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Career as Treasury Manager

Last Updated On 13 Jul, 2020

How to Become a Treasury Manager

About Treasury Manager

A Treasury Manager is a person who oversees the financial activities of a company or an organization. Treasury Managers play a vital role in helping an organization make the correct financial decisions and ensure that the financial assets of a company are used appropriately. This may include making recommendations for proper utilization of the cash reserves of a company, creating processes for audit, reviewing cash flow, analysing financial transactions etc. The input of a Treasury Manager is also sought when a company has to decide which assets and services are essential and beneficial for a company from a financial point of view.

Treasury Managers undertake various other important tasks in an organization. From borrowing money to managing relationships and transactions with banks to negotiating financial contracts, ensuring that proper procedure is followed in the execution and management of monetary assets. The role of a Treasury Manager in any organization is a challenging one as they have to be dynamic and ready to adapt to the changing conditions of the market and industry.

Treasury Managers have to ensure that through the proper consumption of money, an organization is able to achieve its goals. They also have to have good analytical skills and must be well-versed with financial modelling and have good communication skills and an excellent work ethic. They must also be good with numbers.

Eligibility to become Treasury Manager

Since Treasury Manager is a job pertaining to the core Financial sector, candidates applying for these roles are expected to have a good knowledge of the financial sector. The points given below can be checked for understanding the eligibility criteria for becoming a Treasury Manager in India.

  • Students should ideally have an undergraduate background in finance or accounting to take up the role as a Treasury Manager.

  • Some companies may also ask candidates to have an academic background in a related discipline. For eg. BTech background for tech-related companies.

  • Most of the companies now require candidates to have at least a postgraduate degree.

  • Work experience is also usually required for Treasury Manager roles.

Given below are some of the courses that can be pursued for becoming a Treasury Manager in India.

UG Courses for Treasury Manager

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) General
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in Account Management
  • BBA in Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Economics (BBE)
  • Chartered Accountancy etc.

PG Courses for Treasury Manager

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MBA in Financial Management
  • MBA in Accounting
  • MBA in Investment Banking etc.

Work Experience for Treasury Manager

Treasury Manager roles generally require candidates to have at least 3-8 years of work experience in related positions.

Types of Job Roles Treasury Manager

Given below are some of the job roles that a Treasury Manager has to undertake in an organization.

  • Handle operations related to Cash Flow, Transfers, Payments, Investments, Cash Projections etc.

  • Oversee the Investment Portfolio of a company.

  • Coordinating with Banks, Auditors and Investors.

  • Plan and execute business plans and risk management strategies.

  • Driving all of the treasury management operations of the company.

Employment Sector/Industry for Treasury Manager

Treasury Manager is a role related to the stream of finance management. Treasury Managers are hired by companies and organizations to oversee the day-to-day operations, long-term planning and overall management of their financial assets. Given below are some of the major employment areas for Treasury Managers in India.

  • Banks

  • Financial Service Providers

  • Asset Management Companies

  • Financial Consultancies

  • Private Organizations

  • NGOs etc.

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Pay Scale/Salary of Treasury Manager

The salary details of Treasury Managers in India can be found in the points given below. The information is an average of the available data. The actual salary will vary depending on the experience and skill of an individual as well as the size of the company.

  • The average salary of Treasury Managers in India is around Rs. 9.50 LPA.

  • The average salary paid at entry-level roles for Treasury Managers in India ranges from Rs. 5 - 6 LPA.

  • With 5 - 10 years of experience, Treasury Managers can earn salaries exceeding Rs. 10 LPA.

  • For senior-level professionals, the average compensation paid lies close to Rs. 20 LPA.

Books & Study Material to Become Treasury Manager




Treasury, Investment and Risk Management

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd.

Treasury Risk Management

S. K. Bagchi

Jaico Publishing House

The Treasury Bond Basis

Galen Burghardt, Terry Belton

McGraw-Hill Education

SAP Treasury and Risk Management

Rudolf Brysa

SAP Press

Theory and Practice of Treasury and Risk Management in Banks

Indian Institute of Banking and Finance

Taxmann Publications Private Limited

Pros of becoming a Treasury Manager

  • Excellent salary with high prospects of growth.

  • Opportunities in multiple sectors.

  • Requires critical thinking and promotes constant skill development.

Cons of becoming a Treasury Manager

  • Managing the financial assets of a company is a high-responsibility and high-stress task.

  • Target-based work, which may often require putting in long working hours.

  • High skill level and experience required to enter the field.

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FAQs about Treasury Manager

Can a student from the Science stream become a Treasury Manager?

Yes. Science stream students who have taken up UG courses such as BTech, BSc etc. can also go for Treasury Management roles. However, they will have to opt for a PG course such as an MBA or they may complete the CA course after graduation.

Can a Treasury Manager support a lavish lifestyle?

Yes. Treasury Managers are highly-paid individuals who can afford to provide a lavish lifestyle for themselves and their families.

What is the average salary of a Treasury Manager?

The average salary of a Treasury Manager in India is around Rs. 9,50,000 pa.

What is the starting salary for the Treasury Manager position?

The average starting salary for entry-level Treasury Manager jobs can be around Rs. 5,00,000 pa to Rs. 6,00,000 pa.

Is an MBA necessary to become a Treasury Manager?

No, but it is one of the best courses for a Treasury Manager. CA and CS are also excellent courses after graduation for Treasury Management aspirants in India.

How much work experience is required to become a Treasury Manager?

Generally, companies are seen demanding 3-8 years of work experience for Treasury Manager roles.

Is Treasury Management a laid-back field?

No. Treasury Management is a job which involves a high level of stress as professionals have to ensure correctness, accuracy and target-completion.

Who is a good candidate to become a Treasury Manager?

Treasury Management is a good field for a candidate who has an interest in finance, markets, asset management and related streams. Professionals in this role must have good critical thinking and analytical abilities with good communication and personnel management skills.

Who is a Treasury Manager?

A Treasury Manager is a person who oversees all of the operations related to the cash reserves of a company. He/she also assumes several key related roles for the organization.

Are Treasury Manager and Portfolio Manager the same career?

No. But they are closely related. Treasury Managers can also serve as Portfolio Managers for an organization and vice versa. However, Portfolio Managers can work for multiple clients and are governed by SEBI norms. Both of these conditions are generally not applicable to Treasury Managers.

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