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Career as Public Prosecutor

Career as a Public Prosecutor

About Public Prosecutor

A Public Prosecutor is a person who has been appointed either by the Central Government or the State Government to represent cases on behalf of the State in criminal trials. The main role of the Public Prosecutor is to serve the ends of justice in the best interests of the public. The work of a Public Prosecutor begins once the police has done its investigation and filed the charge sheet in the court. The Public Prosecutor is expected to act impartially and present all the facts of the case, documents, and evidence so as to assist the court in arriving at a correct judgement.

Eligibility to become Public Prosecutor

The eligibility criteria for becoming a Public Prosecutor have been listed in the table given below. The detailed description of the prerequisites required for a career as a Public Prosecutor has been explained.

Educational Qualification

  • The candidate must have completed at least a UG degree in law if he/ she wants to become a Public Prosecutor.
  • Those who have completed a Postgraduate degree in Law are also recruited for the job therefore LLM graduates can also apply for becoming a Public Prosecutor.
  • The candidate must have cleared all the exams of his/ her degree and should have an aggregate score of at least 50-55%.

Skill Set

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Applied intellectual ability
  • Ability to absorb, understand, and analyse large amounts of information
  • Good presentation skills
  • Ability to handle pressure, long hours, demanding deadlines and great responsibility
  • Clear and concise writing and drafting skills
  • Attention to details
  • Good knowledge of the law
  • Litigation and transaction skills
  • Updated with the latest events and news
  • Creative problem-solving ability
  • Good proofreading skills
  • Rational approach

Work Experience

  • It is mandatory to have some work experience in the form of internships for the job of a Public Prosecutor. Candidates should have done some internships under established agencies in similar roles while completing their degree.

Courses to Become a Government Lawyer

The table given below provides the list of some popular courses in which students enrol for becoming a Public Prosecutor. Some leading Law Colleges in India that offer the courses have also been given.


Average Fee per Year

Integrated Law Courses (such as BA LLB, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB, etc.)

Rs. 70,000 - 4 lacs

Bachelor of Law (LL.B)

Rs. 50,000 - 3.5 lacs

Master of Law (LL.M)

Rs. 70,000 - 2 lacs

M.Phil in Law

Rs. 1.5 - 3 lacs

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Types of Job Roles Public Prosecutor

Check out some of the most popular Public Prosecutor job profiles for which candidates are hired.

  • Public Prosecutor
  • Chief Prosecutor
  • Additional Prosecutor
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor
  • Director of Prosecution

Employment Opportunities for Public Prosecutor

A Public Prosecutor has several employment opportunities in both private and public firms. The employment sectors that provide job or recruitment services to a Public Prosecutor are specified underneath.

  • District Courts
  • Supreme Court
  • High Courts
  • Law Firms
  • Legal Websites
  • Corporate Sector
  • Law Universities
  • Business Firm

Planning to choose Public Prosecutor as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Public Prosecutor

The salary details of a Public Prosecutor can be checked in the table below. As the experience and position of the Public Prosecutor increase, his/ her salary sees a massive rise The entry-level, mid-level and senior-level salaries offered to a Public Prosecutor can be found in this table. 

Job Profile

Entry-Level Salary (per annum)

Mid-Level Salary (per annum)

Senior-Level Salary (per annum)

Public Prosecutor

Rs. 3,50,000

Rs. 8,40,000

Rs. 13,30,000

Books & Study Material to Become Public Prosecutor

Given below is a list of some popular books that every individual aspiring to become a Public Prosecutor must go through. These books not only serve as good preparation medium but also give an insight into the career of a Public Prosecutor.

  • 'Universal’s Guide to Assistant Public Prosecutor Examination' by Gaurav Mehta
  • 'A Handbook for Public Prosecutors' by B. D. Chipeta
  • 'The Evolving Role of the Public Prosecutor: Challenges and Innovations'
  • 'Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook' by George R. Dekle Sr.

Pros of becoming a Public Prosecutor

  • Upon gaining enough experience, Public Prosecutors can come among the top-paid professionals in the field.
  • Public Prosecutors are highly respected across all sectors once they get recognition for their work.
  • With their work, Public Prosecutors get the opportunity to help others and work towards equality in all respects while abiding by the law.
  • There are many other areas that a Public Prosecutor can venture into.

Cons of becoming a Public Prosecutor

  • The job of a Public Prosecutor can be quite stressful especially at the beginning of the career.
  • There is a tough competition in the job market in the field of law, thus demanding extra efforts from Public Prosecutors to gain recognition.
  • The workload of Public Prosecutors often translates into long working hours that may add to fatigue and health issues and poor work-life balance.

Paths for Being Public Prosecutor

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