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How to Become a Beautician

About Beautician

If you are someone who takes a keen interest in making people look their best then a career as a beautician may be apt for you. One of the most popular non-traditional courses for a long time has been beauty school. The procedures and measures taught in beautician courses have undergone a significant change due to the gradual advancement of technology. In India, beauticians can expect to see their pay rise by about 12% every 16 months. Employees receive a 9% annual raise, which is the national average for all professions combined, every 16 months. Due to the mainly limited involvement in direct income generation, with certain exceptions, beauticians are regarded as a moderate bonus-based job. The bonus is between three and six percent of their annual salary. Top courses for aspiring beauticians include the Diploma in Cosmetology, the BSc in Beauty Cosmetology, the MSc in Cosmetology, and others. These courses are offered by colleges in India such as London School of Trends and Pearl Academy.

Following course completion, students are awarded a degree or diploma that allows them to pursue certification as a makeup artist or cosmetologist. These skilled and experienced artists can then transition to working independently by starting their own salons and offering individualised consultations to clients. In addition, they have the option of working as assistants in theatres, on television sets, or with actors.

Beauticians are professionals engaged in improving a client’s appearance through hair care, nail, beauty and skin care. Beauticians can often specialize in certain areas such as nail art, makeup application, hair color etc. The responsibilities of a beautician involve recommending different beauty therapies for skin care/hare and a beautician should be experienced when it comes to beauty treatments such as makeup, facial, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, and hairstyling.

Beauticians or beauty therapists have a good understanding of the skin biology and anatomy and they make use of that knowledge to offer non-medical care and relaxation treatments according to the client’s needs and preferences. Some beauticians specialize in a particular kind of treatment such as the spa or permanent hair removal. One needs to have an aptitude or interest in this profession otherwise it can get very difficult. It is an art and those who are thinking of a career in this profession need to have a good aesthetic sense.

Some of the tasks that beauticians perform are as follows

  • Facial or body massage and treatments such as spa and aromatherapy
  • Advising/suggesting clients regarding skin and body care
  • Removing facial or body hair through waxing
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Offering advice on skin care and cosmetic products
  • Making appointments and maintaining client’s records

To be a successful beautician, there are certain skills that a beautician should have such as being confident when meeting new people, a passion for beauty, artistic ability and a passion for learning new things/trends. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Beautician 

A beautician is a specialist who uses cosmetics to improve someone's facial features. He or she explains and plans to alter the session to achieve the desired outcome for the client. In order to determine the skin type, natural facial curves, and shape, a cosmetologist must analyse skin. Cosmetologists are frequently required to impart their knowledge about how to put on makeup or other cosmetics to the face or skin. A beautician gets the skin ready for makeup application. In order to avoid any negative reactions, he or she cleans or moisturises the skin.

  • Coordination: A beautician must communicate with particular clients regarding their needs and worries. He or she works in concert with the other members of the makeup design team to guarantee success
  • Work on research: A beautician frequently needs to do research on the different kinds of makeup and their effects on the skin. He or she must speak with directors in order to meet the demands of the characters and give theatre performers or actors the proper makeup
  • Drawing rough draft: Beauticians frequently continue to participate in the design of makeup ideas. For each assignment, he or she takes into account the lighting, backgrounds, colours, and photographic techniques
  • Upkeep of machinery: A cosmetics kit must be updated and kept up to date by a beautician. He or she must continue to learn about new cosmetics and how to use them properly. A beautician must keep up with issues related to sanitation, safety, and health

Eligibility to become Beautician

After becoming a "certified beautician," the art of putting beauty treatments and therapies into practise can resemble a career. One can pursue these skills by taking the necessary courses.

  • A candidate must have at least a 12th grade diploma to qualify
  • To become a medical professional (medical cosmetologist), one must have completed high school with a science major or pursue an MBBS (cosmetic dermatologist)
  • However, to become a non-medical professional, one only needs to complete high school and be at least 16 years old
  • The two entrance exams for admission to a prestigious university are CUET and IPUCET


How to become a Beautician?

Step 1: Successful completion of 10+2 in the required subjects

Students must successfully complete their 10+2 level studies in any stream with a cumulative 50% of marks from an approved board.


After completing class in grade 10, students have the option of enrolling in the ITI (Industrial Training Institute) Hair and Skin Care Course.

Step 2: Qualify Entrance Examination

To determine admission, many colleges and universities hold entrance exams. In order to be admitted to the desired college, candidates must take these entrance exams. Many other colleges and universities offer merit-based admissions based on a 10+2 passing percentage.

Pearl Academy of Fashion Entrance Exam

Institute of Cosmetology & Laser Science Entrance Exam

Step 3:Pursuing Bachelors 

After successfully completing the 10+2 level of education, bachelor candidates are required to enroll in a full-time bachelor's degree programme, such as a BSc or BE.

Important bachelor's degree programmes include:

BSc (Bachelor of Science) Cosmetology

BSc (Bachelor of Science) Beauty Cosmetology

BSc (Bachelor of Science) Beauty and Wellness

BTech (Bachelor of Technology) Cosmetic Technology

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) Cosmetic Engineering

BA (Bachelor of Arts)

 Step 4: Pursuing Post bachelors

Post-bachelor, candidates have a variety of options for directing their career.

Option 1: After successfully completing a bachelor's degree programme, candidates may choose to continue their education immediately with a master's degree programme in a related field of study. They can start working in the industry at an entry-level position after successfully completing a master's degree programme, such as an MA, MTech, or MSc course.

Option 2: Candidates may continue working in the industry at entry-level positions after successfully completing a bachelor's degree programme. Candidates may choose to pursue a master's degree programme after gaining some experience over the course of a few years.

MTech (Master of Technology) Cosmetic Technology

ME (Master of Engineering) Cosmetic Technology

MSc (Master of Science) Cosmetology

MSc (Master of Science) Beauty Cosmetology

MSc (Master of Science) Beauty and Wellness

MA (Master of Arts) Theatre



Admissions Procedure for Beautician 

There are some common steps to take in order to become a beautician, even though they differ between institutions. The standard four steps are listed below.

Making a decision: This career may be a good fit for someone who enjoys using beauty products or treatments to make others "look good."

Preparation for entrance exams: To succeed in fiercely competitive entrance exams, one must be familiar with the exam format and scoring system, the syllabus, and regular practise using mock exams.

Selecting the correct college: Finding the best college requires knowledge of one's interests, physical preparation, and research into the institution's accreditation, which can assist in finding a match between the course and the training facility for beauty.

After qualifying the exam: After passing the exam, one must adhere to the procedures officially announced by the appropriate university or institute in order to enrol in that course.

Entrance Examination to Become Beautician

Different universities and institutions hold two different kinds of entrance exams. The following are some of these:

CUET Entrance Examination

  • Maximum courses' papers consist of 100-point MCQ questions
  • That paper has a time limit of two hours
  • Each paper is divided into two sections, A and B
  • Part A is made up of the following sections: English Language, General Awareness Math, and Analytical Skills
  • Part A contains 25 questions, each of which is worth one mark
  • Part B consists of 75 one-point questions
  • A negative marking of 0.25 will be charged for each incorrect answer
  • Previous year's question papers, as well as daily revision, can lead to success

IPU CET Entrance Examination

The IPU CET is used to determine admission to UG and PG programmes. Each programme has its own set of eligibility requirements. However, there are some basic eligibility requirements that must be met before submitting the Application Form.

  • Indian nationality
  • The minimum requirement for a UG course is a 10+2 board examination or an equivalent exam
  • Graduation is the minimum requirement for a PG course
  • The age limit for a UG course is not more than 21 years old and not less than 18 years old


Types of Job Roles Beautician

Beauticians can choose to work in the following rules:

Make-up artist- Make-up artist is a professional who specializes in just make-up. They work with clients and enhance their physical features for a flawless appearance. A make-up artist can specialize in various techniques such as prosthetics, high fashion, airbrushing, high definition and light blending.

Hair Stylist-Hairstylists are involved in a range of services such as hair colouring, cutting, blow drying, styling etc. They also advise clients regarding their haircare needs.

Cosmetologist- Cosmetologists are experts in facial treatments and can recommend various treatments for skin issues on the basis of skin type.

Nail Care Artists-Nail care artists offer nail services and treatments to clients. This includes manicures and pedicures and also the process of applying artificial nails.

Manufacturing Sales Representative-Sales representatives sell manufacturer’s products to retail and wholesale consumers.

Salon sales consultant-Salon sales consultants are responsible for selling products to consumers in salons. They need to have strong sales skills and an in-depth knowledge of beauty products. 


Employment Opportunities for Beautician

Beauticians can choose to work in various settings such as

  • Salons
  • TV and film industry
  • Fitness clinics
  • In hotels and health resorts
  • Modelling agencies
  • Departmental stores
  • Self-employment


Top Recruiting Companies for Beauticians

Some of the top beauty salons for beauticians are as follows

  • B Blunt
  • Geetanjali
  • Monsoon
  • Javed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Toni and Guy
  • Affinity
  • Looks
  • Lakme
  • L’oreal
  • Shahnaz Hussain 


Skills Required to Become Beautician

  • Communication abilities: A beautician needs to be able to communicate effectively. He or she must be able to express his or her thoughts and suggestions to clients in a clear and concise manner. A beautician interacts with many people every day, each with their own unique needs. The ability to market concepts and goods necessary to the fashion and cosmetic industries is a requirement
  • Patience: A beautician deals with a wide range of clients every day. Such customers might have a lot of concerns and questions. Explaining things to clients calls for self-control and patience. A beautician needs to understand how to attract customers' attention and develop strong relationships with them
  • Physical stamina: A beautician must be able to stand for long periods of time. He or she acts as the foundation of a cosmetics business. Every day, a beautician must apply makeup and provide various clients with wellness and beauty treatments. He or she must have the vital quality of having the vigour and endurance to work longer hours
  • Organizing abilities: A beautician must manage multiple tasks at once. He or she is required to market goods and services while also offering clients consultation. Additionally, a beautician is tasked with distributing cosmetics and performing other related duties


Planning to choose Beautician as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Beautician

A well-established beautician can make between INR 15,000 - INR 20,000 per month, whereas an experienced beautician can make up to INR 50,000/- per month, even though there will be some criteria at the beginning of the business or job joining.

Experience level

Annual salary 


INR 1.8 – INR 2.4 LPA




Scope of a Beautician

  • The person will be recognised as a skilled beautician
  • When a client is satisfied, a goal can be accomplished
  • Professional beauticians have a much better chance of drawing in more clients than amateurs
  • Professionals can play a key role in the business by providing home services


Career Path for Beautician

You may progress to salon manager with training. You could go into business for yourself and open your own salon, work remotely, or go out to clients. You could also go into media makeup, theatre makeup, or fashion makeup. It is necessary for a beautician to periodically improve their abilities and keep up with the most recent fashion and cosmetic trends. To choose an effective method of applying makeup, he or she must have thorough knowledge of cosmetics and other related products. Stable employment opportunities are available in the salon sector. In the coming years, there will likely be a 14% increase in the number of jobs available for beauticians in the cosmetics sector. Candidates with prior work experience are preferred by employers. Additionally, occasions like fashion shows, weddings, and social gatherings may present opportunities for beauticians. Magazines, ad agencies, and beauty salons all offer opportunities to beauticians.


Books & Study Material to Become Beautician

Some of the topmost beauty books are as follows

  • An Atlas of Natural Beauty by Victoire De Taillac and Ramdane Touhami
  • The Makeup of a Confident Woman by Trish McEvoy
  • Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown
  • The Feelgood Plan by Dalton Wang and Kate Faithfull-Williams
  • Younger Skin Starts in the Gut by Dr. Nigma Talib
  • Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge
  • The Make-Up Manual by Lisa Potter-Dixon  


Pros of becoming a Beautician

  • It is a flexible job as not all salons require you to work from 9-5, clients may want appointments over the weekends at times. That way, one can maintain work-life balance.

  • You get to meet so many new people from all walks of life. It is a profession that gives you the opportunity to become sociable and strike friendship with people easily. You’ll have some clients you’ll get to see on a regular basis and you’ll be able to form a relationship with them.

  • No matter wherever you are in whichever city, your services will always be in demand. It is a buzzing industry and there is a high demand for both the products and the services.

  • It is not a monotonous job that way as you’ll get to do a lot of different treatments and that depends on your specialization and the client’s needs.


Cons of becoming a Beautician

  • One week you may have a really tight schedule and the other week you may not have much work so work is not balanced that way
  • There are lots of freelancers and there can be stiff competition
  • The work hours can be very long at times and pay may not be that high
  • At times, clients may have unrealistic expectations. They may want a particular hairstyle or look and it you’ll probably try to persuade them not to go for it but they may be adamant and want it. That way, once it’s done, they may realize you were right and then find ways to blame you.
  • It can also be exhausting and you have to be extremely careful as you’ll be dealing with client’s faces and bodies and if something goes wrong, you’ll have to bear the consequences. You have to be careful while using chemicals on clients.


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