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IIM-L Chairman, Advises Students to Stay Away from Politics

March 17, 2016 11:48 PM 2 minute read , Management - BBA / MBA / Diploma

IIM-L Chairman, Advises Students to Stay Away from Politics

Chairman of Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow Jamshed J Irani has advised the graduating students to `Stay away from politics' at the 30th convocation of IIM-L. Advising students to carve their own path, Irani said that India is pervaded by politics in every field.

He said that almost 75% of space in the newspaper today is taken by politics. He believes that in India there is Politics in sports like cricket in the form of whether Pakistan will play the World Cup or not is attracting the attention. Even sports like athletics are effected.

In a satirical mood Irani said "Whether there is a cultural problem, financial problem, the solution only comes from the politicians, " adding that he is not only referring to the finance minister but also a score of wannabe's, better known as financial experts who rise from the politics.

Irani showered praises on the newly-appointed director Ajit Prasad and wished him another term, Irani said, ``We struggled only for 19 months to get a permanent director. I should not say who bears the honour and responsibility of making us wait only for 19 months."

Cautioning students from politicians, Irani said that today students need not build their career on politics as politicians have no retirement age. While we retire at 70, they (politicians), get ripen and mature by this age. Their retirement comes on the bank of river Ganga or any other holy river.

Source: Rahul Pandey, City Journalist - Lucknow, CollegeDekho

IIM-L Chairman, Advises Students to Stay Away from Politics | CollegeDekho