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Villagers Resist Establishment of IIT, HRD Ministry to Sort the Issue

October 28, 2016 01:56 PM 2 minute read , Engineering

Villagers Resist Establishment of IIT, HRD Ministry to Sort the Issue

Villagers of Canacona, Panaji conducted a Gram Sabha recently and took the decision to resist the establishment of Indian Institute of Technology near their village. Finally, Ministry of Human Resource and Development decided to step in to sort out the issue.

Earlier, HRD Ministry promised that they would construct a water tank in the village. However, the villagers clarified that the water tank would only meet the requirements of IIT and does not give any benefit to villagers. They also mentioned that the village has already been facing water shortage due to lack of infrastructure.

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One of the officials revealed that the HRD Ministry is planning to construct an additional water tank. One water tank would be utilized by the IIT campus and the other tank for the village. The central government will provide the entire funding for the construction of an addition water tank.

A public meeting is being planned with villagers where HRD officials would attend and answer the queries of villagers about the IIT project and request them to cooperate for the construction.

Some of the officials from Education Department visited the village recently and explained the villagers about the project. However, villagers clarified that they would support the project only if the government sorts out electricity and water problem in the village. They wanted to know the complete details of the project besides the number of people that will be housed on the campus.

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Villagers Resist Establishment of IIT, HRD Ministry to Sort the Issue | CollegeDekho