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Career as Expeditor

Career as a Expeditor

About Expeditor

An Expeditor facilitates or expedites the flow of materials from one place to another. He/she basically makes the process of sending goods from one place to another easier for the senders as well as the receiver. Expeditors function as coordinators of various shipments in an out of an industry. They research vendors and negotiate deals to ensure that the company's needs are fulfilled and it gets the best deal possible. Expeditors also ensure that the quality of materials being delivered is at par with the standards requested or negotiated by the company.

Eligibility to become Expeditor

The requirements to become an Expeditor vary from company to company. Check the information given below for more details.

Educational Qualification Required
  • Expeditors are usually required to have completed at least High School level of education or a bachelor's degree in a related discipline.

  • Usually, qualification in engineering or management is required for Expeditor job roles.

  • Candidates should also look to develop skills in areas such as SAP, ERP, SCM etc.

Work Experience Required

1 - 3 years of work experience are sufficient to become an Expeditor. However, the work experience should be in a relevant position, which is specified by the recruiting organisation.

Skills Required

The skills required section for an Expeditor position usually looks like the following:

  • Outstanding communication skills

  • Highly proficient in computer applications including SQL, MS Excel and MS Access
  • Knowledge and experience of SAP

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Excellent negotiating skills

  • Strong work ethic with the ability to improvise in tough situations

  • Ability to maintain good customer and vendor relations

Courses to Become an Expeditor

Given below are some of the courses you can consider for an expeditor job role.

UG Courses for Expeditors


BTech in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

PG Courses for Expeditors


MTech in Mechanical Engineering
MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Candidates interested in applying to these colleges can do easily through the CollegeDekho Common Application Form (CAF). For any more inquiries related to admissions, please call our toll-free helpline number 18005729877.

Types of Job Roles Expeditor

Expeditors is a job role that can be found in many industries. Depending upon the type of industry and position, the job role of an Expeditor can change. The type of organisation can also influence the job responsibilities of an Expeditor. Given below are some of the common job positions for Expeditors.

  • Construction Expeditor

  • Purchase Expeditor

  • Third-Party Expeditor

  • Food Expeditor etc.

Given below are some of the common job responsibilities of an Expeditor.

  • Acting as a PoC for the hiring organisation for customer and vendor requests related to delivery.

  • Manage all purchases for the company as per demands raised from other departments

  • Tracking the delivery of shipments and ensuring timely delivery

  • Negotiating prices, quality, delivery times etc. with the vendors

  • Maintaining a database of the orders placed by the company and staying updated with the delivery timelines

Employment Sector/Industry for Expeditor

Expeditors is a job position that can be found in many types of companies. Companies that need to have a system for regular delivery and shipments of materials and must do so as per a fixed timeline usually find it feasible to hire candidates for Expeditor job roles. Therefore, there are certain industries where Expeditors are more common than others. Candidates can also act as third-party Expeditors for companies that find it more suitable to outsource the work or hire Expediting services on an ad-hoc basis. Given below are some of the popular areas of employment for Expeditors.

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Construction Companies

  • Delivery Companies

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management Companies

  • Petrochemical Industries

  • Energy Generation etc.

Planning to choose Expeditor as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Expeditor

The salary details of Expeditors can be found given below.

Career StageExperienceCompensation
Average Starting Salary0 - 3 yearsRs. 2 - 2.5 LPA
Average Salary in India4 - 5 yearsRs. 5 - 5.5 LPA
Average Mid-Level Salary6 - 8 yearsRs. 7 - 8 LPA
Average Senior Level Salary8 - 10 yearsRs. 10 - 12 LPA
Late-Career Salary15+ yearsRs. 20+ LPA

Books & Study Material to Become Expeditor

Here are some of the best books that can help a candidate become a better Expeditor.

  • The Supply Chain Revolution: Innovative Sourcing and Logistics for a Fiercely Competitive World by Suman Sarkar
  • Supply Chain Management by Sunil Chopra, Peter Meindl and D V Kalra

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management by Martin Christopher

  • Order Expediting in Supply Chains by Raik Ozsen

  • Job Order Contracting: Expediting Construction Project Delivery by Allen L. Henderson

Pros of becoming a Expeditor

  • Advanced educational qualifications are not necessary for the career.

  • On-the-job training and certification courses are enough for growth.

  • Professionals can expect fixed working hours

Cons of becoming a Expeditor

  • Limited scope of career opportunities

  • Starting salaries are a bit low

  • You have to adjust your schedule as per delivery times of shipments

Paths for Being Expeditor

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