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Career as Political Analyst

Career as a Political Analyst

About Political Analyst

If you are curious about politics and want to get involved in it without becoming a full-time Politician, the career of a Political Analyst is the right choice for you. Political Analysts, also known as policy analysts are involved in the research of numerous different aspects involved in politics like foreign relations, ideologies and policies. They study how the political systems work and how they are developed. Political Analysts are also responsible for collecting and analyzing data in order to understand and forecast political trends.

To become a Political Analyst, students are required to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in public administration, political science, journalism or related fields. They also need to be equipped with sound analytical and critical thinking abilities. Along with political trends, Political Analysts are also required to evaluate values, cultures, motivations, history, and the decision-making process behind various policies. They also need to predict social and economic trends and present them in an unbiased fashion.

Responsibilities of Political Analyst

Here is the list of various responsibilities of Political Analysts:

  • To study political subjects and collect data from sources like election results, public opinion surveys etc.

  • To use statistical analysis and interpret research findings.

  • To develop political theories as per historical and research documents.

  • To present the result of the study or research by writing reports, publishing articles and giving presentations.

  • To comprehend and eventually forecast economic, political and social trends.

  • To analyse and evaluate the effects of laws and policies on citizens, government and businesses.

  • To keep a close eye on the current events, legislation changes and policy decisions.

  • To stay updated with the national & international trends as well as developments.

  • To raise public awareness of important social and political issues.

  • To establish networks and contacts for use in future research and study.

Eligibility to become Political Analyst

Check out the eligibility criteria required to become a Political Analyst:

Minimum Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in political science, public administration, journalism or related field.

  • Students with a Master’s degree in political science, public administration, journalism or related fields are also eligible


  • Excellent communication skills & time management

  • Good writing, speaking and presentation abilities

  • Strong Political knowledge of international as well as national countries

  • Sound analytical or critical thinking abilities

  • Technological savviness & data analytics expertise

  • Integrity and morality

  • Great researching abilities

  • Good leadership skills

  • Understanding of statistical analysis software and qualitative research tools

Work Experience

  • Proven part-time or full-time work experience as a junior analyst, journalist or political analyst.

Courses to become Political Analyst

Here is the detailed list of popular colleges and relevant courses to become Political Analysts:



Popular Colleges

B.A. in Political Science

3 Years

B.Sc in Political Science

3 Years

B.A. in History, Economics & Political Science

3 Years

B.A. in Public Administration

3 Years

B.J.M.C./ B.J./ B.C.J.

3 Years

M.A. in Political Science

2 Years

M.A. in Public Administration

2 Years


2 Years

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Types of Job Roles Political Analyst

An individual interested in pursuing the career of a  Political Analyst can also explore the following similar job roles:

Employment Sector/ Industry for Political Analyst

After gaining the required work experience and a degree, a Political Analyst can apply for a job in numerous government or non-governmental organizations, international organizations, businesses, communication and media houses. They are also required in entities that need to navigate complicated legal or regulatory policies like labour unions and lobbying firms.

The research conducted by the Political Analyst, helps various organizations in advocating for specific causes and policies like climate change, healthcare, immigration etc. A Political Analyst comes up with modified or new policies that help in improving the final outcomes for governments, businesses and individuals.

Top Recruiting Agencies for Political Analyst

Here are some of the top recruiters that constantly hire a skillful, professional and knowledgeable candidate:

  • Indian Political Solutions

  • Revopions

  • DesignBoxed

  • Crypto Mize

  • eBasics Services (P) Limited

  • The Economist Group Limited

  • The Ballot House UK (India)

  • Y Creators Media

  • SKD Enterprises

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Planning to choose Political Analyst as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Political Analyst

With good work experience and apt skills, a Political Analyst can extract around INR 50,000 to INR 60,000 per month in the initial days. With some time and more experience, they can draw around INR 1,00,000 per month. The salary of a Political Analyst is different for every individual as it depends on the experience, skill-set, aptitude of the candidate and the budget of the recruiter. 

On average, a Political Analyst earns around INR 5,00,000 in India. Here is the detailed average salary recorded for Political Analyst:

Job Profile

Starting Annual Salary (INR)

Mid-Level Annual Salary (INR)

Senior-Level Annual Salary (INR)

Political Analyst




Books & Study Material to Become Political Analyst

Check out the books & study material required to polish skills, knowledge and aptitude and become a successful Political Analyst in India:

  • Seven Decades Of Independent India: Ideas And Reflections by Vinod Rai & Dr Amitendu Palit

  • India Emerging: From Policy Paralysis To Hyper Economics by Sandip Sen & Aarohi Sen

  • When Crime Pays: Money And Muscle In Indian Politics by Milan Vaishnav

  • The Saffron Tide: The Rise Of The BJP by Kingshuk Nag

  • 24 Akbar Road: A Short History Of The People Behind The Fall And The Rise Of The Congress by Rasheed Kidwai

  • Jobonomics: India’s Employment Crisis And What the Future Holds by Goutam Das

  • Indira Gandhi – Tryst With Power by Nayantara Sahgal

Pros of becoming a Political Analyst

  • The job is a perfect fit for people who like politics and are critical thinkers. They have the scope of growing rapidly in the field. 

  • The salary of a Political Analyst is very high. With proper skills and experience, anyone can earn a handsome amount every month.

  • They have the option of working indoors. Also, a skillful Political Analyst has high job security.

Cons of becoming a Political Analyst

  • The job of a Political Analyst is not quite right for candidates who like practical or hand-on-work more than theoretical techniques.

  • Getting into this career is not easy as it requires apt and extensive experience, skills and knowledge.

  • A Political Analyst has to work for long hours every week that at times make the job hectic.

Paths for Being Political Analyst

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