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Career as Financier

Career as a Financier

About Financier

A Financier is a person who is tasked with handling large sums of money or large financial transactions for an organization. A Financier is a senior-level post which is very important for any organization that has frequent dealings in large sums of money. They are usually hired by organizations such as banks and other financial institutions, government agencies, private businesses etc. Financiers can also find work as freelancers and work with individual clients or with financial consulting agencies.

Since Financiers are required to operationalise large sums of money n a daily basis, they must have a complete understanding of Economics and Finance Management. They must be able to carefully weigh their options and make sound decisions based on facts. Financiers are at the core of every financial decision taken by a company and hence can play a vital role in the company’s growth. Since handling financial assets is a high-risk and stressful task, they are also some of the most well-paid professionals in a company.

Eligibility to become Financier

There are no particular set of rules or guidelines for becoming a Financier in India. However, Financiers must have completed at least undergraduate education and companies also give preference to candidates with a postgraduate degree. Furthermore, since Financiers have to understand the core business model of a company and the legal aspects of financial transactions, they may also be required to have some level of technical knowledge or a law degree. While private companies may not specify the educational standards required to become a Financier, government vacancies may only be available to candidates who come from a specific educational background.

Given below are some of the posts that can be considered to take up the career as a Financier in India.

For holding senior-level positions or promotions in the field, the best bet for candidates is to go for an MBA degree. The following MBA courses can be considered by aspiring Financiers.

Types of Job Roles Financier

Becoming a Financier requires a candidate to have a reputable status and good critical thinking ability. Without a candidate being able to demonstrate the required level of competency, no business or individual will trust him/her with their money. Financiers also have to ensure that they diligently and responsibly perform their duties in an organization.

Given below are some of the common job responsibilities of a Financier.

  • Doing proper market research and finding the best areas of investment promising the best returns.
  • Guiding their client/company on the best ways to invest their money.

  • Taking key financial decisions regarding financial investments on behalf of their client.

  • Ensuring that all of the investments are legally compliant and secure.

  • Keeping a record of the health and performance of their investments. etc.

Financiers can assume job roles such as the following in an organization.

  • Finance Officer

  • Finance Manager

  • Finance Director

Employment Sector/Industry for Financier

Financiers are said to be the driving force behind the economy of a nation since they are the bridge between the lenders and the borrowers. However, this also implies that Financiers have a great responsibility of ensuring clean and safe investments. Companies looking to invest their money, hence, hire professionals as Financiers who can handle their financial transactions. As the economy of a country grows, so does the potential for economic investments and the scope for Financiers.

Since they take decisions on money-related matters and can be the difference between exceptional profits and substantial losses for an organization. Therefore, Financiers can demand high salaries from their clients or recruiting organizations. Given below are some of the top areas of recruitment for Financiers.

  • Banks

  • NBFCs

  • Insurance Companies

  • Financial Service Provers

  • Treasuries

  • Finance Departments of Organizations

  • Investment Banks

  • Private Loan Providers etc.

Planning to choose Financier as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Financier

Given below are the approximate average salaries earned by Financiers in India.

Job ProfileEntry-LevelMid-LevelSenior-Level
Finance OfficerRs. 2.5 - 3 LPARs. 3.5  - 4 LPARs. 7.5 - 8 LPA
Finance ManagerRs. 5 LPARs. 10 LPARs. 12+ LPA
Finance DirectorRs. 20 LPARs. 36 LPARs. 40+ LPA

Books & Study Material to Become Financier

The Richest Man in BabylonGeorge S. ClasonFingerprint! Publishing
The Intelligent InvestorBenjamin GrahamHarper Business
Financial Management, Theory and PracticePrasanna ChandraMcGraw-Hill
International Financial ManagementCheol S. Eun, Bruce G. ResnickMcGraw Hill Education
Bank Financial ManagementIIBFMacmillan Education India

Pros of becoming a Financier

  • Financiers earn some of the best salaries in the business.

  • Potential for unlimited growth based on critical thinking and hard work.

  • You can find work in various sectors of the economy as well as go for private practice.

Cons of becoming a Financier

  • High-stress job, which can often lead to health issues.

  • Financiers are often tasked with achieving high targets.

  • Significant work experience is required for senior positions.

Paths for Being Financier

FAQs about Financier

Is it true that Financiers have a disturbed work-life balance?

Yes. Maintaining work-life balance is very difficult in the field of finance. Long and odd working shifts are very common. Financiers can also see 50-70 hour work weeks at times.

Is Financier a good stream to earn money?

Yes. Becoming a Financier is one of the best options for you if your motive is to earn money and lead a lavish lifestyle. This field not only has high salaries but also an unlimited potential for growth and earnings.

What is the average salary for senior-level Financiers in India?

Financiers working in senior positions such as a Finance Director earn around Rs. 36,00,000 p.a. on average.

How much work experience do I need to become a Finance Manager?

Around 3-7 years of work experience is required before one can be promoted or hired for the post of Finance Manager.

What is the average salary of a Financier in India?

The average salary of a Financier will depend on his post as well as the organization. For a Finance Manager working in India, the average salary is around Rs. 10,00,000 p.a.

Which are the top recruiting companies for Financiers in India?

Companies such as BCG, JP Morgan, KPMG, HDFC, SBI are some of the top recruiters for Financiers in India.

Is MBA necessary to become a Financier in India?

No. MBA is not required to become a Financier. Candidates just need to go for courses such as CA, CFA etc. after which they can go for short-term courses for skill improvement. However, an MBA can be helpful to help develop the necessary skills in a Financier to take up senior management roles.

What are the job roles available for Financiers?

Financiers are generally hired for job roles such as Finance Officers, Finance Managers, Finance Directors etc.

Which companies hire Financiers?

Financiers are generally hired by large private organizations, banks, financial service providers, financial consultancies, investment banks, loan service providers etc.

Who is a Financier?

A Financier is a person who handles large financial transactions such as investments, deals, tax filings etc. for an organization or a company.

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