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Career as Health Care Inspector

Career as a Health Care Inspector

About Health Care Inspector

The work of a Health Care Inspector is to ensure that all businesses in the healthcare industry follow safety and health regulations laid down by the state government. They thoroughly inspect and examine everything to ensure that the employees are practising medicine as per the prescribed norms. Along with that, they also check sanitation in a professional setting. A career as a Health Care Inspector is a great choice for candidates who are looking forward to work in Public Health, Sanitation, and Private Medical Bodies. The job of a Health Care Inspector requires a lot of compassion and urge to serve others and improve their quality of life.

To make a career in the same students can pursue the course both after class 10 or 12  The duration of the diploma can be 1 year, 2 years or 3 years, depending upon the university or institute chosen by the candidate and as per their previous qualification.

Eligibility to become Health Care Inspector

To answer the question "How to Become a Health Care Inspector?", here are the important criteria that one needs to meet.

  • Candidates must hold at least a bachelor’s degree or diploma.

  • Candidates should be holding a degree relevant to the health care sector like occupational therapy, pharmacy, medical technology, clinical nutrition, etc. 

  • Only licensed candidates are allowed to work professionally as health care inspector.

Key Skills Required to Become a Health Care Inspector

  • Work ethic

  • Flexibility

  • Empathy

  • Time management

  • Positive attitude

  • Thorough

  • Attention to detail

  • Teamwork

  • Stress management

  • Communication skills

Types of Job Roles Health Care Inspector

Candidates can explore the following profiles as a health care inspector. 

  • Food Inspector: The duty of a Food Inspector is to check the food distribution, processing and manufacturing to meed the food hygiene standards.

  • Sanitation Inspector: A sanitation inspector conducts inspections of food service establishments to make sure the sanitary, wholesome and safe food and related products. 

  • Hospital Maintenance Supervisor: A Hospital Maintenance Supervisor manages or maintains the facilities in a hospital. 

  • Public Health Officer: A Public Health Officer investigates and identifies health issues or hazards in foodservice establishments, hospitals or a community.

Responsibilities of a Health Care Inspector

While working as a Health Care Inspector, a professional has to get involved with the following tasks. 

  • To examine businesses for ensuring the obedience of safety regulations. 

  • To conduct routine inspections

  • To maintain the required sanitation procedures

  • Travelling occasionally for the job

  • Working to make sure the products are fit for eating and in compliance with federal laws.

Employment Sector/Industry for Health Care Inspector

​A Health Care Inspector has an ample amount of opportunities in different employment areas. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Pathology Labs

  • Public Hospitals

  • Diagnostic Laboratories 

  • Municipal Corporations

  • Private Hospitals


Planning to choose Health Care Inspector as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Health Care Inspector

The following table shows how much a Health Care Inspector earns. 

Salary Range

INR 2.25 LPA to INR 4.40 LPA

Minimum Salary

INR 2.25 LPA

Average/ Median Salary


Highest Salary

4.40 LPA

NOTE: The numbers mentioned above are tentative and may vary for different candidates.  

Pros of becoming a Health Care Inspector

  • Good salary

  • Wide range of possible work environments and specifications

  • Opportunities for career development

  • Higher rates of job satisfaction among employees

Cons of becoming a Health Care Inspector

  • May include frequent travelling

  • Employment hazards through exposure to chemicals

  • Work may require one to wear uncomfortable and bulky safety equipment

Paths for Being Health Care Inspector

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