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Career as Apparel Merchandiser

Career as a Apparel Merchandiser

About Apparel Merchandiser

An apparel merchandiser is an interface between a buyer and an exporter. The responsibility of an apparel merchandiser is to oversee the order right from the time the order is received from the buyer until calculating the account profitability and shipment. Apparel merchandisers coordinate with suppliers, buyers, various departments and job worker’s logistics outside the company to help in the profitability of the organization. In short, an apparel merchandiser plans, analyses, acquires handles and takes control of the entire order from the beginning to the end.

To be a successful Apparel Merchandiser, it is vital to have an in-depth understanding of fibre, costing, colourfastness, yarn, printing, finishing, fabric constructions, dying, washing and garments production etc. It is also essential to be aware of the natural raw materials and apparel inspection system.

Eligibility to become Apparel Merchandiser

A career of an apparel merchandiser can be pursued by anyone after satisfying the eligibility criteria. The job not only provides financial perks but also grants numerous opportunities. Given below are the requirements that one has to meet in order to be an apparel merchandiser.

Educational Qualification

  • Candidates must have completed class 12th from a recognised board of education.
  • The aspirant must have completed a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
  • Some companies also recruit candidates who have completed a diploma course.
  • Students with a postgraduate degree get access to more opportunities.

Skill Set

  • A keen eye for details
  • Fluency and good command of English Langauge
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good knowledge of technical terms
  • Sound understanding of the factory and fabrics
  • Great persuasion power
  • Quick decision making
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Analytical ability
  • Knowledge of the world market

Work Experience

  • Work experience is not a necessity. However, candidates who possess it, get better recruitment opportunities

Courses to Become an Apparel Merchandiser

To become an Apparel Merchandiser, the first step is to pick up an apt course that helps in learning the right skills. Mentioned below are a few courses which can help an individual become an apparel merchandiser.


Annual Fee (Approx.)

Top Colleges  

Diploma in Apparel Merchandising

INR 40,000 to INR 1 Lakh

Certificate in Apparel Merchandising and Manufacturing Technology

INR 50,000 to INR 90,000

PG Diploma in Apparel Merchandising & Management

INR 60,000 to INR 1.25 Lakh

B.Des in Fashion Merchandising

INR 79,000 to INR 7.13 lakhs

Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design (B.F.A.D.)

INR 50,000 to INR 2 Lakh

B.A.(Hons.) in Apparel Merchandising

INR 80,000 to INR 7 Lakh

For admission-related help, you can dial our toll-free helpline number 1800-572-9877 or fill the Common Application Form.

Types of Job Roles Apparel Merchandiser

An Apparel Merchandiser has multiple job roles associated with it. A few of them are mentioned below.

Employment Sector/Industry for Apparel Merchandiser

There are a plethora of job opportunities in different industries for an apparel designer. Not only is the fashion industry interested in hiring an apparel designer but the entertainment industry is also on the lookout for skilful professionals. Garment stores, businesses and multinational companies hire apparel designer to ensure profitability. Media Houses, Designer Stores and the sports industry also provide lucrative jobs to the aspirant.

Planning to choose Apparel Merchandiser as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Apparel Merchandiser

Apparel Merchandiser is a career profile that pays salary to an individual based on skills, knowledge and work experience. Mentioned below is the pay scale of an apparel merchandiser.

Job Profile

Average Salary (per annum)

Entry-Level Salary (per annum)

Mid-Level Salary (per annum)

Senior-Level Salary (per annum)

Apparel Merchandiser

INR 3,63,689 

INR 1,79,000

INR 5,20,000

INR 9,40,000

Books & Study Material to Become Apparel Merchandiser

Provided below are some of the best books or study materials for an apparel merchandiser.

  • Apparel Merchandising: The Line Starts Here by David Wilson and Jeremy A Rosenau

  • Apparel Merchandising by R. Rathinamoorthy and R. Surjit

  • Apparel Product Design and Merchandising Strategies by Cynthia L. Regan

  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising by Mary Wolfe

  • Basics Fashion Management 01: Concept to Customer by Virginia Grose

Pros of becoming a Apparel Merchandiser

  • The job does not get monotonous as every day is a new day with fresh tasks for an apparel merchandiser.
  • A candidate gets to learn new things every day. It also enhances the communication skills of an individual.
  • Through regular interaction and communication, the network and connections of a person keep on expanding.

Cons of becoming a Apparel Merchandiser

  • An individual always has to walk on a tight rope as the job brings plenty of challenges along with it.
  • It is important to always keep the best foot forward as the industry has cut-throat competition and there is always someone better in line to take your place.
  • Too much multitasking and logical thinking can be exhausting mentally.

Paths for Being Apparel Merchandiser

FAQs about Apparel Merchandiser

What is the fee of an Apparel Merchandising course?

The course fee of an Apparel Merhcandising programme depends upon the degree. The fees of UG degrees is about Rs. 2-6 lacs while that of a diploma course is between Rs. Rs. 40,000 to 1 lac.

How much does a senior level Apparel Merchandiser earn?

The salary of a senior level Apparel Merchandiser is approximately Rs. 10-12 lakh per annum

What is the average salary of an Apparel Merchandiser?

The average salary of an Apparel Merchandiser is around Rs. 3.7 lakh per annum.

What are the job roles of an Apparel Merchandiser?

The job roles of an Apparel Merchandiser include Assistant Merchandiser, Garment Production Merchandiser, Head Merchandiser, Brand Manager, Fashion Director, Fashion Buyer, etc.

Can I become an Apparel Merchandiser after doing a diploma course?

Yes, with a relevant diploma course in specialisations like Apparel Merchandising, Garment Production, or Fashion Designing, you can get a job as an Apparel Merchandiser.

Is it mandatory to do an internship to become an Apparel Merchandiser?

No, internships are not mandatory for becoming an Apparel Merchandiser. However, if you have some work experience in the form of internships, your chances of getting better job opportunities increase.

What is the qualification required for becoming an Apparel Merchandiser?

A B.Des or B.Sc degree in a relevant field of design is the minimum qualification required for becoming an Apparel Merchandiser. You can also apply for the job if you have done a B.Voc degree in fashion.

Can I become an Apparel Merchandiser after completing graduation?

Yes, if you have a relevant undergraduate degree in design, you can become an Apparel Merchandiser right after completing graduation.

Is an Apparel Merchandiser the same as a Fashion Merchandiser?

The job role of an Apparel Merchandiser is quite similar to that of a Fashion Merchandiser and hence, they are considered the same. The only difference is that an Apparel Merchandiser deals only in garment production while a Fashion Merchandiser can work with many items.

Who is an Apparel Merchandiser?

An Apparel Merchandiser is a coordinator between an exporter and and a buyer. They work and coordinate with the management or production section of a company to increase the sale of a product.

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