IIT- Gandhinagar Students Perform Aerobic Garba

By - | August 25, 2016 05:41 PM | 1 minute read
IIT- Gandhinagar Students Perform Aerobic Garba
Highlights: This year IIT-Gn made aerobics garba part of the foundation program.

On 19th August’ 16, students of Indian Institute of Technology of Gandhinagar performed aerobic garba which the students rehearsed for 4 weeks. IITs are very popular so, if a student gets a chance to study in one they just grab it this is making the IIT-Gn popular. This year, the new batch is of 182 students and only 18 of them are from Gujarat. So, to make the students feel more comfortable IIT-Gn has added aerobic garba to the foundation course.

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Faculty of IIT-Gn, Dinesh Parmar said to the reporters that the decision of adding garba to the course was made to increase the level of fitness in the students and to help them embrace the state’s culture. He also said that next year the institute is planning to introduce students to the tribal dance forms of south Gujarat.

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The students really enjoyed this addition, they loved practising every day as it was fun for them and a new experience. A lot of students from different institutes went to IIT-Gn and performed on Gujarati beats.

IIT- Gandhinagar Students Perform Aerobic Garba | CollegeDekho