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AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 4th July 2022 Question Paper (Available): Download Memory-Based Questions Shift 1 & 2

Sakunth Kumar
Sakunth KumarUpdated On: July 12, 2022 10:14 am IST

Day 1 of AP EAMCET 2022 took place on July 4 in Shift 1 and Shift 2. Download memory-based questions for AP EAMCET July 4, 2022 exam here. 

AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 4th July 2022 Question Paper

Day 1 of AP EAMCET 2022 has been conducted on July 4 in two shifts. The question paper consists of 160 questions out of which 80 questions are from Mathematics, 40 from Physics and 40 from Chemistry. AP EAMCET exam is conducted for 160 marks, and there is no negative marking in the exam. Candidates who are going to appear for the exam from July 5 to 8 can check the questions asked in the exam on July 4. The questions of AP EAPCET 2022 for July 4 mentioned on this page are collected from students who appeared for the exam. AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 2022 Answer Key Date has been confirmed, and the result can be expected by the last week of July.

AP EAMCET Answer Key 2022 (Direct Link & Live Updates)
AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 2022 Question Paper (PDF Download Link)
AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 2022 Response Sheet Link
AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 2022 Results Date

AP EAMCET July 4 Question Paper 2022 (Shift 1 & 2)

The memory-based questions for AP EAMCET July 4 exam are being updated. If you appeared for the exam, you submit questions by clicking on the link below.

  1. Negation of P and Q

  2. Which element has the highest photo-electric effect?

  3. 1 AMU is equal to 

  4. Find radial and angular nodes of 4f

  5. The range of a colloidal particle is

  6. What is the atomic weight of ca?

  7. How many electrons are there in so4-2?

  8. What is the unit of work?

  9. Who discovered the electron?

  10. General electronic configuration of f-block elements

  11. Which metal has the highest work function?

  12. what is the formula for angular nodes?

  13. Which element exhibits a diagonal relationship with lithium?

  14. The number of bridged ligands present in co2(CO)8 1) 3 2) 2 3) 4 4) 6

  15. How many electrons present in n=4&l=2 is

  16. Pernicious anaemia is caused due to lack of which vitamin

  17. Number of electrons with n=4 and l=3

  18. Animarkonikovs rule is an example of which type of rxn

  19. The ratio of the radii of the first three Bohr orbits is

  20. 1,w,w^2be the cube roots of unity what is the value of (1-w+w^-1)^5 -2(1+w-w^1)^4=

  21. Write the chemical reaction of Aceto di phenone

  22. Highest photoelectric effect metal

  23. How many electrons are there in p-type semiconductors

  24. What are the drawbacks of De Broglie wave equation

  25. The range of colloidal particles is

  26. The hybridisation of sp6 is

  27. Which of the following is an example of didendate ligands.
    (1) glycinate ion
    (2) ethylene diamine
    (3) oxalate ion
    (4) all of the above

  28. What is the example for anomers?

  29. The no of diagonals of a polygon is 560 then find (n) is ______Answer is "35"

  30. The height of a cylinder of the greatest possible volume which can be inscribed in a sphere of radius R is

  31. Which hormone tends to increase glucose levels in humans?

  32. If x is chosen at random from set {1,2,3,4} and y is chosen at random from set {5,6,7} what is the probability that xy will be even

  33. The vitamin that cannot be stored in the body is

  34. Which of the following has the highest density

  35. Which of the following compounds do not obey the octet rule

  36. Who is got the noble prize in the scattering of light?

  37. Find the radius of the circle and centre

  38. Which of the following is entarinorems

  39. Find the number of diagonals

  40. Which is the isostructural form

  41. What is the photoelectric effect

  42. Write the chemical reaction of aceto di phenone


  44. The number of diagonals of a polygon is 360 then n is

  45. Molten NaCl doped as Srcl2 crystallization can regenerate?
    ans: Due to cationic vacancies

  46. Most work function metal in following is?
    ans: Platinum

  47. What is the acid that helps in the curdling of milk?

  48. The range for skywave propagation

  49. Correct order of bond length for C2,N2,B2 is

  50. Which of the following is suitable for law of proportion

  51. Photonic plates consist of
    1) Au 2)Ag 3)Zn 4 Cu

  52. Find radial and angular nodes of 4f orbital

  53. NaNO3 gives which of the following products?
    A.Nao, NO2

  54. What is the empirical formula of Calgon?

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More questions will be updated as soon as we receive from students through the link above

AP EAPCET (EAMCET) 4th July 2022 Analysis

The detailed question paper analysis of AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 2022 can be checked by clicking on the link below -

Overall Analysis of AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 4th July 2022

AP EAMCET (EAPCET) 4th July 2022 Question Paper Analysis

JEE Main 2022 Result Session 1 (Live Updates)

The official answer key of AP EAMCET 2022 is expected to be released by July 13 or 14. Along with the answer key, the response sheet and master question papers are released. The results of AP EAMCET 2022 can be expected by July 20.

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