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Career as Pomologist

Last Updated On 11 Jun, 2020

How to Become a Pomologist

About Pomologist

A pomologist is a professional who is responsible to ensure the proper growth and breeding of fruits, nuts and trees and plants that bear fruits. They are usually found working in orchards,  farms and laboratories.

A Pomologist studies various stages of fruit development and applies knowledge for effective fruit production. They have a good understanding of the physical and chemical properties of fruits and trees that bear it. 

Pomologist who works as a scientist is specialised in plant genetics, maturation and pollination. They ensure the best yield of fruits in a specific area and have good knowledge of climatology which is an essential factor for the growth of plants. 

Plant transplantation, soil analysis and treatment, pruning and fruit nutrition are the other specialised knowledge of a Pomologist.

Eligibility to become Pomologist

The academic qualification to become a Pomologist is given below: 

  • After Class 12th (Science), the candidate must pursue a bachelor’s degree in horticulturebotany,  agricultural science or equivalent.
  • Those who want to pursue a career as a scientist or researcher in fruits must pursue  M.Sc in Pomology followed by a Ph.D in Pomology.

Career Path

While a relevant bachelors degree would provide an entry-level job to candidates, a postgraduate and doctorate level degree provides better career opportunities in the field of pomology 

After acquiring a relevant degree, an individual can apply for job roles in fruit production industries, the agriculture sector or private organisations. Based on skills and acquired knowledge a Pomologist can expect jobs in the field of fruit cultivation and research and development.

Types of Job Roles Pomologist

A pomologist has various job responsibilities which depends on his/ her academic qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience. Various job roles of a  Pomologist is explained below: 

Pomology Agriculture Supervisor

 Pomology Agriculture Supervisors supervises and coordinate activities fruit crop plantation and the workers.

They assign duties like cultivation, irrigation, harvesting, packaging and equipment usage. They act as trainers for workers and guide them with techniques related to planting, harvesting, insect, pest and weed control. They analyse soil and climatic conditions to create plans and procure for plantation. 

Fruit Scientist

Pomology Scientist are experts who apply their skills to improve the production of the fruit crop. They also studies the genetical structure of fruit crops to explore the internal structure. They play a major role in the treatment of crops fruit disease and provide solutions for the treatment  Most Pomology Scientist work in Agricultural Institutes Like ICAR, Research centres and laboratories for various research activities. 

Pomology Technician 

A Pomology Technician works in coordination with the Pomology Scientist to provide any technical guidance or assistance. 

As the research work requires the usage of tools, technologies and modern techniques  Pomology Technician plays a vital role in scientific research related to fruit plants. 

Pomology Professor/ Lecturer

A Pomology Professor/ Lecturer is hired at an Agriculture University or College as they have relevant skills and knowledge who would guide students. 

Sometimes, a  Pomologist also visits a college as guest faculty. 

Fruit Grower/ Fruit Farmer  

 A Pomologist can also be self- employed.  He can set up his own orchid and grown, produce and sell fruits. They directly connect with fruit seller of wholesale market to sell fruits 

Employment Sector/Industry for Pomologist

Pomologist has plenty of career opportunities in a domain of fruit production sector. Following is the list of organisation or sector where a Pomologist can get a job:

  • Agricultural Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Vineyard
  • Research Institutes 
  • Orchards
  • Laboratories 
  • Greenhouse

Top Recruiting Companies/ Agencies/ Organizations

A Pomolosgist has a good career scope in government organisation. They can also work in a private organisation and even get self-employed. Some of the leading recruiters of a Pomologist in India are listed below:

  • Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection (RSMSSB) 
  • IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited
  •  ICAR-  Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Planning to choose Pomologist as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Pomologist

Check the Pay Scale of a Pomologist for different job roles:

Job Role 

Starting Pay Scale

Mid -Level Pay Scale

High- Level Pay Scale

Pomology Agriculture Supervisor


Rs 24,000 to Rs 26,000 per month

Rs 30,00 to 35,000 per month

Rs 80,000 to 87,000 per month

Fruit Scientist


Rs 35,000 to 40,000 per month

Rs 62,500 per month

Rs 80,000 to 87,000 per month

Pomology Professor/ Lecturer


Rs 35,000 per month

Rs. 45,000 per month

Rs 60,000 per month

Fruit Grower/ Fruit Farmer  

Rs 25,000 per annum

Rs 35,000 per month 

Rs 50,000 per month

Pomology Technician 


Rs 20,000 per month 

Rs 30,000 per month

Rs 50,000 per month

Books & Study Material to Become Pomologist

Here is the list of popular books for candidates who want to make a career as a zoologist:

  • Textbook of Pomology by Edgar Crombie
  • Text-Book of Pomology by Joseph Harvey Gourley 
  • Systematics of Fruit Crops by Girish Sharma
  • Horticulture Science Series by Peter, K.V
  • Innovations In Horticultural Sciences K V Peter

Pros of becoming a Pomologist

The Pros and Cons of a career as a  Pomologist is listed below:

  •  Pomologist has good knowledge of fruit plant cultivation and its properties and they play a vital role in the sustainable production of fruits.
  • A  Pomologist can choose to be self-employed. They can set up their own business and take care of their own farm or orchid. 
  • The demand for fruits in the market is always high. 

Cons of becoming a Pomologist

  • In India, people usually do not understand the job role of a Pomologist.7
  • Salary may be average in a government or private organisation.
  • A Pomologist may be exposed to harmful insects or hazardous chemicals.

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