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Geology Department of LU Adds 550 New Exhibits to The Museum

April 22, 2016 09:30 AM 2 minute read , Languages / Arts / Literature , University of Lucknow

Geology Department of LU Adds 550 New Exhibits to The Museum

The Geology department of the Lucknow University (LU) has added 550 new rare exhibits to its rich collection at the museum. The collection will be on public display from Earth Day on April 22.

There are many items that are included. From a 65-million-year old fossil of a frog to a 5 carat pure diamond and from a giant natural pearl from Basra to a recently formed basalt rock from Barren Island, the only living volcano in India,

Museum was established in 1943 by Palaeobotanist Birbal Sahni, the museum already has over 2,000 specimens. According to officials, the 500 new entries will not only help in research and education but will also be an attraction for visitors, particularly school children. Most important part is it will create awareness among people to preserve the earth to safeguard life in the future generation.

University has also included fossils of a 1,600 million-year-old alga, Grypania Spiralasis , which marked the evolution of earth, polished quartz; a Corundum mineral which produces gems like ruby, blue and yellow sapphires; unpolished, uncut and polished forms of garnet mineral of hessonite species (popularly known as Gomed) and a gallery of Stone Age tools collected from Mirzapur.

Along with fossils, new additions to the museum include postal stamps on gem stones, fossils of extinct species, geomorphic features, etc, released from time to time.

Source: Rahul Pandey, City Journalist - Lucknow, CollegeDekho

Geology Department of LU Adds 550 New Exhibits to The Museum | CollegeDekho