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Last Updated On 02 Nov, 2020

How to Become a Fashion Stylist

About Fashion Stylist

The fashion industry has been spreading its wings in India since times immemorial. It has become a huge industry which offers innumerable jobs to candidates who have an inclination towards the field. One such popular career in fashion is that of a Fashion Stylist. If you are someone who loves the fashion industry, enjoys being creative with colour, patterns, and textures, and are constantly up to date with the latest trends and revel in studying different looks then the career of a Fashion Stylist is the right choice for you.

A Fashion Stylist is a professional who integrates all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetic to make them look as fashionable and appealing as possible. As a Fashion Stylist, you will have the opportunity to explore different types of projects to build your career. From a personal shopper to a costume designer, there are various areas of work that you could go into if you choose to become a Fashion Stylist. From working with celebrity clients to styling models for photoshoots, a Fashion Stylist career provides exciting opportunities to share your passion for style with a variety of interesting people.

Responsibilities of a Fashion Stylist

As a Fashion Stylist, you will be required to fulfil certain duties that will be a part of your job. The major responsibilities of a Fashion Stylist have been listed here.

  • Working with designers, tailors, models, photographers, hair and makeup artists, retailers, members of the media, publicists, celebrities and public figures.
  • Picking clothing and accessories for editorial features and advertisements, concerts, music videos, films and TV shows.
  • Creating an image for celebrities who are your clients.
  • Researching fabrics, clothing construction, and fashion accessories.
  • Keeping up with different designer labels and fashion designers.
  • Staying updated with all the latest fashion trends and events.
  • Attending runway shows, brand showrooms, and various fashion industry events to keep apprised of the latest trends and styles.
  • Predicting and spotting fashion trends.
  • Building professional networks.
  • Sourcing clothing from a worldwide array of brands and manufacturers.
  • Working with public figures to craft a personal visual aesthetic. This may include personal shopping and serving in the role of a personal stylist.
  • Assisting clothing buyers for major retail chains.

Eligibility to become Fashion Stylist

Becoming a Fashion Stylist requires many steps that are to be covered by interested candidates. You will have to meet all the prerequisites before stepping into the professional world. The basic eligibility criteria for becoming a Fashion Stylist have been listed below.

  • The candidate should have completed his/ her education at least up to the bachelor level.
  • He/ she must have a relevant UG or PG degree in the design stream.
  • The university or college from which the candidate obtains his/ her degree must be recognised by the UGC.
  • It is important for the candidate to have scored at least 45-50 per cent aggregate marks in the qualifying degrees.
  • If the candidate has any previous work experience via internships or jobs, he/ she will be at an advantage.

Courses to Become a Fashion Stylist

Pursuing the right course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge for becoming a Fashion Stylist. All candidates who aspire to follow the career of a Fashion Stylist can enrol in any of the courses listed below.


Average Fee per YearTop Design Colleges

B.Des in Fashion Design

Rs. 3 - 7 lacs

Arch Academy of Design (ARCH), Jaipur

Lovely Professional University

Vogue Institute or Art and Design (VIAD), Bangalore

Amity University

Maeer's MIT Institute of Design (MITID), Pune

Sage University

Pearl Academy, Delhi

International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFT), Bangalore

Bachelor of Fashion Designing

Rs. 2.5 - 6 lacs
B.Des in Textile Design

Rs. 2 - 5 lacs

M.Des in Fashion Merchandising

Rs. 1 - 2.5 lacs
Advanced Diploma in Fashion Styling

Rs. 60,000 - 1 lac

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Types of Job Roles Fashion Stylist

There are many job roles available for Fashion Stylists in India. The candidates who wish to make a career in fashion styling can explore many options and choose the one which suits their interests and skills the best. Some of the most sought after job positions of Fashion Stylists are mentioned below.

  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Personal Stylist
  • Assistant Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fashion Editor

Employment Sectors for Fashion Stylists

With the expansion of the fashion industry across many other sectors, the demand for Fashion Stylists has witnessed a huge rise. Some of the employment sectors in which Fashion Stylists are hired in great numbers have been provided below.

  • High End Fashion Brands
  • Fashion Houses
  • Event Organisation
  • Fashion Shows
  • Fashion Magazines
  • Personal Styling
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Fashion Websites
  • Clothing Brands

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Pay Scale/Salary of Fashion Stylist

Several factors are responsible for determining the salary of a Fashion Stylist. All aspirants who wish to make a career as a Fashion Stylist must know that the salary offered depends upon many things. Some of them are your prior work experience, qualifications, designation, etc. The approximate salary offered to Fashion Stylists at each level has been explained through the tabular data below.

Job Profile

Average Salary (per annum)

Entry-Level Salary (per annum)

Mid-Level Salary (per annum)

Senior-Level Salary (per annum)

Fashion Stylist

Rs. 4,30,000

Rs. 2,20,000

Rs. 8,50,000

Rs. 15,50,000

Books & Study Material to Become Fashion Stylist

Here are some famous books that every individual aspiring to become a Fashion Stylist must read.

  • 'Secrets of Stylists: An Insider's Guide to Styling the Stars' by Sasha Charnin Morrison
  • 'Fashion Stylist's Handbook' by Danielle Griffiths
  • 'The Book of Styling: An Insider's Guide to Creating Your Own Look' by Somer Flaherty
  • 'Mastering Fashion Styling' by Jo Dingemans
  • Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries' by Katie Baron

Pros of becoming a Fashion Stylist

  • As a Fashion Stylist, you could be helping to create looks for editorial content or assisting on major fashion shoots. It is a job that requires one to multitask and manage numerous projects simultaneously. 
  • Fashion Stylists work closely with famous designers and influential brands. You might also get to work with celebrities and stars of the fashion industry.
  • Due to your job, you will get the opportunity of travelling places and being an insider to many important events and shows.

Cons of becoming a Fashion Stylist

  • The salary offered to a Fashion Stylist at the beginning of the career is not quite high.
  • Fashion Stylists have a hectic life as they have many tasks on their plate.
  • The pressure of being constantly creative and innovative at times drains the stylists mentally.

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FAQs about Fashion Stylist

Who is a Fashion Stylist?

A Fashion Stylist is a consultant who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures.

Is a Fashion Stylist similar to a Fashion Designer?

No, the jobs of a Fashion Stylist and a Fashion Designer are very different from each other. Fashion Designers are responsible for designing and creating outfits whereas fashion stylists put together pieces of clothing and prepare the ideal outfit for celebrities or other people. A fashion trend is created by the fashion designer and the fashion stylist studies the trend and dresses his/ her clients according to it.

Can I become a Fashion Stylist after class 12th?

It is important to get at least an undergraduate degree in fashion in order to become a Fashion Stylist.

Can I become a personal Fashion Stylist?

Yes, Personal Stylists are hugely popular especially in the film and TV industry. All celebrities have their personal fashion stylists and their demand is increasing gradually.

What are the top colleges for becoming a Fashion Stylist?

Some of the leading design colleges in which you can seek admission to pave the path of becoming a Fashion Stylist are the National Institutes of Fashion Technology (NIFTs), Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID), INIFD Mumbai, CODE Jaipur, Arch Academy of Design, MIT Institute of Design, etc.

What is the eligibility to become a Fashion Stylist?

In order to become a Fashion Stylist, you need to have a UG degree in design with the specialisation in fashion studies. It is mandatory to have received passing marks in all the subjects of the degree.

Is it mandatory to do an internship to become a Fashion Stylist?

No, having prior internship experience is not mandatory for becoming a Fashion Stylist. However, it will definitely give you an upper hand during the recruitment process.

Do I have to appear for any entrance exam to become a Fashion Stylist?

Many design colleges in India admit students through entrance exams. If you wish to take admission in any of those institutes, you will have to appear for a design entrance exam. However, there are several colleges which select candidates on the basis of merit as well.

What is the average salary of a Fashion Stylist?

The average salary of a Fashion Stylist in India is around Rs. 4.3 lacs per annum.

What is the e=beginner level salary offered to Fashion Stylists?

The starting salary offered to Fashion Stylists is in the range of Rs. 2 lacs per annum to 4 lacs per annum.

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