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Career as Real Estate Consultant

Career as a Real Estate Consultant

About Real Estate Consultant

A Real Estate Consultant is a professional who helps a client find the perfect property of his choice. The basic role of a Real Estate Consultant is to ensure that the property-related requirements of his/her clients are met. Real Estate Consultants have an in-depth working knowledge of the real estate industry and hence can provide the best advice to a customer looking for a commercial or residential property. They also guide a client through the whole process of purchase, monetary settlement, legal formalities and construction formalities of a property.

Real Estat Agents offer valuable services and play an essential role in the real estate industry. Since this is an industry that is very complicated to navigate and full of misinformation and loopholes due to which a client can suffer loss and anxiousness, clients rely on an expert Real Estate Agent to give them the best advice. Thus, Real Estate Agents help build trust in an industry that is not easily trusted or comfortable to navigate for an outsider.

Real Estate Agents must not be confused with Real Estate Brokers or Realtors. Although both require a similar set of knowledge and perform mostly the same tasks, the target of a Real Estate Agent is to help their client while Brokers and Realtors push towards a sale. As any expert Real Estate Agent would tell you, the job is not about being a Salesman but about being an advisor for their client. In order to become a Real Estate Agent, a person should be an excellent communicator apart and must be able to make good predictions based on the analysis of the Real Estate sector.

Eligibility to become Real Estate Consultant

The eligibility and conditions for becoming a Real Estate Consultant are defined by the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) 2016. RERA requires Real Estate Consultants to register themselves with the regulating body before they can carry out commercial activities and transactions in the field. Real Estate Consultants have to adhere to the norms defined by RERA and submit their personal details, business details, income details as well as police verification details to the regulating body for the registration.

Apart from this, no particular educational requirements exist for Real Estate Agents in India. You can become a Real Estate Consultant based on any educational background. However, taking into account the requirements of the business, it is recommended that students go for business management, marketing and sales-related qualifications to get into this sector. Students aspiring for Real Estate Consultant roles can also consider technical disciplines such as Civil Engineering or Architecture to get into this business. Given below are some of the courses you can consider for becoming a Real Estate Consultant in India.

UG Courses for Real Estate Consultants

There are a number of undergraduate courses which are ideal for Real Estate Consultant jobs.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
BBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure
BBA in Marketing
BTech in Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

PG Courses for Real Estate Consultants

Although there is little need to pursue postgraduate education to become a Real Estate Consultant. However, for seeking opportunities in large consultancy firms or at a global level or just for entrepreneurs in the segment, going for a postgraduate management degree is a good idea. The following PG courses can be considered for a Real Estate Management career.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Sales and Marketing
MBA in Real Estate and Infrastructure

For all admission-related inquiries, call our helpline number 18005729877 or fill our Common Application Form (CAF)

Types of Job Roles Real Estate Consultant

Given below are the common job roles and responsibilities of a Real Estate Consultant in India.

  • Meeting new customers, understanding their requirements and answering all customer queries. Bringing new and potential clients on board.

  • Reviewing the services being provided to existing clients and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Advising clients on new and existing opportunities based on their requirements.

  • Taking clients on property visits and explaining the advantages and shortcoming of real estate investments.

  • Acting as an intermediary and facilitator between the client and developers. 

  • Researching new and developing properties. Keeping a track of property rates and best avenues of investments.

  • Meeting and interacting with property developers and providing consultation on customer demand and requirements.

  • Understanding the market trends and demands of the real estate sector.

Employment Sector/Industry for Real Estate Consultant

Real Estate is a growing sector in a developing country like India. Property buyers including large agents and developers as well as individual clients require expert advice and suggestions on where to invest and how to manage their business and property dealings. Here, the role of a Real Estate Consultant becomes very important. Real Estate Consultants have the advantage of working in an industry that pays well and offers good scope for growth. With more cities being considered for planned urban development in India, there is a good scope for Real Estate Consultants to get good returns in exchange for their services and expertise.

Given below are some of the areas of employment for Real Estate Consultants in India.

  • Real Estate Consultancies

  • Construction Companies

  • Property Development Agencies

  • Real Estate Brokering Companies

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Online Property Aggregators

  • Freelancing

Given below are some of the top recruiting companies for Real Estate Consultants in India.

  • Housing.com

  • JLL

  • CBRE

  • 360 Realtors

  • Arch Real Estate

  • Zillow etc.

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Pay Scale/Salary of Real Estate Consultant

The salary details of a Real Estate Consultant can be found in the points given below.

  • Real Estate Consultants are normally hired as trainees at the start of their career. During this period, their salary on average ranges from Rs. 3 to 3.5 LPA.

  • On average, Real Estate Consultants in India earn a salary of around Rs. 7 - 8 LPA.

  • For more experienced professionals, the senior-level salaries can be around rs. 12 - 13 LPA.

Books & Study Material to Become Real Estate Consultant

The Millionaire Real Estate InvestorGary Keller, Dave Jenks, Jay PapasanMcGraw-Hill Education
Real Book of Real EstateRobert T KiyosakiPerseus
The Book on Investing In Real EstateBrandon TurnerBiggerPockets Publishing
Mastering the Art of Selling Real EstateTom HopkinsPenguin USA
How To Win Friends And Influence PeopleDale CarnegieSeekosity Books

Pros of becoming a Real Estate Consultant

  • Real Estate Consulting is a career that relies more on experience and analytical thinking than formal education.
  • Great career choice for confident and assertive individuals with good communication skills.

  • Good salaries starting from the entry-level and there is virtually unlimited scope for growth.

Cons of becoming a Real Estate Consultant

  • Professionals are usually required to work for long working hours and may be required to adhere to the timings of the client.

  • Since there is a lot of interaction with lawyers, developers, clients etc., the job can be stressful and hectic.

  • A lot of legwork is required in the early stages of the career to make it in this business.

Paths for Being Real Estate Consultant

FAQs about Real Estate Consultant

What types of companies hire Real Estate Consultants?

Real Estate Consultants are mainly hired by Consulting Agencies or Property Brokering firms. They can also find employment opportunities in construction companies, property development agencies or start their own business.

Does the Real Estate Consulting sector has good scope for earning money?

Yes. Real Estate Consulting is one of the most profitable sectors not only in India but also all over the world.

What is the average starting salary earned by a Real Estate Consultant?

A Real Estate Consultant usually starts their career at the Trainee level. At this point, they are generally paid around Rs. 3 - 3.5 lakhs per annum.

Is RERA registration required for Real Estate Consultants?

Yes, it is mandatory for all Real Estate Consultants and Consulting Firms in India to register themselves with RERA.

Is there any advantage of an MBA degree for Real Estate Consultants?

Yes, an MBA course in fields related to Real Estate will help a professional develop a better understanding of the business. An MBA degree can help Real Estate Consultants approach better companies and demand higher salaries and also develop the competency to start their own firm.

Which course is required for becoming a Real Estate Consultant?

Graduates of any discipline can become Real Estate Agents if they have the required skills. However, courses related to Marketing, Sales and Real Estate Management are recommended for the role.

What skills are required for a Real Estate Consultant?

A Real Estate Consultant must be a good communicator, have a confident personality, be able to negotiate in tough situations, have good analytical skills and should be able to clearly understand the requirements of their client.

What comes under the job responsibilities of a Real Estate Consultant?

A real estate consultant has to ensure that a client is guided to the best property investments as per their need and requirements. They may also be required to provide site visits and act as an intermediary between their clients and developers, site engineering, architects, lawyers etc.

Is there any difference between a Real Estate Consultant and Property Consultant job roles?

No. Both Property Consultant and Real Estate Consultants are different names of the same job roles.

What is the difference between a Real Estate Consultant and a Real Estate Agent?

The basic difference is that while a Real Estate Agent is hired by a property owner to sell their property, a Real Estate Consultant is hired by a client to understand their property-related needs and provide the best advice as per their requirement.

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