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Career as Merchandiser

Career as a Merchandiser

About Merchandiser

A merchandiser is the one who is involved in the entire process associated with the development of a product. A merchandiser is responsible for product appearance as well as for the supply in various store designated to them. The duty of a merchandiser is to work closely with manufacturers and suppliers. They need to ensure that promotion of a product or service is such that it increases sales over a set period of time.

Job opportunities are numerous for a merchandiser due to the constant requirement of skilful professionals across the nation. Good merchandisers are expected to possess good communication skill, time-management, multi-tasking, analytical approach and creative abilities. They can enter a variety of sectors such as fashion, residential, supermarkets, entertainment, publishing houses etc. Merchandising is a key role in any workspace as it affects the profitability of a company resulting in its success or failure.

Eligibility to become Merchandiser

An individual needs to meet a certain set of eligibility criteria to become a successful merchandiser. Check out the pointers mentioned below that need to be satisfied before entering the world of merchandising.

  • The candidate must have completed class 12th or its equivalent in any stream from a recognized board of education.

  • The aspirant must have completed his/her undergraduate degree in design from a recognized university or college.

  • Certain companies also recruit candidates who have completed a diploma in merchandising.

  • If a student has completed postgraduation he/she gets access to more and better opportunities. 

Types of Job Roles Merchandiser

Aspirants willing to pursue a career as a merchandiser can look out for various alternatives and career options. Few of them are listed as follows.

Visual Merchandiser: The duty of a visual merchandiser is to create eye-catching product displays, designs and store layouts in order to capture the attention of the consumers.

Merchandiser: The duty of a merchandiser is to work closely with both manufacturers and suppliers. They promote services and products to increase sales over a period of time.

Retail Merchandiser: A retail merchandiser works closely with company buyers. They maximise profitability by monitoring and predicting sales trends and controlling stock levels.

Fashion Merchandiser: A fashion merchandiser forecasts the popularity of clothing as per the trend and determines the price for selling the clothing to retailers.

Retail Buyer: A retail buyer is responsible for selecting, planning and purchasing quantities of merchandise and goods that are sold in retail stores.

Retail Store Manager: A retail manager is a person responsible for the management and for the day-to-day operations. 

Employment Opportunities for a Merchandiser

Check out the areas listed below that offer employment opportunities to the skilled and proficient merchandisers from all across the nation.

  • Retail Establishments

  • Department Stores

  • Museums

  • Various Outlets

  • Galleries

  • Supermarkets

  • Fashion Stores

  • Jewellery Stores

  • Theatre Companies

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Accessory Lines

  • Books and Publishing Houses

Top Recruiting Companies for a Merchandiser

Find out the top recruiting companies that hire a merchandiser and give a boost to their career.

  • Aditya Birla Group

  • H&M

  • Shoppers Stop

  • Mahindra

  • Forrest Essentials

  • The Beer Cafe

  • Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing

  • Penguin Random House

  • Kohler

  • Big Bazaar

Planning to choose Merchandiser as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Merchandiser

Captured in the tabulated format is the salary that a merchandiser and its similar job profiles extract during the starting level, mid-level and end level of their career. Check the data below to get an idea of the same.

Job Profile

Starting Salary per annum (in INR)

Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)

Senior Level Salary per annum (INR)

Visual Merchandiser








Retail Merchandiser




Fashion Merchandiser




Retail Buyer




Retail Store Manager




Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change. It varies from individual to individual and company to company.

Books & Study Material to Become Merchandiser

To become a successful merchandiser an aspirant must possess adequate knowledge and the apt set of skills. With the right books and experience, an individual can attain both of them. Listed below are the books and study materials you can refer to become a merchandiser and polish your comprehension of the field.

  • Silent Selling: Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising by Judith A. Bell and Kate Ternus

  • Management of the Absurd by Richard Farson

  • Retail Buying Techniques by Fiona Elliott and Janet Rider

  • Merchandising: Theory, Principles, and Practice by Grace I. Kunz

  • Merchandising Mathematics for Retailing by Cynthia R. Easterling, Ellen L. Flottman, and Marian H. Jernigan

Pros of becoming a Merchandiser

  • The job of a merchandiser is quite innovative and challenging. The job never gets monotonous or boring.

  • Lots of opportunities are available for a merchandiser in the market. With hard work and sufficient experience, is not difficult to get a good job.

  • The job requires interactions with clients which not only increase the network of an individual but also enhance the communication skills.

Cons of becoming a Merchandiser

  • With great jobs come great responsibilities, the merchandiser needs to be constantly innovative and analytical. 

  • The salary package extracted by a merchandiser increases gradually. One requires sound knowledge and experience of the field in order to see in it.

  • The competition is high for a merchandiser. The opportunities are plenty in the market but so are the aspirants. A merchandiser needs to prove his/her worth time and again to grab a good opportunity.

Paths for Being Merchandiser

FAQs about Merchandiser

Are there good job opportunities for a Merchandiser in India?

A Merchandiser in India has a bright career scope. An individual can explore career profiles such as Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Merchandiser, Retail Merchandiser, Retail Store Manager etc. and can work with top recruiting companies like Aditya Birla Group, Shoppers Stop, Forrest Essentials, Mahindra, Penguin Random House, Big Bazaar etc.

How much is the fee for a Merchandising course?

The fee for a Merchandising course depends on the degree and the institute. It may range from ?50,000 to ?5,00,000 per annum.

What are the best institutes for Merchandising Courses in India?

Some of the best institutes for Merchandising courses are Pearl Academy, New Delhi, Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai, Apeejay Institute of Design (AID), New Delhi, Mody University, Sikar, Arch Academy Of Design, Delhi, Parul University, Vadodara etc.

Is work experience required to be a Merchandiser?

Work experience is not a necessity to be a Merchandiser, however, with good years of experience, an individual can get better job profiles and salary as compared to a fresher.

What is an average salary extracted by a Merchandiser?

The average salary extracted by a Merchandiser is ?361,548 per annum.

How much money does a Merchandiser make in the initial years of the job?

In the initial days stages of his career, a Merchandiser can make anywhere between ?1,79,000 to ?3,00,000 per annum.

Which skills are required to be a Merchandiser?

The skills that are required to be a successful Merchandiser are Communication, Flexibility, Critical Thinking, Confidence, Teamworking, Leadership skills and ability to work in Pressure.

What courses must be studied to become a Merchandiser?

The courses that can be studied to be a Merchandiser are Diploma in Visual Merchandising, Diploma in Fashion Merchandising, B.Des in Fashion and Merchandising, Certificate in Visual Merchandising etc.

Which books can I study to be a Merchandiser?

To be a Merchandiser, it is essential to have apt knowledge and skills that can be developed by reading right study materials such as Management of the Absurd by Richard Farson, Silent Selling: Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising by Judith A. Bell and Kate Ternus, Merchandising: Theory, Principles, and Practice by Grace I. Kunz, Retail Buying Techniques by Fiona Elliott and Janet Rider and many more.

What exactly does a Merchandiser do?

A Merchandiser is responsible for every process associated with product development. The duty of a Merchandiser includes working closely with suppliers or manufacturers and looking after the supply of products across various stores.

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