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Career as Project Quality Manager

Career as a Project Quality Manager

About Project Quality Manager

Project Quality Managers are basically Quality Managers who are assigned to any particular project work. They have a very important role in any organization. They ensure that the quality standards of a project are in line with the customer's demands and order. Project Quality Managers must maintain constant vigilance to ensure that any sub-par product is not being used for the work. They must also frame processes for quality checks of the raw materials being used as well as the finished products being generated by the industry.

Since the quality of a product directly impacts its cost, Project Quality Managers have a very important task to ensure that the production is not exceeding the stipulated budget. Hence, they may be required to take key decisions regarding the sourcing of materials, purchasing, manufacturing process etc. They are also involved in selecting the team for a particular project.

Responsibilities of a Project Quality Manager

  • Supervise the regular testing of finished products to ensure that the quality is withing the required standards.

  • Negotiate the purchase and price with vendors.

  • Ensure that proper safety is being maintained during the manufacturing and assembly.

  • Coordinate with clients to ensure that the quality is as per the desired contract.

  • Conduct process and quality audits,

  • Collaborate between various stakeholders in a project i.e. between the company and the client.

  • Take part in the budget planning process. etc.

Eligibility to become Project Quality Manager

The following table contains the job requirements for a Project Quality Manager.

Educational Qualification

  • Project Quality Managers must be at least bachelor's degree holders.
  • Usually, a technical degree is preferred for this role. However, it would depend on the type of industry.
  • Additionally, postgraduate management degree holders are also preferred for this role.

Work Experience

Being a senior-level position, this work profile requires at least 10 years of work experience.


Six Sigma Certification is helpful to grow in this career.

Skills Required

Given below are the top skills required to become a Project Quality Manager.

  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office software.
  • Self-motivated to achieve targets.

  • Good interpersonal skills.

  • Team management.

  • Experience with Project Management.

Courses Required to Become Project Quality Manager

Here are some of the best courses and colleges for Project Quality Managers.


Average FeeProject Management Colleges in India

Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

Rs. 2 - 2.5 lakhs

PGDM in Operations Management

Rs. 4 - 5 lakhs

MBA - Project Management

Rs. 10 lakhs

MBA in Operation Management

Rs. 3 - 4 lakhs

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Types of Job Roles Project Quality Manager

Project Quality Managers can be associated with various types of organisations and hence have different areas of expertise under the same job position. Project Quality Managers are seniors in an organisation. People with plenty of experience of the field who can bring a vast zone of knowledge to the table are hired as Project Quality Managers. Hence, candidates for this job role often have to go through different job positions throughout their career. The job profiles available for Project Quality Managers are given below.

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Employment Sector/Industry for Project Quality Manager

Project Quality Managers are mostly hired by companies that take work on a project basis. There are several companies that must hire Project Quality Managers to ensure that their finished products match the requirements specified by their clients. Without them, the quality may either be too low and the product may be rejected or the quality may be too high, which would increase the cost of production unnecessarily.

Here are some of the key areas that promise good opportunities and growth for Project Quality Managers.

Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Information Services, Publishing are some of the key areas of employment for Project Quality Managers.

Some of the top recruiting agencies for Project Quality Managers include:

  • Hero Motorcorp

  • L&T

  • Continental

  • Siemens

  • Ola

  • Jio

  • Wipro

  • Piramal etc.

Planning to choose Project Quality Manager as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Project Quality Manager

Project Quality Managers can get a good salary based on their experience. The salary of a Project Quality Manager will increase with his/her experience, certification, track record (success of previously-handled projects), communication skill etc. Given below are the average salary details of a Project Quality Manager in India.

Job ProfileAverage Salary
(per annum)
Entry-Level Salary
(per annum)
Mid-Level Salary
(per annum)
Senior-Level Salary
(per annum)
Project Quality ManagerRs. 11,65,000Rs. 3,80,000Rs. 7,50,000Rs 14,00,000


Books & Study Material to Become Project Quality Manager

Given below are some of the best-recommended books for Project Quality Managers.

  • The Quality Toolbox by Nancy R. Tague

  • Process Improvement Simplified: A How-to Book for Success in any Organization by James B. King, Francis G. King and Michael W. R. Davis

  • Performance Metrics: The Levers for Process Management by Duke Okes

  • Root Cause Analysis: The Core of Problem Solving and Corrective Action by Duke Okes

  • Practical Engineering, Process, and Reliability Statistics by Mark Allen Durivage

  • The Essential Deming, edited by Joyce Nilsson Orsini PhD

  • Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product by Walter A. Shewhart

Pros of becoming a Project Quality Manager

  • As a Project Quality Manager, you get to stay on the front lines of a company.
  • You can see an immediate commercial impact of your work and the viability of a project.

  • Career opportunities not limited to a single sector.

  • Excellent salary growth.

Cons of becoming a Project Quality Manager

  • 10+ years of work experience is usually required.

  • You have to deal with complaints coming directly from large clients.

  • Establishing coordination between different departments can be a pain.

  • An inside-out knowledge of the sector is essential for this role.

Paths for Being Project Quality Manager

FAQs about Project Quality Manager

Is Project Quality Manager a good career?

Yes, there are many advantages to becoming a Project Quality Manager besides the high salaries. These include a high level of seniority in the plant and project, and the freedom to take important decisions regarding a project.

What is the average salary earned by a Project Quality Manager?

On average, a Project Quality Manager in India earns Rs. 11 to 12 lakhs per annum.

Which industries or sectors are good for Project Quality Managers?

Most of the career opportunities for Project Quality Managers are concentrated in the following industries -- Construction, Manufacturing, Publishing, Oil and Gas, and Utilities.

Is it difficult to become a Project Quality Manager?

Yes, the profile of a Project Quality Manager is reserved for highly-experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of their field. Plus, there is a tough competition for this position due to the high salaries and level of seniority associated with the job.

How much work experience must I have to become a Project Quality Manager?

Usually, at least 10 years of experience of a particular industry is required to become a Project Quality Manager.

Which courses are best for a Project Quality Manager role?

There are a number of good courses for this role such as BTech in Civil / Mechanical / Production engineering. Courses such as MBA in Project Management and PGDM in Operations Management can also be considered by professionals.

Will I require an MBA to become a Project Quality Manager?

After gaining some years of experience, an MBA will definitely help boost your career prospect for this role.

What educational qualification must a Project Quality Manager have?

A Project Quality Manager must have completed at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline. Usually, candidates with a BE / BTech degree are preferred for this role.

What responsibilities must Project Quality Managers fulfil?

Project Quality Managers must undertake various responsibilities such as regular audits, selection and training of the team, deciding the manufacturing processes, sourcing of material and negotiation with vendors. They must also take feedback from clients to ensure that the work is being done as required.

What role does a Project Quality Manager have?

A Project Quality Manager's basic role is to ensure that the quality and cost of a project stays within the budget decided by the company. They have to change their strategy as per the requirement of a client.

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