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Career as Functional Manager

Career as a Functional Manager

About Functional Manager

A Functional Manager is a person who manages a certain functional area of an organisation which could be a team, a department, a unit etc. Functional managers are responsible for providing instructions and handle the resources of a team that is working on a particular area of a larger project or organisation. Hence, Functional Managers are required to have expertise in a particular area and help an organisation achieve its goals in a target area.

Functional Manager is basically a broad term that can be used to describe many different job roles in an organisation. There can be many Functional Managers in a project. Functional Managers are essential for an organisation to be able to provide proper instructions as well as oversee the progress and growth of divisions. Functional Managers also report the statistics, requirements and feedback of the team to the higher management.

Eligibility to become Functional Manager

There are no particular criteria for becoming a functional manager. It is a broad term that can apply for roles in different departments of a company. These departments may or may not be working on similar products. Hence, the various Functional Managers in an organisation may have different key result areas.

The education and expertise of a Functional Manager will be defined by which type of post they wish to take up. Depending upon their chosen area of work, their job requirements will change. Their education requirements will also change accordingly. Given below are some details of the eligibility or requirements of Functional Managers.

Education Required

  • Functional Managers may be required to have a technical degree, or they may be from a management background.

  • Other background candidates can also become Functional Managers. It will depend on the requirements and area of work of their organisation.

Work Experience Required

Around 5 years of work experience is usually required.

Skill Required

  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Fluent in written and verbal communication

  • Ability to motivate the team and keep morale high

  • Works according to the targets and motivations of the organisation

  • Good interpersonal skills

Given below are some of the most common courses that are good for future Functional Managers.



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Types of Job Roles Functional Manager

Functional Managers are the heads of their respective teams. Various positions can, thus, be defined as Functional Managers. Given below are some of the job positions that come under the definition of Functional Manager.

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Functional Consultant
  • Computer / IT Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Project Safety Manager
  • Development Team Manager
  • Accounts Receivable Manager etc.

Employment Sector/Industry for Functional Manager

Functional Managers are required by almost every organisation. They provide leadership at a divisional scale and help the core management in ensuring proper utilisation of resources and keeping an eye on the progress of targets given to a team. The job of a Functional Manager cannot be limited to a particular sector or company. Since it is a blanket term, it applies to many different job posts in a variety of sectors. However, you will not find job postings for 'Functional Managers' in many sectors. The requirement for Functional Managers is also not limited just to the private sector. Many government sector organisations and NGOs also hire candidates for Functional Management roles.

Given below are some common areas where the role of a Functional Manager is required.

  • Project Management Firms

  • Project Consultancies

  • Public Service Commissions

  • Financial Service Providers

  • Tech Consultants etc.

Planning to choose Functional Manager as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Functional Manager

The salary details of various Functional Manager job positions can be found given in the table below.

Job RoleAnnual Entry-Level Salary p.aAnnual Average / Mid-Career SalaryAnnual Senior-Level Salary
Computer / IT ManagerRs. 4.98 lakhsRs. 12.87 lakhsRs. 15.36 lakhs
Customer Service ManagerRs. 2.54 lakhsRs. 6.70 lakhsRs. 10.25 lakhs
Sales ManagerRs. 3.33 lakhsRs. 4.89 lakhsRs. 6.00 lakhs
Functional ConsultantRs. 2.50 lakhsRs. 8.90 lakhsRs. 16.36 lakhs
Project Safety ManagerRs. 6.92 lakhsRs. 7.73 lakhsRs. 11.56 lakhs

Books & Study Material to Become Functional Manager

Functional Managers have to be good leaders and effective communicators to do their job well. Good managers are also required to be concerned about their team, empathetic towards their problems and with a problem-solving attitude. Given below are some best books for Functional Managers in India.

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

  • Good to Great by Jim Collins

  • The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

  • First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham

  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Pros of becoming a Functional Manager

  • The job requires critical thinking and problem-solving on a daily basis, which keeps it interesting.

  • You stay in touch with the executives as well as higher management.

  • Good performance will get you promoted to senior management roles.

Cons of becoming a Functional Manager

  • The job can get hectic as you have to ensure team morale while also enforcing targets and deadlines.
  • A lot of executive decisions have to be made by Functional Managers, which brings immense responsibility.

  • A major part of the job will involve generating reports and tracking progress of your team.

Paths for Being Functional Manager

FAQs about Functional Manager

What books can I read to become a good Functional Manager?

The top 3 books to become a better Functional Manager include How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni and High Output Management by Andrew S. Grove.

How much work experience is required for a Functional Manager?

5-10 years of work experience is usually required for becoming a Functional Manager.

Do Functional Managers get good pay?

Yes. Functional Managers are usually 3 - 4 levels senior in an organisation and hence can expect to get a good salary.

Is there any course I can do to become a Functional Manager?

You must have at least bachelor's level of education to become a functional manager. Additionally, you can also go for postgraduate management courses to sharpen your knowledge and skills for management roles.

Which type of companies hire Functional Managers?

Functional Managers can be found in almost every organisation with a small to large workforce.

What skills must a Functional Manager have?

The skills required for a Functional Manager include: Problem-Solving, Analytical Thinking, Written and Verbal Communication, Ease with Numbers and Data, Responsible Nature, Target-Driven Approach etc.

Is a Functional Manager an important role for a company?

Yes, Functional Managers are essential for an organisation as they ensure that the deadlines and targets of various units are being met and help mitigate any issues of the team members.

What are the responsibilities of a Functional Manager?

The responsibilities of a Functional Manager include providing daily instructions and tasks to the team, tracking the progress of tasks, taking team meetings, solving work-related issues of team members, providing daily reports to higher management etc.

What are some examples of Functional Managers?

Examples of Functional Managers include Development Manager, Safety Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Content Manager etc.

Who is a Functional Manager?

A Functional Manager is any individual who is put in control of a team's work, resources and day-to-day decisions.

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