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SSC CGL 8 August Memory-Based Questions and Answer Key

RupsaUpdated On: August 10, 2022 03:42 pm IST

The first shift of SSC CGL Tier 2 exam has been successfully conducted across different examination centers. There were smiling faces seen as the candidates came out of the exam centers. Check the memory based question paper and answer key in the article given below.

SSC CGL 8 August Memory-Based Questions and Answer Key

The SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam 2022 was conducted on August 8. As per the schedule of the Staff Selection Commission, the Combined Graduate Level exam was conducted online in three shifts for those students who passed Tier 1 of the recruitment drive. The SSC CGL Tier 2 exam comprised 4 papers, namely, Quantitative Ability, English Language & Comprehension, Statistics, and General Studies (Finance & Economics), each consisting of 100 marks. Candidates, who appeared for the exam scheduled on August 8, can check out the SSC CGL Tier 2 Memory-based questions and match their responses with the answer key. 

SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Analysis - Memory-based Question Paper 2022 (August 8)

With the conclusion of the SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam 2022 on day 1, the shift-wise question paper and the answer key has been provided below. Candidates can download and check the SSC CGL 8 August memory-based questions and answer key by clicking on the link provided here:

 SSC CGL Tier -2 Mathematics Paper Analysis

The mathematics paper for SSC CGL Tier 2 is being considered to be one of the simplest paper in recent years. The questions asked in the CGL Tier 2 Maths paper were completely based upon previous year papers. Almost, 70-75% questions were exactly based on the previous exam pattern. An average attempt is estimated to be around 90. The section given below covers the portion regarding the questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-2 Mathematics Paper:

  • Value of (sec x+ tan x- 1) / (sec x- tan x + 1)

  • How many numbers are there between 400 to 700 which has two times 6 in it?

  • X^2 + 1/X^2 =1; Find the value of X^6 + 1/X^6

  • If x^3 + y^3 = 27. Find the value of x + y 

  • If x + y = 1 find the value of x^3 +3xy +y^3 

  • If x^3 + 1/x^3 = √3; find the value of x^6 + 1/x^6

  • If the sum of three Prime numbers x+y+z is 70, where x>y>z; Find the value of x?

  • A regular hexagon is formed with side 13 cm each. Find the area of a triange formed by joining its three consecutive vertices?

  • Two circles having radius 36 cm intersect and pass through each-other's at the center. Find the length of the common chord?

  • A right angled triangle has the perpendicular and the base as 24 cm each. Find the ratio between the inradius and circum radius of that triangle?

  • Find the sum of 4×5+5×6+6×7+... upto 8 terms.

  • The length of three sides of a triangle are x, y and z respectively, where x^2 + y^2 > z^2. Then find the type of the triangle?

  • The ratio of the sides of a triangle ABC is 5:12:13. Find the value of angle A.

  • Two circles are concentric to each other, where the radius of the larger and the smaller circle is R and r respectively. The difference between their area is 154 cm^2. Find the value of the difference between their radius.

  • A chord of length 10 cm subtends an angle at the centre of a circle having the radius as 10 cm. What is the value of the angle subtended by the chord?

  • An acid-water mixture contains 20% acids. If 10 litre water is added in the mixture, the concentration of the acid becomes 15%. Find te initial quantity of the mixture.  

  • 8 similar spheres are drawn out of a large sphere of radius by melting it. Find the curved surface of the small spheres.

  • Triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF. The ratio between their areas is 25:36. If the length of side AB is 4 cm, find the length of DE.

  • The ratio of Milk to water kept in a container is 2:3. If 10 litre of mixture is taken out and is replaced with water, and the process is repeated two more times, find the percentage of milk left in the final mixture.

  • Two cars moving at speed of 54 Km/hr and 36 Km/hr respectively are moving towards each other. The distance between the two cars is 250 metres. Find the time taken by the  cars to meet each other.

  • If Sec A = 41/9; Find the value of Cot A.

  • A, B and C can alone do a work in 11, 22 and 33 days respectively. If A & B starts the work on day 1, they are replaced by B & C on day 2 and then on the 3rd day, C & A are on the work. How much time will they take to complete the work, if they follow the same pattern to do the work.

  • The Compound Interest for two years is ₹ 8125 at the rate of 8% p.a. What will be the Simple Interest on the same principal for 2 years at same rate of interest?

  • If A can do 1/4 of the work in 16 days and B completes 2/3 of the same work in 32 days. How much time will they both take together, to complete the work?

  • Find the equivalance discount for 16% and 12% of successive discounts?

  • The ratio of incomes of B:C:D:E is 2:3:4:5. The income of B is increased by 20%. Similarly C gets an increement of 30%, D gets an increement of 40% and E gets an increement of 50%. Find the ratio of their increased incomes.

  • Two article are sold at the same selling price of  ₹1020. There is a profit of 28% on the first article while the second article incurs a loss of 14%. Find the CP of both the articles.

  • If x + y = 3; Find the value of x^3 + y^3.

SSC CGL Tier -2 English Paper Analysis

SSC CGL Tier 2 English Paper was a bit unorthodox than what it was expected. The questions related to idioms and phrases, phrasal verbs, antonyms & synonyms, etc. were  troublesome. The reading comprehension was easy to understand and proved to be a scoring section for most of the candidates. Someone who attempted 80-85 questions with a good accuracy has done well.  The section given below covers the portion regarding the questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-2 English Paper:

  • There were four Reading Comprehension asked in the paper, out of which three were easy and short while one was bit tricky and lengthy.

  • The first passage was on Population after the civil War. 8-10 question were based on this passage.

  • A Reading Comprehension on Volcano was given. This was a lengthy passage. 10-12 questions were asked, based on this passage.

  • Next passage was based on Savannah type of Climate. Again, this was short and 8-10 questions were based on this passage.

  • The last passage was Cat Phenomenon and about 10 questions were asked on this.

  • Around 12-15 questions were based on Active Passive Voice.

  • There were around 15 questions from the Narration part i.e Direct to Indirect Speech.

  • 10 questions were asked from the Para Jumbled Sentences. Four sentences were jumbled up and the candidates were required to arrange the sentences in a meaningful order.

  • If we talk about the Error Spotting part, around 15 questions were asked. The questions were quite direct and easy.

  • Around 14=15 questions were asked based on sentence completion. Students were required to complete the galf given sentences.

  •  Antonyms - Impeccable, Indolent, Congenial

  • Synonyms - Abundant, Exorbitant, etc.

  • Idioms & Phrases - Fight a Shy of, Hold your horses, Forty Winks, Bad Blood, Lend ears to someone, All in all, Cut a Sorry Figure

  • One word substituition - One who talks to himself, a case for keeping sword, one who speaks for others, symbol of royalty, Powerful, People Movement

SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam Analysis - Memory-based Answer Key 2022 (August 8)

The answer keys for each of the shifts conducted for the SSC CGL 8 August exam are shared below for the reference of students, so they can check and evaluate their performance in the section on memory-based questions. A total of 200 questions were asked in the SSC CGL Tier 2 English paper. To download the PDF links of the respective answer keys, candidates must click on the following links:

SSC CGL 8 August 2022 Mathematics Question Paper PDF

SSC CGL 8 August 2022 English Question Paper PDF

SSC CGL 8 August 2022 Mathematics Answer Key PDF

SSC CGL 8 August 2022 English Answer Key PDF

Candidates must note that the final result will be published after all the answer keys are released and the challenges (if any) are resolved by the conducting authority i.e. the Staff Selection Commission. Qualifying students will then be enrolled for the SSC CGL Tier 3 exam, which is the final phase of the recruitment process. 

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