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Last Updated On 10 Jun, 2020

How to Become a Fashion Coordinator

About Fashion Coordinator

A fashion coordinator is considered as the pulse of the fashion industry. The duty of a fashion coordinator is to be aware of the latest fashion trends. A fashion coordinator ensures that the prevailing and upcoming trends are reflected in the clothes of the company they work for. Also, they coordinate with the fabrics, pattern and manufacturing departments of a product in order to make sure that it fits under the category of latest fashion trends. 

A fashion coordinator works closely in a liaison role between salespeople and retail clients. They enlighten professionals with the latest trends so that they can meet the requirement of the clients. A fashion coordinator must remain informed and keep others informed about the target market so that the merchandise adhere to the demand of the public and earns profitability for the company. There is no set academic path an aspirant needs to follow for building a career as a fashion coordinator. With time management, communication, analytical skills and sound knowledge of fashion trends an individual can easily become a fashion coordinator.

Eligibility to become Fashion Coordinator

Mentioned below are the minimum eligibility criteria to become a fashion coordinator that an aspirant must consider before seeking out for jobs.

  • The aspirant must have cleared class 12th in any stream from a recognized board of education.

  • A candidate must have either a diploma, certificate or an undergraduate degree in the field of fashion.

  • If an individual possesses a postgraduate degree, he/she is expected to have deep knowledge of the subject which lends them better career opportunities.

Types of Job Roles Fashion Coordinator

With the apt skills and right knowledge, an aspirant can easily build a successful career. If you want to go for the job of a fashion coordinator, check out the job roles mentioned below that you can consider for the same.

Fashion Blogger: A fashion blogger recommends, scrutinise and share ideas and experiences related to the fashion industry via social media or multimedia platforms.

Fashion Coordinator: A fashion coordinator needs to supervise and arrange the marketing of the merchandise for textile firms, manufacturing house and retail stores.

Fashion Director: A fashion director must have both, creative and analytical skills. They are responsible for curating merchandise with updated fashion trends.

Fashion Stylist: The main duty of a fashion stylist is to lend fashion advice to the client and also to choose and co-ordinate.

Fashion Journalist: A fashion journalist works just like other journalists but they are majorly concerned with fashion events and sectors.

Author: An individual with refined and relevant knowledge of fashion can pen down a book as an author.

Fashion Retail Buyer: The fashion retail buyer is an individual who makes purchasing decisions by monitoring fashion forecasts and researching market trends for clothing retailers.

Fashion Critic: A fashion critic analyses and reviews designs and trends by attending shows, events meeting with designers and celebrities. 

Employment Opportunities for Fashion coordinator

As a fashion coordinator, you can look out for employment opportunities in the following mentioned fields.

  • Fashion Companies

  • Publishing Houses

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Clothing Brands

  • Print Media

  • Social Media

Top Recruiting Companies for Fashion coordinator

The top companies that constantly look out for skilful and proficient fashion coordinators are captured below.

  • Shoppers Stop

  • Raymonds

  • Adidas

  • Allen Solly

  • Pantaloons

  • AND

  • Spykar

  • Swarovski

  • Bata

  • AND

  • Lifestyle

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Pay Scale/Salary of Fashion Coordinator

Check out the pay scale or the salary extracted by a fashion coordinator displayed below.

Job Profile

Starting Salary per annum (in INR)

Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)

Senior Level Salary per annum (INR)

Fashion Blogger




Fashion Coordinator




Fashion Director




Fashion Stylist




Fashion Journalist








Fashion Retail Buyer




Fashion Critic




Note: The figures mentioned above are variable. They are subject to change.

Books & Study Material to Become Fashion Coordinator

In order to set a defined career as a fashion coordinator, a candidate can pick up the books mentioned below.

  • Fashion Design & Technology Theory by Neetu Azad Raman

  • Inside Fashion Design by Sharon L. Tate & Mona S. Edwards

  • Fashion Illustration by Kiper Anna

  • Fashion Trends: Analysis and Forecasting by Ann Marie Fiore, Eundeok Kim, and Hyejeong Kim

  • Fashion Trend Forecasting by Gwyneth Holland and Rae Jones

Pros of becoming a Fashion Coordinator

  • The job of a fashion coordinator involves constant updates and developments that do not make it monotonous.

  • The job of a fashion coordinator requires communication with clients from across the globe. It helps them in expanding their network.

  • Fashion coordinator is responsible for the profitability of the merchandise which gives them immense importance. People also value their advice.

Cons of becoming a Fashion Coordinator

  • The job of a fashion coordinator involves multitasking which might create a little chaos and might exhaust the mind of an individual.

  • The fashion industry is overly competitive which means you need to be good at your job in order to sustain in it for a longer run.

  • You might not get quick promotions in the job and have to wait for a long period of time for the same.

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FAQs about Fashion Coordinator

What does a Fashion Coordinator do?

The Fashion Coordinator has to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Their duty is to make sure that the upcoming trends are captured in the essence of the clothes of the company. A coordinator keeps a tab on the fabrics, textures and manufacturing departments of a product and ensures that they fit the latest development in the fashion industry.

Which courses can be pursued to be Fashion Coordinator?

To be a Fashion Coordinator, certificate, diploma and management courses can be pursued in the discipline of Fashion.

Which skills are apt to be a Fashion Coordinator?

To be a Fashion Coordinator the most important skills are communication and critical thinking. Besides it, an individual must also be observational, confident and a team member.

How is the scope of a Fashion Coordinator in India?

The fashion industry is currently one of the most flourished industries. A Fashion Coordinator has a secure and successful score in India as in the coming years the demand is expected to increase more.

Which employment sectors hire a Fashion Coordinator?

The employment sectors that hire a Fashion Coordinator are Fashion Companies, Entertainment Industry, Publishing Houses, Clothing Brands, Social Media, Print Media etc.

Which popular books should an aspiring Fashion Coordinator read to enhance the knowledge and skills?

The books that enhance the skills and knowledge of a Fashion Coordinator are Inside Fashion Design by Sharon L. Tate & Mona S. Edwards, Fashion Trends: Analysis and Forecasting by Ann Marie Fiore, Eundeok Kim, and Hyejeong Kim, Fashion Design & Technology Theory by Neetu Azad Raman, Fashion Trend Forecasting by Gwyneth Holland and Rae Jones and Inside Fashion Design by Sharon L. Tate & Mona S. Edwards.

Which companies offer job opportunities to a Fashion Coordinator?

The companies that offer job opportunities to a Fashion Coordinator are Shoppers Stop, Adidas, Allen Solly, Raymonds, Pantaloons, Spykar, AND etc.

How much does a Fashion Coordinator earn?

A Fashion Coordinator makes around Rs. 3,00,000 per annum in the entry-level. After a few years of experience, the salary rises up till Rs. 8,00,000 per annum. In the senior-most stage, a Fashion Coordinator makes as much as Rs. 20,00,000 per annum.

Which colleges can I consider to be a Fashion Coordinator?

The best colleges to be a Fashion Coordinator are Jaipur National University, Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur College of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur, Pearl Academy, Mumbai etc.

Is work experience mandatory to be a Fashion Coordinator?

It is not mandatory to have work experience to be a Fashion Coordinator. However, those with part-time or full-time experience get better job opportunities and salary packages.

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