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Career as Bartender

Career as a Bartender

About Bartender

A Bartender is a person who mixes and serves drinks at a bar. Bartending is an exciting career choice and is considered to be one of the most sought after positions in the hospitality industry. A bartender must have an understanding of how to create different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and customize them to the customer’s preference. A bartender is also responsible for looking after the inventory of the bar.

Bartenders often also provide entertainment to the patrons through various tricks and performances that are exciting to watch. This is a subject called Flair bartending and it is a part of the bartending courses taught in schools. Other subjects that are generally part of a bartending course include Mixology, Liquor Brands, Alcohol Laws, Drink Presentation and Communication Skills.

The ideal candidate who wishes to start a career in bartending must have certain skills that can help them do a better job. These include good communication skills, good organization, ability to work under pressure, stamina to be able to stay up on your feet for long periods, ability to multi-task and a pleasant personality.

Eligibility to become Bartender

Bartender is a professional that does not require formal training or education. The trade can simply be learned by experience. However, reputed hospitality establishments prefer or exclusively select candidates who have had formal training in bartending. Therefore, it is advisable that candidates who wish to join this career look for relevant courses in the field.

Bartending courses are generally offered as Certificate or Diploma courses. There are no degree courses in bartending. However, bartending might be included in the course curriculum of certain degree programmes in the hospitality segment.

There are many short-term bartending courses offered by hotel management colleges in India. Given below are some of the bartending courses one can pursue in India.

  • Diploma in Professional Bartending

  • Diploma in Mixology and Flair Bartending

  • Craftsmanship Certificate Course in Bartending

  • Certificate Course in Wines and Spirits

The Diploma courses in bartending are of 1-year duration and certification courses are usually 3-6 months long.

Many students who are interested in taking up bartending as a career do it after pursuing a degree course in hotel management. Given below are the available degree courses to kickstart your bartending career.

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)

  • Bachelor of Catering Technology & Culinary Arts (BCTCA)

  • BSc in Hotel Management and Hospitality

  • BA in Culinary Arts

  • BA in Hotel Management and Hospitality

Many students often take up bartending certificate courses while pursuing a bachelor’s degree course. Going for postgraduate education is generally not necessary for a career in Bartending.

Types of Job Roles Bartender

The basic job of a bartender is to measure out and serve drinks as per the orders of a customer. Bartenders may also be required to mix and create cocktails on order. In many popular hospitality establishments, a bartender is often a highlight of the place as they can perform various tricks and make the task of mixing drinks enchanting to watch. In some countries, customers may often engage in a conversation with the bartender while enjoying their drink.

Apart from the above-mentioned front-end operations, a bartender also keeps stock of the items and inventory in his bar. From the various types and brands of drinks to the different ingredients used in drink mixing, a bartender has to ensure that everything is in order before the establishment opens for service. A bartender is also responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene behind the bar.

Employment Sector/Industry for Bartender

India has a flourishing hospitality industry with ample scope for growth. Therefore, the scope and job opportunities for bartenders are steadily increasing in India. The job opportunities for bartenders are mostly available in the metro cities with an outgoing crowd helping fuel the growth of the entertainment and hospitality industry. Given below are the areas and establishments that recruit bartenders.

  • Bars

  • Pubs

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Clubs

  • Cruise Ships

  • Casinos

  • Catering Companies

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Pay Scale/Salary of Bartender

Bartenders usually have a low starting salary and can be hired as interns in the field since the job requires practical training before one can become a professional. However, experienced bartenders can look for better career opportunities and earn good salaries. The salary of a bartender depends on their skill, experience, college from which the course was pursued, place of employment etc. Bartenders can also make money over their salary through tips given by the customers.

The details about the salary of a bartender in India can be found in the points given below.

  • The average starting salary for bartenders in India can range from around Rs. 15,000 - Rs. 20,000 per month.

  • The average salary for a bartender in India is around Rs. 2.5 - 3 LPA.

  • With experience and better career opportunities, the salary prospects in the field of bartending improve and professionals can make around Rs. 7 - 7.5 LPA.

  • The best earning opportunities for bartenders remain in the cities which are popular as party destinations.

  • Popular Flair Bartenders can also demand high salaries as well as earn good tips from the customers.

Books & Study Material to Become Bartender

Liquid Intelligence – The Art and Science of the Perfect CocktailDave ArnoldW. W. Norton & Company
The Craft of the CocktailDale DeGroffClarkson Potter
The Bartender's Bible: 1001 Mixed Drinks and Everything You Need to Know to Set Up You BarGary ReganHarpertorch
Dead Rabbit Drinks ManualSean Muldoon , Jack McGarry , Ben SchafferHoughton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic CocktailsTony Abou-GanimAgate Publishing

Pros of becoming a Bartender

  • It is an exciting career opportunity for fun-loving people.

  • Career opportunities can be explored all around the globe.

  • Bartending is a relatively flexible role with part-time opportunities available in many establishments.

Cons of becoming a Bartender

  • The work environment can get hectic especially during holidays and it is difficult to deal with a drunk customer.

  • The starting salary in the field can be a bit low and the workload is always high.

  • Professionals have to sacrifice their social lives since most of their work is during the weekends or days of celebration.

Paths for Being Bartender

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