist




Apparel Quality Controller




Pattern Maker




Fashion Trend Forecaster








Retail Buyer




Note: The salary mentioned above varies from person to person and organisation to organisation. It is liable for any changes.

Books & Study Material to Become Garment Technologist

An aspirant is required to keep his/her knowledge up to date in order to taste success as a garment technologist. Check out the books you can consider in order to polish your skills and expand your knowledge.

  • Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology by Gerry Cooklin

  • Garment technology for fashion designers by Gerry Cooklin

  • Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology by J. McCann and D. Bryson

  • Manikins for Textile Evaluation Edited by Rajkishore Nayak and Rajiv Padhye

  • Carr and Latham's Technology of Clothing Manufacture Revised by David J. Tyler

Pros of becoming a Garment Technologist

  • As a garment technologist, your ideas and opinions are given weightage and are considered sincerely.

  • A garment technologist has a variety of processes to look after which never makes the job boring or monotonous.

  • With a good understanding of manufacturing capabilities and techniques, an individual can grow profoundly in the field of the garment.

Cons of becoming a Garment Technologist

  • Having too many processes to look after makes the work of a garment technologist chaotic and he/she always have to be on the toes.

  • A garment technologist is responsible for quality as well as quantity of the product which makes even a minute mistake a big deal.

  • It requires a proper understanding of the processes involved in garment manufacturing. You cannot see much growth in your career as a garment technologist if you lack the will to learn new things and accept new challenges.

Paths for Being Garment Technologist

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