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DBS Organises "Say No to Polybag" Campaign

May 10, 2016 10:03 AM 2 minute read , Professional / Vocational Courses

DBS Organises "Say No to Polybag" Campaign

Walking on the footsteps of our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi, DBS has taken the initiative to cleaning Dehradun. DBS has its own routers club for this noble work. By forwarding its small steps for a great cause routers club of DBS initiated to carry out road cleaning programme on 24th April 2016. This activity will be carried throughout the day. This road cleaning programme initiative was taken by Prof.Pushpa Kataria. The student of this club will also influence other people to clean the city. The students are excited and also seem interested for the purpose. With this activity they will also guide the people and give tips to keep Doon clean and green.

The purpose of learnign is not only to get high paid jobs but also to do something for the country and for the people of the country. In DBS students are made to learn this as well. This road cleaning activity will also be a rejuvenating activity as the students need something apart from studies and then why not make it lucrative.

Students at DBS are really happy with the atmosphere and the way activities are conducted at DBS.Recently when a few freshers were interviewed they said its really good to be here and learn and make people learn by these activitites which are needed,education has no means if the purposes are not served and thus they are excited and all the preparations are being done with a lot of enthusiasm.All this has made DBS rank among all the best colleges in Doon and it has also been awarded the excellence award.

DBS Organises "Say No to Polybag" Campaign | CollegeDekho