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Last Updated On 17 Jul, 2020

How to Become a Rooms Division Manager

About Rooms Division Manager

A Rooms Division Manager or Division Manager - Rooms is a person who oversees the operations related to the Rooms Divison or Department of a hotel. It is a senior-level management post in a hotel that is only given to candidates who have completed formal education and have a good amount of experience in the hotel industry. A Rooms Division Manager is in-charge of the housekeeping, front desk, guest services and related departments in a hotel. The basic job responsibility of a Rooms Division Manager is to ensure that guests have a comfortable experience in the hotel and are able to enjoy their stay.

The Performance of a Rooms Divison Manager can have a significant impact on several key operations and employees in the hotel industry. A Rooms Division Manager should have a leader's point of view and should not only be able to form long-term plans but also provide effective solutions to day-to-day problems. He/she should have excellent communication skills and should be able to motivate and call the team to action while at the same time be polite and courteous when dealing with the customer. How a Rooms Divison Manager operates his/her team can change the overall experience a customer has in a hotel and hence he/she can impact the relationship a guest builds with the hospitality establishment.

There are many hotel management courses after Class 12th that one can pursue in order to become a rooms division manager in India. However, it is important to select the correct hotel management college so that you are able to make the most of your education. In order to do that it is important that you first understand the requirements to become a Rooms Divison Manager and then compare them to the course curriculum and offerings of your college. You should always aim for getting into one of the top hotel management colleges in India as that has an impact on the recruiter's mentality and can help you get a better job and pay.

Eligibility to become Rooms Division Manager

Rooms Division Manager is a senior-level role and requires candidates to not only have a sound technical knowledge of hotel operations but also sharpened soft skills to be able to motivate a team into action. They should also have good analytical skills and should be good at improvising and thinking on their feet. However, the most important things that are required in a Rooms Division Manager are dedication, discipline and a strong focus on perfection.

Hospitality establishments hiring Rooms Division Managers generally specify the following requirements for the role.

  • At least a bachelor's degree course in any area of hotel management such as Hospitality, Business Administration, Restaurant Management etc.

  • Some amount of work experience, depending on the seniority of the vacancy, reputation of establishment and proposed compensation. Generally, a 4-5 year work experience is required.

In addition, some hospitality establishment may also accept candidates who have completed a Diploma course in Hotel Management after Class 10th or Class 12th. Such candidates will also be required to have rigorous practical work experience in the hotel industry. Candidates can check the courses given below to become a Rooms Division Manager in India.

UG Courses for Rooms Division Manager

The following courses for Rooms Division Manager are available after Class 12th.

PG Courses for Rooms Division Manager

Given below is a list of the best postgraduate courses to become a Rooms Divison Manager.

Types of Job Roles Rooms Division Manager

Given below are some of the job roles and responsibilities that are undertaken by the Rooms Division Managers in hospitality industries.

  • Leading and managing the Operations Team of a hotel.
  • Setting and tracking the goals for the team to ensure productivity.

  • Oversing the execution of all the operations related to the Rooms Departments.

  • Communicating the expectations and requirements of the upper management to the operations staff.

  • Understanding guest requirements and ensuring good customer service.

  • Solving the issues faced by a customer or the team.

  • Providing inputs to the General Manager and upper management on topics such as operations, functioning, profitability etc.

Employment Sector/Industry for Rooms Division Manager

The hospitality industry forms a very important role in a country such as India which has a vast scope for development in the tourism sector. There are multiple avenues of tourism available in India, and the hospitality industry has been expanding to cater to a growing demand for good services and comfortable lodging options. To be able to meet these demands, hospitality establishments have a strong focus on small details and work very hard to ensure that the needs and demands of every customer are fulfilled.

It is not viable for a single manager to oversee all of the operations in minute detail. Therefore, the demand for professionals who can handle the day-to-day operations in a hotel or other hospitality establishment has also grown. Rooms Division Manager is the perfect choice of career for any candidate who has a keen eye for detail and interested in making a career in handling the everyday operations of a hotel. Given below are some of the common areas of recruitment for Rooms Division Managers in India.

  • Hotels

  • Guest Houses

  • Tourist Resorts

  • Hotel Service Aggregators etc.

Some of the top recruiting companies for Rooms Division Managers can be found given below.

  • OYO Rooms
  • Marriot Hotels

  • Radisson Group etc.

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Pay Scale/Salary of Rooms Division Manager

The salary details of a Rooms Division Manager in India can be found given in the pointers below.

  • The entry-level salary for a Rooms Division Manager in India is around Rs. 7.5 to 8 lakhs p.a.

  • On average, Rooms Division Manager get a compensation of around Rs. 10 - 11 lakhs p.a. in India

  • The senior-level salaries for Rooms Division Managers can exceed Rs. 16 lakhs p.a.

  • It is estimated that in the next 5 years, the average salary for a Rooms Division Manager can go up to Rs. 16 lakhs p.a.

Books & Study Material to Become Rooms Division Manager

Hotel Housekeeping: Operations and ManagementG. Raghubalan, Smritee RaghubalanOxford University Press India
Hotel Front Office: Operations and ManagementJatashankar TewariOxford University Press
Hotel Operations ManagementDavid K. Hayes, Jack D. Ninemeier, Allisha A. MillerPearson
The Cornell School of Hotel Administration on Hospitality: Cutting Edge Thinking and PracticeJack B. Corgel, Michael C. Sturman, Rohit VermaWiley
Managing Hospitality Organizations: Achieving Excellence in the Guest ExperienceRobert C. Ford, Michael C. SturmanSAGE Publications

Pros of becoming a Rooms Division Manager

  • Good salary with opportunities to lead a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Excellent travel opportunities and job opportunities abroad.

  • A field in which experience and practical knowledge are more important than formal education and expensive courses.

Cons of becoming a Rooms Division Manager

  • The job can get hectic very quickly if something goes wrong. Professionals have to stay on their feet for extended periods of time.

  • Requires daily interaction with customers and staff.

  • It is not a job for someone who prefers to work at his own pace.

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FAQs about Rooms Division Manager

Who is a Rooms Division Manager?

A Rooms Division Manager is an individual who oversees the operations team in a hotel.

Which departments work under a Rooms Division Manager?

A Rooms Division Manager is required to oversee operations of several key departments such as Housekeeping, Front Office, Maintenance, Guest Services etc.

What skills are required to become a Rooms Division Manager?

The skills required for a good Rooms Division Manager are communication, analytical ability, problem-solving, discipline, motivating attitude, courteousness, dedication to the job etc.

What level of education is required to become a Rooms Division Manager?

You should at least have an undergraduate degree in order to be eligible to take up the role of Rooms Division Manager. However, hotels may also hire candidates with Class 12th education provided that they have good communication skills and sufficient work experience in the hotel industry.

How much work experience is required for Rooms Division Manager roles?

Generally, 4-5 years of experience is sufficient to become a Rooms Division Manager. However, leading hotel chains and clubs may require a higher level of work experience.

Which courses should I do to become a Rooms Division Manager?

You have several course options at the UG level to become a Rooms Division Manager such as BHM, BBA (HM), BSc H&HA etc.

Is a Rooms Division Manager a good career?

Yes, Rooms Division Manager is a good career if you are interested in outgoing roles with plenty of travel opportunities that can help you lead a fast-paced and comfortable lifestyle.

What is the average salary of a Rooms Division Manager in India?

The average salary paid to a Rooms Division Manager in India is between Rs. 10 to 11 lakhs annually.

To what post can I get promoted to from Rooms Division Manager?

You can get promoted to a General Manager post from the post of a Rooms Division Manager.

What are the common areas of recruitment for Rooms Division Managers?

Some of the common areas of employment for Rooms Division Managers are Hotels, Clubs, Tourist Resorts, Guest Houses etc.

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