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Career as Health Care Management Scientist

Career as a Health Care Management Scientist

About Health Care Management Scientist

A Healthcare Management Scientist is someone who works in the field of medicine or research, focussing their research efforts and developing their knowledge in the field of health. Health Care scientists work in a variety of fields such as Medical Microbiology, Clinical Epidemiology, Genetic Epidemiology, Clinical Virology, Biomedical Engineering, etc. Other than this, there are more than 50 different specialities to choose. Health scientists job profiles vary greatly depending on the area they are specialised in. 

Health scientists usually spend their time in research gathering data, investigating disease or genetic predisposition, or even developing new medical devices. In other words, the health scientist works to protect and improve the health of living beings. The fields of health science are virtually endless, encompassing traditional western medicine and natural and folk medicine.

If you are enthusiastic about technology or science and helping others, there's a wide range of opportunities for you in the health science sector. 

Eligibility to become Health Care Management Scientist

The eligibility criteria required for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in health scientists are given below:-

Undergraduate Eligibility Criteria:-

  • Must pass 10 + 2 exams from any recognised board with minimum 50% marks or its equivalent.

  • Must have studied physics, chemistry, biology as their main subject

  • In some cases, candidates may also need to appear for the college-led entrance exam.

Postgraduate Eligibility Criteria:-

  • Must have obtained an equivalent degree from an acknowledged university in the respective stream.

  • Must have scored at least 50 per cent marks in the qualification degree

Types of Job Roles Health Care Management Scientist

Candidates will find a variety of jobs after having studied health science at a well-known and respected college. Health scientists can find jobs in government hospitals and private hospitals, private clinics, educational institutions and health centres.  Some of the popular health scientist Job Profiles are mentioned below:

Home Health Aide:-

Home Health Aides visit patients in their own homes to provide day-to-day care and assistance. Their medical duties might include administering medication, recording vital signs, changing dressings and reporting the progress of a patient to their doctor. Home health aides may also assist with household tasks such as laundry, light cleaning and grocery delivery.

Surgical technologist:-

Surgical technologists assist in the operating rooms where they prepare the OR, sterilise equipment and transfer it to the surgeon's instruments. These medical professionals need to be structured, as they carefully disinfect surfaces to prevent infection, and when they prepare patients for surgery, their compassion and compassion come into play.

Human service assistant:-

Human Service Assistants work with clients to connect them with the resources and benefits they require, including medical attention. They coordinate services, assist clients in completing paperwork, apply for eligible medical benefits and check in to ensure that their clients receive the services they require. Human service  assistants often work with children, the elderly and people with mental illness or addiction

Radiologic Technologist:-

Radiologic technologists do diagnostic imaging on patients, such as X-rays and MRIs. Radiologic techs keep equipment in place, prepare patients for imaging and protect patients against harmful radiation. They may also work with doctors to read the images.

Community Health specialist:-

Collect data from specific populations or communities and discuss health concerns. Community health representatives work with health care providers to promote health well-being and prevent injury and disease in community settings while taking into account social factors that affect health.

Employment Sector/Industry for Health Care Management Scientist

A healthcare scientist is one of the most diverse fields of employment today. Below are some of the top sectors that healthcare scientists are able to work in, such as:-

  • Hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices, or other patient care facilities

  • Medical laboratories

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Manufacturing companies

  • Federal or state government

  • Private agencies

  • Consulting firms

  • Insurance companies

  • Nonprofit organizations

Top Recruiting Companies for Health Scientist

There is a very high demand for healthcare scientists and they can find a job in both the public and private sectors. Some of the top recruiting firms employing health scientists are as follows:

  • Medanta Hospital


  • Artemis Hospital

  • Fortis Hospital

  • Aditya Hospital

  • Bharati Hospital

  • Aster Hospital

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Pay Scale/Salary of Health Care Management Scientist

A healthcare scientist salary varies according to one's academic and professional background. The average salary of a healthcare scientist is as follows:

Job Profile

Starting Salary per annum 

Mid Level Salary per annum

Senior Level Salary per annum 

Home health aide

Rs 4,00,000

Rs 5,50,000

Rs 12,00,000

Surgical technologist

Rs 4,50,000/-

Rs 6,00,000/-

Rs 14,00,000/-

Community health specialist

Rs 3,50,000

Rs 5,20,000

Rs 8,50,000/-

Books & Study Material to Become Health Care Management Scientist

Some of the best books for healthcare scientist are mentioned below:-


Name of the Book

Author Name


Healthcare Information Technology Exam Guide for CHTS and CAHIMS Certifications

Kathleen A. McCormick


Informatics for Health Professionals

Kathleen Mastrian, Dee McGonigle


Cybersecurity for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: A Guide to Detection and Prevention

Luis Ayala


The Book on Healthcare IT: What you need to know about HIPAA, Hospital IT, and Healthcare Information

James Scott


Medical Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Arvin Agah

Pros of becoming a Health Care Management Scientist

  • You'll get the chance to support those in need.

  • Qualified and experienced healthcare scientists will also find increasing opportunities to progress right up to consultant through higher specialist

Cons of becoming a Health Care Management Scientist

  • It can be a highly challenging and stressful job profile.

  • Health scientists are often forced to work long hours which can have a long term effect on their health.

Paths for Being Health Care Management Scientist

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