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Career as Packaging Designer

Career as a Packaging Designer

About Packaging Designer

A packaging designer is a person who conceptualizes, designs and creates prototypes for packaging that is functional as well as appealing to the consumer. They are responsible for drawing the attention of customers through attractive and informative packaging designs. A packaging designer needs to possess various other skills than just savvy design skills. They need to coordinate with marketing teams and make sure that the brand is being well represented through cost-effective, safe, sustainable and engaging packaging.

To become a packaging designer it is crucial to have work experience in the package designing position. Candidates must have an idea about creating deadlines and prototypes. They must also have proof of their strong creativity, knowledge of market & consumer trends and attention to detail. Due to the nature of work, a packaging designer needs to have great interpersonal skills including strong organizational and project management skills.

Responsibilities of Packaging Designer

Provided below are the responsibilities of a Packaging Designer:

  • Working closely with cross-functional teams to brainstorm ideas and curate packaging prototypes.

  • Communicating with stakeholders, clients or end-users.

  • Ensuring that the packaging conveys the right message.

  • Looking at the latest consumer trends and determining the best elements for design.

  • Working with Analysts, Copywriters, Marketing Executives and Graphic Designers to design packaging prototypes based on feedback from the professionals.

  • Working with product-related groups and consumer safety to ensure the safety of the packaging.

  • Presenting a design for the feedback, noting down the shortcoming, rectifying the mistakes and tweaking the packaging.

Eligibility to become Packaging Designer

In order to become a Packaging Designer the following eligibility criteria need to be met:

Educational Qualifications

  • A degree in either graphic design or industrial design is the best for a packaging designer.

  • A bachelor’s or a master’s degree are considered.

  • Candidates with top-notch skills and a graphic design, illustration or packaging design diploma are also considered. 


  • Extreme Creativity

  • Sound Visualisation

  • Good Collaboration and Communication Skills

  • IT Software Skills

  • Innovation & Patience

  • Strong Team Player

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Excellent Problem-Solving

  • Researching Skills

  • Great Marketing and Brand Development Sense

Work Experience

  • Partial or full-time 1-2 years of experience in packaging design positions is preferred.

Courses to become a Packaging Designer

Students with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in graphic design or industrial design are considered to be Packaging Designer. Also, their knowledge of creative tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Coral Draw, 3D software programs and photography etc. are tested.

Course Name


Top Colleges

B.Des in Graphic Design

4 Years

B.Des in Industrial Design

4 Years

B.Sc in Graphic Design

3 Years

M.Des in Graphic Design

2 Years

Certificate Course in Graphic Design

6 Months- 1 Year

Diploma in Graphic Design

1 Year- 2 Years

Note: To explore more courses or colleges, feel free to either dial the student helpline number 1800-572-977 (toll-free) or fill-up the Common Application Form.

Types of Job Roles Packaging Designer

Some of the job roles that can be considered by candidates interested in being a Packaging Designer:

Employment Opportunities for Packaging Designer

A packaging designer finds tons of employment opportunities in various fields. Some of the areas that offer jobs to a packaging designer are as follows:

  • Clothing Companies

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Electronic Industries

  • E-Commerce Companies

  • Multinational & Corporate Companies

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Medical Industry

  • Sports Industry

  • Footwear Companies

  • Advertising Companies

  • Delivery Companies

Top Recruiting Companies for Packaging Designer

Here are a few of the top recruiting companies that actively hire a packaging designer:

  • DELL

  • Myntra

  • Sprinpak Manufacturing

  • Rambus

  • Intel Corporation

  • Zydus Wellness

  • Bizongo

  • Lenskart

  • Amazon

  • Chellsons Packaging

Planning to choose Packaging Designer as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Packaging Designer

A packaging designer does not earn a lot in the initial days of the job. However, with time and experience, the salary keeps increasing. Provided below is a quick glimpse into the salary earned by a Packaging Designer. The figure is different for every Packaging Designer.

Job Profile

Starting Salary (Annual)

Mid Level Salary (Annual)

Senior Level Salary (Annual)

Packaging Designer




Books & Study Material to Become Packaging Designer

Some of the books that can help in being a successful and skilled Packaging Designer are mentioned below:

  • Packaging Design: Successful Product Branding from Concept to Shelf by Marianne R. Klimchuk and Sandra A. Krasovec

  • Package Design Workbook: The Art and Science of Successful Packaging by John Silva and Steven DuPuis

  • The Packaging Designer's Book of Patterns by George L. Wybenga and Lászlo Roth

  • Structural Packaging: Design Your Own Boxes, 3D Forms by Paul Jackson

  • Interactive Packaging Design by Chong Peng

Pros of becoming a Packaging Designer

  • A packaging designer gets to visualise and be creative which does not create monotony and keeps the job interesting.

  • A packaging designer gets the freedom to express their imagination and bring his/ her idea into life. It brings a feeling of immense satisfaction in the job.

  • A packaging designer gets opportunities to work with top designers and companies time and again. There are also enough jobs in this field for skillful professionals.

Cons of becoming a Packaging Designer

  • It is important to constantly churn out new and unique packaging ideas which may exhaust the mental capacity of a packaging designer.

  • With new technologies, software and applications popping up each day, a Packaging Designer needs to be equipped with the latest advancements. It helps them in staying relevant in the industry.

  • Meeting short deadlines and some unreasonable requirements of the clients may get overwhelming at times.

Paths for Being Packaging Designer

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