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Career as Employee Relations Manager

Career as a Employee Relations Manager

About Employee Relations Manager

An Employee Relations Manager is a position in the Human Resource Management department of an organization. He/she performs several essential tasks related to employee relations in an organization and is also responsible for resolving any conflict. Employee Relations Manager is a job role that includes managing employee relations over the regular HR management tasks.

Employee Relations Manager ensure that a company's workforce is satisfied and happy in the workplace. They play a vital role in maintaining a positive work environment and thus help in keeping morale high. In addition, they also ensure that all of the paperwork and documentation of the employees is done in a proper manner.

Employee Relations Managers are beneficial not only for the hiring organization but also for the employee. They are the people employees reach out to in case there is a conflict or in case the employee needs some information They also take care of tasks such as hiring formalities, salary disbursement, exit interviews, payslip generation, employee database management, office management, arranging various tasks and activities on the workplace etc.

Eligibility to become Employee Relations Manager

Employee Relationship Manager is a leadership role in which a professional is required to have good management ability, good interpersonal skills, ability to think on their feet, good knowledge of the regulations surrounding corporate operations, confident demeanour and several other qualities. Companies usually prefer to hire candidates having a formal education for these roles. Plus, since it a senior-level position, work experience is usually also required for this role. Given below are the most popular courses for Employee Relationship Managers in India.

UG Courses for Employee Relationship Managers



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


BCom in HR

PG Courses for Employee Relationship Managers



Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Work Experience Required for Employee Relationship Managers

Employee Relationship Manager is a senior-level leadership role in a firm and hence requires a candidate who has good experience to be able to handle the responsibilities that come with the role. Generally, companies ask for 5 - 10 years of work experience for Employee Relationship Manager roles.

Types of Job Roles Employee Relations Manager

The job responsibilities of Employee Relationship Managers can be found given below.

  • Understanding the various issues of employees in an organisation and resolving disputes on an individual basis.

  • Handling the operations related to onboarding of employees such as interviews, orientation, training, documentation etc.

  • Creating and maintaining a database of employees and keeping a track of their leaves, salary etc.

  • Maintaining communication with the employees to maintain a positive and dispute-fee environment in the workplace.

  • Selecting and distributing employee benefit programmes and other perks associated with the organisation.

  • Coordinating with vendors and keeping an eye on the day-to-day operations and overall management of the office environment.

  • Arranging various activities and workshops for fun and training in the office.

Employment Sector/Industry for Employee Relations Manager

Employee Relations Manager is a full-time role in the Human Resource Department of an organisation. Since it is a leadership role, they may have a team working under their supervision and taking care of the executive tasks related to HR management.

Almost all companies operating in the service sector and the manufacturing sector have HR personnel or a team, depending upon the size of the organisation.

One important point to note is that the post of an Employee Relations Manager is usually only found in large organisations. Small and medium scale companies do not hire Employee Relationship Managers and their role is carried out by the HR Executives and Associates.

Employee Relations Managers may also be hired by HR consultancies, HR agencies or recruiting agencies that rely on business from small companies and act as their mediator for hiring and negotiation with potential employees.

Planning to choose Employee Relations Manager as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Employee Relations Manager

The salary details of an Employee Relations Manager in India have been given below.

  • The average salary of an Employee Relations Manager at the entry-level can range from Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 4 LPA.
  • On average, an Employee Relations Manager in India makes around Rs. 7 to 7.5 LPA.
  • Employee Relations Managers with 10+ years of experience have an average salary of Rs. 10 LPA in India.
  • More experienced Employee Relations Managers can demand compensation upwards of Rs. 20 LPA.

Books & Study Material to Become Employee Relations Manager

Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are HighKerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron Mcmillan, Al SwitzlerMcGraw Hill Education
Negotiation at Work: Maximize Your Team's Skills with 60 High-Impact ActivitiesIra AshermanAMACOM
The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential VirtuesPatrick M. LencioniJossey-Bass
The Definitive Guide to HR Communication: Engaging Employees in Benefits, Pay, and PerformanceAlison Davis, Jane ShannonFT Press
Unwritten HR Rules: 21 Secrets For Attaining Awesome Career Success In Human ResourcesAlan CollinsSuccessinhr.com

Pros of becoming a Employee Relations Manager

  • A career in Human Resources is considered a relatively easier career to get into.

  • Good entry-level salary with excellent prospects of growth.

  • Great career choice for people with interpersonal skills. Many other required skills can be learned on the job.

Cons of becoming a Employee Relations Manager

  • Resolving conflicts and issues on a daily basis can get stressful.

  • HR professionals are usually faced with a high workload.

  • The job has a tendency to get boring since it requires sorting paperwork for long hours.

Paths for Being Employee Relations Manager

FAQs about Employee Relations Manager

Is an MBA a good course to become an ER manager?

Yes. Many of the skills required for an ER manager role can be learned in an MBA programme. To discuss your MBA admission-requirements, call 18005729877 and talk to our admissions counsellor today.

How much salary does an ER manager earn?

The average salary of an ER manager in India is around Rs. 7,50,000 per year. Professionals in ER management roles in their late-career stage can have Rs. 20+ LPA salaries.

What types of companies are looking for Employee Relations Managers?

ER managers are generally required in large organisations with a full-fledged HR department. They are mostly hired by HR consultancies, recruiting agencies, private companies etc.

What books are recommended for ER managers?

Some of the good books that every ER manager should read include How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, HR from the Outside In by Dave Ulrich and others, The Talent Delusion by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Nine Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham etc.

Do ER managers require any work experience?

Yes. 5-10 years of work experience is required for ER managers. They must have a good idea of everyday operations of the HR department and the company policies regarding its employees.

What colleges can I joint for becoming an Employee Relations Manager?

There are many colleges offering courses for Employee Relations Managers. Some of these are Amity University, UPES Dehradun, SAGE University Indore, VBS Chennai, IMI New Delhi, KSOM Bhubaneswar etc.

Which courses can help me become an ER manager?

In order to become an ER manager, you should look for UG and PG courses in management and HR. Courses such as BBA, PGD, MBA in HR are best for this career path.

What skills are required to become an ER manager?

One of the most important qualities that an ER manager should have is strong interpersonal skills. They should be excellent communicators, able to handle tense situations, diplomatic in nature and be able to multitask.

Is there a difference between HR Manager and Employee Relations Manager?

Yes, Employee Relations is a part of the HR department of an organization. An HR manager oversees the complete operations of the HR department including tasks such as payroll management, employee database management, hiring and exit interviews, employee orientation etc. An ER Manager focuses on facilitating cordial relations between an employee and the employer.

Who is an Employee Relations Manager?

An Employee Relations Manager is a person who helps an organisation maintain a good relationship with its employees by performing several tasks such as resolving disputes, distributing benefit schemes, conducting training and fun activities etc.

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