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Career as Sales Order Planner

Career as a Sales Order Planner

About Sales Order Planner

Sales Order Planners or Sales Planners are the persons who forecast and plan for the sales order received by a company. They ensure that the company has enough availability of products to fulfil a sales order raised by a potential client and are also required to predict the future sales order that may be received by the company. This helps the company plan its production accordingly and produce only enough products that will be eventually ordered by a customer.

Sales Planners are responsible for doing market research and calculate the demand for the products of a company. They also help increase the sales of a company by identifying the target selling areas and products, talking to potential clients and creating sales proposals and managing ongoing sales orders to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. Sales Order Planners work in tandem with the Sales and Marketing departments of an organisation and help in creating marketing plans for various business opportunities.

Eligibility to become Sales Order Planner

Candidates aspiring for Sales Planners jobs must acquire the knowledge and skills required for the role through relevant courses and work experience. Graduates are mostly considered eligible for these roles but the requirement may change depending on the company. Given below are the basic qualifications required for Sales Order Planners in India.

Job Requirements for Sales Order Planner

Educational Requirements

  • The basic requirement for this role is a recognized bachelor's degree course.

  • Some companies may require more advanced qualifications such as a master's degree, advanced certification courses and knowledge of certain software and platforms.

  • The most common specializations asked for this role include Analytics, Data Management, Business Management, Sales etc.

  • Candidates can also target courses that include Market Research and Customer Relations in their curriculum.

Work Experience Required

3 - 5 years of work experience is commonly asked for these roles.

Skills Required

  • Good communication and presentation skills

  • Ability to multitask

  • Advanced knowledge of data-processing software

  • Experience of working with and handling large teams which may have little to no experience

  • Ability to perform under pressure

Courses for Sales Order Planners

UG Courses for Sales Order Planners



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA in Marketing

BBA in Sales and Marketing

BBA in Business Analytics

PG Courses for Sales Order Planner



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Sales

For an easy application process for any of these colleges, just apply through the ColleegDekho Common Application Form (CAF). If you have any doubts or queries, please call our helpline number 18005729877.

Types of Job Roles Sales Order Planner

The job role of a Sales Order Planner may vary as per the requirements of the industry. While the basic responsibilities for the role and the tools employed the job are similar, Sales Order Planners in different industries and companies have to target different niches and use different tactics during their day-to-day work. Given below are some of the common job roles for Sales Order Planners.

  • Sales Planner

  • Area Sales Planner

  • Offline Sales Planner

  • Digital Sales Planner

  • Media Sales Planner

  • Sales Planning Manager

  • Merchandise Sales Planner etc.

Employment Sector/Industry for Sales Order Planner

Sales Order Planner is a job position in the Sales and Marketing department of an organisation. This is a job role that is common across many different industries and may work to improve the sales for not only the products but also services for a company. Therefore, Sales Order Planners are not only required in the manufacturing sector but in the service sector companies as well.

Market evaluation and planning production based on demand is essential for every business and hence Sales Order Planner or Sales Planner is quite a common job role. It has a good score for growth and improvement. Given below are some popular areas of employment for Sales Order Planners in India.

  • FMCG Companies

  • Retail Chains

  • Finance Service Providers

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • ECommerce etc.

Planning to choose Sales Order Planner as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Sales Order Planner

Given below are the average salary details of a Sales Order Planner in India.

  • The starting salary for a Sales Order Planner is around Rs. 4 -5 LPA.

  • The average salary earned by a Sales Order Planner in India is approx. Rs. 8 LPA.

  • For senior-level roles such as Sales Planning Managers, the average salary can be around Rs. 12 - 13 LPA.

  • Late-career salaries for Sales Order Planners can exceed Rs. 20 LPA.

Books & Study Material to Become Sales Order Planner

Given below are some of the best-recommended books for Sales Order Planners in India.

  • To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink

  • Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff

  • The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes

  • Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi

  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

Pros of becoming a Sales Order Planner

  • It is a dynamic field with new challenges every day. Good for people who like an exciting work environment.

  • Good starting as well as late-career salary.

  • The job offers excellent networking opportunities.

Cons of becoming a Sales Order Planner

  • Sales targets are often set high and hence it is a high-pressure job.

  • Frequent travelling might be required, which can get hectic.

  • Professionals have to face cut-throat competition, which can take a toll on mental health.

Paths for Being Sales Order Planner

FAQs about Sales Order Planner

Is work experience necessary for a Sales Planner?

Yes, almost all of the companies require candidates for Sales Planner to have relevant work experience to be eligible to apply. Usually, a 3-5 year work experience is required.

Is Sales Order Planner a senior-level position in a company?

Sales Order Planners is usually a mid-level job post. They can be promoted to higher-level position such as Asst. Manager and Manager for Sales Planning or the Sales and Marketing Departments.

What are the perks of being a Sales Order Planner?

Sales Order Planners is a reputable job in any organisation. He/she gets to be at the centre of action in many major business decisions. Plus, since Sales Planners drive business to the company, achieving success in this field can also bring in extra earnings from bonuses.

Is Digital Marketing a good course for Sales Order Planners?

Digital Marketing courses will help go get into the field of Digital Sales. They are not ideal for Sales Order Planners per se but can be effective depending on which type of company you wish to join.

How much salary does a Sales Order Planner earn?

The average salary for Sales Order Planners can be around Rs. 8 LPA. For entry-level and trainee roles, candidates can expect a salary of around Rs. 3.5 LPA.

Is MBA a good course for Sales Order Planners?

Yes, MBA and PGDM courses are great for getting into this field. Sales Order Planners should ideally choose specialisations related to Business Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Sales Management, Marketing Management etc.

Should I go for PG courses for becoming a Sales Order Planner?

Yes. Pursuing postgraduate education is a good way to get into this job role. You will acquire many essentials skills in the course and many companies also give preference to candidates with master's degrees.

Which UG courses are best to become a Sales Order Planner?

UG courses such as BBA in specialisations such as Marketing, Sales Management, Business Analytics etc.

Is a bachelor's degree sufficient to become a Sales Order Planner?

Yes, some companies may accept candidates with only an undergraduate degree for Sales Planner roles. However, they must have a solid work experience to compensate and must be able to showcase their knowledge and skills.

What is the job of a Sales Order Planner?

A Sales Order Planner basically plans for any future sales orders that a company is expected to receive and ensures that there is enough product available to satisfy the demand of the customer.

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