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These Rajasthan Boys Rose from Nothing to Glory, Cracked NEET on Empty Stomach

August 19, 2016 11:14 AM 3 minute read , Medicine / Beauty / Health Care

These Rajasthan Boys Rose from Nothing to Glory, Cracked NEET on Empty Stomach

Suresh Kumar, resident Padru village of Barmer, Rajasthan fought all odds to crack NEET 2016. Hard work was not his only mantra for this conquest, Kumar had to struggle with hunger and poverty to make it to this success podium and qualify NEET. He secured an All India Rank of 995 in the exam.

Circumstances were not easy for Kumar as he lost his parents when he was seven years of age. He resides with his four siblings, an elder brother who looks after him and his younger sister who is mentally challenged and a younger brother who was brought down with polio.

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Remembering his plight of those tough days, Suresh said that on some fortunate days his elder brother was able to manage food for all of them while the on rest of the days they had to fight an empty stomach. Despite all the troubles, Suresh’s brother always encouraged him to study.

Nem Singh from Bandra village is not very different from Suresh. His parents passed away in an accident when he was in the fifth standard. An initiative named '50 Villagers' and some relatives came to his rescue when he had given up on his education. He secured an All India Rank of 6,024 in NEET.

50 Villagers, started by Dr. Bharat Saharan, is an initiative started by some doctors of the Barmer region that offer support to students who can’t afford education and basic necessities. It helped 26 other students like Suresh and Nem in achieving their dreams, who were previously working as daily wage laborers while some were orphans.

Admiring the success of these 28 students, Dr. Bharat Saharan said that where some students succumb to the stress of competitive exams, these underprivileged students have proved their mettle and have set an example for others to fight harder.

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After realizing the neglected atmosphere that was created by the teachers in a government school, Dr. Saharan started 50 villagers with his friends Dr. Omprakash and Dr. Hardan. On sharing their idea with other doctors in Barmer, they were highly appreciated and joined the initiative to promote underprivileged students.

Initially, 50 villagers had 25 students from Class 11 and 25 from Class 12. Hence it was called 50 villagers. Students supported by the initiative are provided with shelter, books, and faculty free of cost.

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These Rajasthan Boys Rose from Nothing to Glory, Cracked NEET on Empty Stomach | CollegeDekho